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Winn, Get me a Wrench (ft. Sara Lance and Oliver Queen)

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Alex has always been a little on the side of reckless.

A little on the side of ruthless.

A little on the side of you-threaten-people-I-love-and-I’ll-enjoy-torturing-you.

But lately?

Since Cadmus, since Jeremiah, since Kara has almost died again, and again, and again?

Lately, “gone rogue” has been Alex’s middle name.

Lately, “you can catch me torturing people on my lunch break” has been her first name.

So when the bounty hunter goads them that humans don’t have what it takes – that they’re too weak-willed, too sensitive, too soft, too moral – to get the information they need from him, Alex demands a wrench.

And she doesn’t only mean it.

She wants it.

And J’onn steps in, not only because his way is less messy. But because his way will spare the shattered remains of his eldest earth daughter’s soul.

“So I heard about the wrench thing, babe,” Maggie tells her, because of course Kara called her, and of course they made a plan.

Because she’s been getting better in some ways: she’s been drinking less, laughing more. Sleeping more. Taking more time to herself. Learning to assert what she wants, what she needs.

But she still also needs, apparently, to beat the living shit out of people when she feels out of control. When she needs to protect the people she loves.

“Don’t get me wrong, babe, I love that about you. How fiercely protective you are of the people you love. I admire it. I admire you. But Danvers, have you considered – ”

“That I have anger issues? Yeah, your friend at the bar suggested it.”

A long silence. A kiss, because Maggie, too, isn’t here to judge. She’s here to help her heal.

“Have you considered he might be a little right?”

Alex pffts and Alex stands and paces and stares to Kara and J’onn for support, and they give it to her, but not the kind she wants.

She wants the kind that says Maggie’s wrong, that it’s leadership skills, that it’s part of being a good soldier.

Instead, they give her the support of, we understand, we love you anyway, we’re here for you.

So she concedes – she’s not quite sure if it’s J’onn’s concerned eyes or Kara’s pout or Maggie’s soft, reassuring kisses – to heading over to Earth 1 to grab a coffee with Oliver Queen and Sara Lance.

He’s stoic and she’s flirty, but she’s also serious, because there are storms just behind her impossibly blue eyes that Alex is surprised to realize that she’s seen in her own mirror.

“So Alex, your sister says you’re enjoying torturing people these days,” Oliver begins, and Sara groans.

“Way to kill all possibilities of small talk, Ollie. He does this. I’m sorry.”

Oliver shrugs and allows himself a small smile, and Alex can’t help but grin. “Well she didn’t travel to a different universe to chat about the weather.”

“No, apparently I came for an intergalactic intervention therapy session… thing.”

Sara sighs and nods across Jitters to the table where Kara and Maggie are sitting with their heads together, whispering about who knows what.

“They really care about you. To bring you all this way to talk to the most messed up people they could think of.”

“That’s not quite how Kara – ”

“No, of course not, Kara’s made of literally nothing but sunshine over all that grief she keeps so well hidden, but even if she had said it directly, she wouldn’t be wrong,” Oliver deadpans, and Alex furrows her brow.

“He’s always like this. Except when he’s all domesticated by Felicity. He makes souffles.”

“I tried to make Maggie tiramusu. It didn’t work.”

“The trick is in the ice – ”

“Oh god, they have something else to talk about other than torturing people. Can I go sit with Kara and your girlfriend?”


“Alex, it’s a rush, right? To control someone’s life like that, because you can’t control whose they take? The more of someone else’s blood is on your knuckles, the less blood your sister, your girlfriend, will shed? Right? But then it becomes a rush. An addiction. A thirst.”

Alex swallows and looks down into her coffee cup.

“We’re trained to not feel anything, but then we’re told that there’s a code,” Oliver says softly. “It can get confusing for your body to know which way is up.”

“And how much blood is too much.”

Alex blinks and grips at the table, because they understand, they understand, they understand.

“I just want to protect her. Both of them. J'onn. My friends.”

Oliver and Sara both nod, and Sara hesitates with her hand hovering above Alex’s until Alex nods, and their hands touch softly on the table.

“Our hands – his too – are lethal. Our hands were made to kill. But yours? I bet they’re so gentle when you touch her.”

She nods over at Maggie, and a soft smile grows on Alex’s lips. “You have to let her love you, Alex. Both of them. All of them. Getting lost in it is so easy, and it happens before you even can identify it. But you have to. That rage, that anger, that hate… you can’t take it out on yourself, not completely, because if you do, you won’t be able to protect them. But you’ve gotta get it out, and why not on a prisoner you need information from, right? But Alex, you… they love you. They love you, and you have to love you, or you’re not… You love them so hard you’ll torture and kill for them, Alex, but you’ll make yourself less human in the process. You’ll make yourself the thing you’re trying to protect them from.”

“The road back is the hardest one,” Oliver says softly, thinking about Felicity and Diggle and the League and falling off a mountain with a hole in his torso.

“Let them love you, Alex,” Sara almost whispers. “It’s not a cure. There isn’t one. And you’re going to have to keep fighting. Every day. But look at them. Look at the way they love you.”

Alex turns to see her girlfriend and her little sister both pretending not to watch the three of them, and she can’t help but smile.

