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❌ OC in something they would absolutely never wear

There’s not a lot that Lysander would outright refuse to wear because he just doesn’t care. I mean, he likes to be fashionable, but he’s not really in the gender binary and would wear anything that he thinks looks good on him (i.e skirts, dresses, or any traditionally feminine clothing along with traditionally masculine clothing). But he has to draw the line at whatever the fuck this is.

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Alfie Solomons x Reader

Prompt #17: “Ignore me, I didn’t see anything.” (Requested by Anon)

Growing up in Small Heath was an experience to say the least. You lived there from the time you were born to when you turned 30 and you moved to Camden Town. You had moved away from Small Heath because of the crime and corruption, but you didn’t realize that was going on in Camden Town as well. The reason you moved there was because you had a friend who already did. His name was Ollie and you two had known each other when you were younger.

So you were staying at his house for a few weeks until you could find a small place of your own and he didn’t mind at all. He did warn you that his boss liked to stop by randomly and if he was ever there, than just act like he’s any other person.

“Well, he is isn’t he? Why would I act like he’s any different than you and me?” You asked, confused out of your mind. Ollie dropped his voice to a whisper, even though you were in his house.

“He’s a gang leader, that’s why. But if he comes by, then you don’t know that.” You quickly agreed and were secretly hoping for his boss to never come by while you were there.

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Family - Alfie Solomons

Request: Alfie Solomons imagine about possessive Alfie and a Shelby sister? - @classicrockgirl3843

Family  i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii - Alfie Solomons

When you were old enough to move away you did. Birmingham was suffocating. Everywhere you went people were aware that you were a Shelby. The only girl of the lot of boys. People walked on eggshells around you, afraid to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and meet the wrath of your brothers. So when you turned 19 you packed your bags and moved to London.  

Tommy wouldn’t have sister of his living on the streets and he was quick to negotiate a deal with you. Find a place in London and he would buy it. You knew the catch was that whenever he had business in London he would be by but you were being stubborn so you accepted the offer. You moved to Camden Town, far away from Small Heath.  

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lets talk about 520 spoilers stravaganza shall we?

After what felt like eons we finally started to get Olicity spoilers for 5x20 (love me some parallels) I almost forgot what being hyped felt like in this fandom!

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Most of the spoilers are comig from “the other side” of the fandom, which make the experience funny af. also kinda reliable info if you ask me. Their pain is our gain, fam!

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so lets see what we got so far:

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Bitty nervously gathers his friends one afternoon in the late winter to tell them that he and Jack are dating. Jack is planning on coming out at the end of the season, so Bitty wants to give them all some warning. They’re all happy for them of course, but a few are a little hurt Jack and Bitty had kept it from them for so long.

“I’m sorry, y’all. I hated lying to you, but it just wasn’t the time yet. I feel so bad about not telling you– something as big and as important as that!” Bitty wrings his hands and apologizes again. The rest of the team is nodding their forgiveness, but Dex looks more and more uncomfortable with each word. 

“Anything you’d like to share with the class?” Lardo asks casually. Dex looks like he’s about to faint. She loves the kid, but heaven help her if he has a problem with Bitty and Jack…..

Dex blurts out, “I’m sleeping with Nursey!”

“Bruh,” Nursey says, sounding vaguely hurt. “There’s also, like, dates and shit, too.”

“Bitty’s right. It’s not something we should hide. And I’m sick of lying about it.”

“Wait, when did this happen?” Chowder asks, caught between astonishment and excitement (his natural state of being, but just stronger in this particular moment).

Dex flushes. “Like…..last year? After we lost the playoffs?”

“Right after,” Nursey confirms.

“Ah,” Holster says sagely. “Roadie magic. That’s when me and Rans first started hooking up.”

“WHAT?” squawks Bitty. Rans claps a hand on Holster’s shoulder. “Shit, bro, I think we forgot to tell them.”

“What else haven’t y’all been telling me?” Bitty demands, and after that, confessions start rolling in.

“I’ve had at least two drunken sexcapades with Shitty.”

“Lards, bro! Same!”

“Didn’t Johnson get it on with the other goalie that one time? Goalies are weird, man.”

“Hey, Ollie and Wicks are totally doing it, right?”

Then, amidst the increasingly loud and colorful tales of sexual exploits, Tango shouts, “I’ve thought about kissing Whiskey!”

The rest of the Haus falls silent, Ransom and Holster smothering giggles. Whiskey calmly looks Tango up and down. “Huh. Cool. Let’s do that sometime.”

That night when Jack asks Bitty how it went telling the team, Bitty sighs helplessly. “Honey, I don’t know where to begin.”

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Besides wearing his hair down, how else does Olly like to style it? And is only one side of his head shaved or both?

Olly only has one side of his head shaved ^ u ^  he sometimes wears a bun or a ponytail, and parts it the center if he hasn’t washed it for a while haha

me thinking about dibs:

there are three spots in the haus opening up. lardo, holster and ransom’s, right?

i think it can be safely assumed that dex is getting a room (cuz he does so much haus repair work) (although i’m not sure who would be most likely to give him dibs, ransom or lardo seem like good candidates for that)

but like… besides nursey and ford, don’t forget tango and whiskey exist. and i just wanna think about some unexpected combos in the haus.

i know it’s unsual to room guys and girls together (particularly a freshman) (and even if i want to live in a world where it’s nbd) but imagine ford and nursey as attic-mates. or ford and dex. or ford and tango.

or imagine dex and tango as attic-mates.

idk… there’s just so many combinations?

and i haven’t seen evidence that the tadpoles *haven’t* busted ass earning dibs (ok… maybe whiskey hasn’t, but we mostly know he’s not close to bitty, who isn’t in a position to give dibs just yet anyway)

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Ich weiß gar nicht wie ich das anfangen soll, aber ich wollte mal was loswerden bzw. dich fragen - manchmal oder auch öfter habe ich das unglaubliche Bedürfnis oder den Wunsch mich einfach nur mit Jan zu unterhalten weil ich ihn und seine denkensweise so ultra interessant finde. Aber gleichzeitig hätte ich auch Mega schiss davor weil ich glaube das er viel zu intelligent für mich als Gesprächspartner wäre. Und jetzt wollte ich mal wissen, bin ich die einzige die so denkt? :D

😂 I feel you!
Also ich mein, er sagt von sich ja selbst oft, dass er kein Intellektueller ist, aber er hat doch ganz schön was aufm Kasten. Ich fänds auch mega reizvoll mich mal mit ihm über Dies und Das zu unterhalten. Dass man sich so, ohne sich mal persönlich mit ihm unterhalten zu haben, irgendwie dumm vorkommt liegt glaub ich daran, dass er einfach wahnsinnig eloquent ist und sich über viele Dinge, auch bedingt durch den Job, einfach viel Wissen aneignen konnte um sich ne stabile Meinung zu bilden.
Da er aber “Social hopping” gut beherrscht wie er sagt, würde man sich wohl nicht zwangsweise dumm vorkommen in so nem Gespräch. Ich schätze, dass er versuchen würde das Gespräch irgendwie trotzdem angenehm zu machen 😊
Aber ich glaub trotzdem, dass es bestimmte Themen gibt, über die man ohne fundiertes Wissen nicht mit ihm sprechen sollte, weil einen in Grund und Boden quatschen würde 😂