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So I have this little Christmas #FlintWood Headcanon about decorating the tree and I am so going to make this into a drabble for the Christmas #Slytherdornetchallenge but I wanted to share it with you all because it is just SO cute!!

  • Marcus and Oliver decorating their first Christmas Tree
  • Oliver has all these plans and drawings and he’s got everything meticulously planned in the most excruciating level of detail
  • And he’s so engrossed in explaining the plans that he doesn’t notice Marcus
  • Marcus is just humming his replies
  • And he’s not looked over once when Oliver is trying to show him what he was working on long after Flint went to bed, alone.
  • Marcus is just putting the decorations on according to his gut.
  • He’s pretty much: Fuck it, I’m gonna put that there
  • And then Oliver looks up and he’s pissed.
  • “You can’t just put it where you feel like it, Flint.  It needs to be balanced.  And Co-ordinated.
  • And you cannot put silver and gold tinsel on the same level.
  • And what the fuck is that doing on top
  • It should be a star, NOT a Nimbus 3000
  • And where the fuck did all these other decorations come from?
  • And that’s when Oliver notices
  • That Marcus has got out his Quidditch play set from when he was a kid
  • And he’s fucking spelled the two players
  • One has really dark hair and green robes
  • And the other has auburn hair and red robes
  • And fucking hell if that’s not the cutest thing Oliver has ever seen.
  • And the shrunken broom can stay in place of the star
  • The fact that he’s just noticed the gift tag that says Ollie has nothing to do with it

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