“I used to believe the hero couldn’t have the girl, Alex. And I…” Oliver thinks of Felicity and he swallows and he moves on. “But that girl? Don’t let her go. Don’t let her go, Alex. She just traveled to a parallel universe to get you help. Let her love you. Alright?”

Alex watches as Maggie makes Kara’s face red with laughter, and she smiles faintly and squeezes Sara’s hand.

“Yeah. Yeah, I will.”

ar maidin | alfie solomons

Built around my headcanon that Alfie never goddamn sleeps, someone save this man and bring him some warm milk and a blanket already.

Camden didn’t seem to have a cycle to the day and night so much as it had disorienting, sudden switch-overs. There was the bustle of work in the day, the burst of fun in the evening, the outright chaos of the night. There was never really a lull, except a clear hour before the dawn when everything seemed to stop. Too late for revellers, too early for workers, peace found a home here, nestled up to the buildings and slumbered.

You should have been slumbering too, wrapped up in the outrageously expensive sheets Alfie insisted on but never actually seemed to sleep in. Yet here you were, heels clacking down the damp steps of an illegal distillery.

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Forever- Sidney Crosby (Mom and Dad Part Five)

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

Here we are guys! The finito of the Mom and Dad series! Kinda sad and bittersweet to be honest, but this is a good end for it! Don’t worry I have more Sids in the line up! Anyway… enjoy!

Warning: none


              This seemed like a much better plan in your head.

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Why do neurotypicals try to ‘relate’ to you when you tell them about the side effects of your mental disability

Like i tell someone how straining it is to have no memory at all, how im unable to remember family and friends birthday, failing every test ive ever taken because i cant retain the information when i study, going for days without eating because i forget im hungry

and they have the audacitiy to say ‘oh yeah well i sometimes forget stuff and its super annoying!haha ur not alone :^)’

is that supposed to make me feel better or??? i dont know? 

The messenger boy: part 1 | Alfie Solomons

I can’t get enough of @sceawere and @collecting-stories Peaky Blinders imagines, so thank you! It inspired me to have a go at writing my own <3 

You started working for Alfie Solomons two months ago and he’d done little other than order you around. Not even personally. Ollie was his gofer and you grew tired of all his second hand information. You had your own little office in the Bakery and the door had a small, circular frosted glass pane. It was always easy to tell when Ollie’s frame filled it. He was a good lad but he seemed just as exhausted as you were with all the to-and-fro between you and Alfie. 

Ollie knocked as he always did before he stepped into your office, a pen in one hand and a book in the other. “Mr Solomons says—“ he started.

“Right.” You said abruptly as you slammed the pages of a book together on your desk. The chair that you sat in screeched when you pushed back to stand. Ollie watched you with surprise. If he thought about it, he hadn’t seen you this animated, well, ever. As you stepped in front of the boy you pulled the book from his hand. “I’ll take this.”

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My Hope for Oliver

Originally posted by gothsmoak

(I know he’s talking about John - But I think Oliver is pretty awesome)

So, this is my theory on the Oliver/Susan relationship. I really think I’m the only one who thinks this is possible. But hey, it’s nice to be different, right?

I’ve seen all kinds of thoughts as to why Oliver is with Susan – including he needs someone to replace Felicity, he wants to trust or he’s just plain stupid.

But I’m going to speculate that maybe Oliver is playing Susan.

Still with me? It’s totally fine if you disagree but I’m holding on to this hope.

I believe this to be the case for the following reasons:

 1)    We have seen Oliver grow so much in 5a he is so very different than season 1 Ollie – everything he does – opening up to Felicity, trusting the new team, trusting people – all show us he is a changed man. Would this changed man suddenly date a woman who is not only bad for his career – a Mayor dating a journalist – and who his most trusted advisors have advised against. Why would he ignore them?

Originally posted by olicity-i-believe-in-you

 2)    Thea – We know Susan screwed over Thea, Oliver knows this too. And she continues to diss Thea – to Oliver face! (How dare she? Hates her.) This is not something Ollie or Oliver would be okay.

Originally posted by arrowsource

 3)    We did not see Felicity’s reaction to his first date with Susan. What was the point of the scene in the lair where the date was discussed if not to show Felicity’s reaction? The fact that they didn’t show her reaction to me was telling. She’s in on it. Also, she conveniently forgot Susan existed in 5x12, would she really forget Oliver has a girlfriend?

Originally posted by queensarrow

 4)    Stephen Amell is a pretty good actor and as much we know he ships Olicity, he would never play it that way if he was trying to convince us to buy this relationship with Susan. He cringes when she touches him, as soon as she turns his smile disappears, Susan had to complain they had not had sex, he looked completely uncomfortable (stiff neck) after they had sex and he would not confide in her, just shut her down.

Originally posted by olivergifs

Based on all these things I believe that Oliver knows exactly what Susan is up to and is playing the long game with her. I think Thea is probably helping – which may explain her absence and Felicity is aware.

I don’t think Oliver’s stupid, I think he’s smart and I think he knows exactly what’s going on.

Thanks to @gothsmoak @olicity-i-believe-in-you @arrowsource @queensarrow and @olivergifs for making the gifs!

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Today in TTOI History: A Three for One Special

Rise of the Nutters Day 5

AND Spinners and Losers Day 1

 AND Opposition Extra Day 1

Because they all take place on the SAME day and sometimes happen at the SAME time. 

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