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Omg I just imagined Bing getting the Googles shirts that look exactly like their usual ones but they say Bing(in the Google font) and he has a shirt that says Google in Bing lettering and he begs them to switch for a day for fun(I doubt theyd all do it, but maybe if he pestered them enough?)

Ollie does it willingly for fun!
R and G agree to do it out of annoyance.
Everyone’s under the impression B’s not going to do it, even Bing. Bing doesn’t even try asking.
That’s why it’s a shock when he somehow gets access to the shirt meant for him and wears it all day.

Most of the others assume Bing pester Blue, the Googles all think one of them had convinced him for Bing’s sake, Bing is just happy Blue’s participating.


He thinks he’s being all clever trying to sneak up on me. Bless him. 😍🙊 #pug #pugs

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OLIVER: Well, it’s nice to re-meet you, Danny.
DANIEL: Danny..?
OLIVER: You’re right,  too cute. Dan?
DANIEL: Ha.. yeah that’s fine. Nice to re-meet you too.

“He’s a little awkward, but it’s a welcome change from my friends in high school. The loud jock types. This was my fresh start. I could handle a little awkward.”

This is Hanyu. The man. The doer. The beast.

The idea’s steeped in even more now. And the more it does, the more I like it. He’s doing it. He’s really doing it. And he’s doing it by bringing something different in epic proportions to the table at the frigging Olympics amidst a sea of warhorses. And not just different, but culturally different in an essentially Japanese way. In South Korea. That takes guts. And a lot of confidence. And a whole lot of love for where he came from. All with due respect to the host country. 

The whole world’s finally, *finally*, gonna get to see SEIMEI, the man, the exorcist, and the warrior, and they’re gonna be seeing it as a completely different level of monster than what figure-skating fans saw two seasons ago. Those who lamented and dreamed and thought during NHK and GPF 2015, “Man, why couldn’t one of these have been the Olympics?”, I guess we now know that the answer is, “Because it wasn’t enough then and there’s a bigger and better version of it saved just for it brewing.“ 

And it’s gonna be the finest and most dominant damn brew anyone’s ever gonna see, smell and taste. And any perfect performance of it should make the judges feel both privileged and unworthy to quantify it into a single set of scores. I’d be happy to be one of them, to have lived to see this fierce, beautiful and mystifying magic unfold before my very eyes and be made to *believe*, and, in the end, to be asked for *my* approval of it.

…I want it *so* bad. Wouldn’t even have dared hope for this were it any other program but now– *gets down on knees and starts praying for a succession of perfect performances, both Chopin and SEIMEI,  in the second half of this season*

To me, he’s not recycling programs. To me, these have always been his Olympic programs, or at least, SEIMEI is (think Chopin just sorta happened)–for the very Olympics that would cement his status as GOAT. And he’s dedicated an entire *season* of competitions, two seasons back, just to test-run them and *another* season after, to fine-tune them, in the form of different programs.

This is a true master at work, guys.

There’s no room for what-ifs. There can only be do.

Because simply winning is not enough. It has never been. Not for this beast of a human being.

*kudos to Chan for his non-uniform choice, as well. Buckley and his version of Hallelujah hold a special place in my heart. And it seems to fit his style to a T. Anticipating very much to see his program.

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Olivia Janis seems to have most, if not all the traits of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). Does she have it? And if she does, does Olly have it as well? (In some cases, it can be hereditary)

Yes you’re right!!! Olivia Janis has BPD she also deals with PTSD, she hasn’t really had any treatment for it, but all the symptoms are there, Olly also shows some signs of BPD  like:
 Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment,
 A pattern of intense unstable relationships, 
 Distorted and unstable self-image or sense of self, 
 Impulsive and often dangerous behaviors,
 Having stress-related paranoid thoughts
 Chronic feelings of emptiness
 Inappropriate, intense anger or problems controlling anger
a common cause of  BPD is childhood trauma which they both have plenty

I Owe You One

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Pairing: Oliver Queen x Reader

Requested: @taliajromanoff

Summary: You help out team Arrow even though it could result in you losing your job. In return Oliver owes you one.

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Being apart of team Arrow meant risking your life, your job, and any potential future relationships. While you weren’t a fully fledged member of team Arrow you helped out occasionally due to your friendship with Felicity. You and Felicity had been friends for a while because of her job at Queen consolidated where you met and hit it off. You were a computer geek just like her but you also are good at designing and creating future tech which is what your job is now. That’s another difference between you and team Arrow is that you have a job which didn’t allow you to be down in the bunker helping every night.

The moment you found out Felicity knew the Green Arrow and became a member of the team was when she turned up at your apartment one night with an injured Oliver Queen, who at the time you didn’t know he was the Green Arrow. Felicity came to your apartment because Oliver was injured with some technology inside him that could kill him if it wasn’t removed. They came to you because you helped design it ages ago and hoped you could help which you did. You successfully removed the technology inside of Oliver and saved his life. Both Felicity and Diggle were thankful that you helped save him however Oliver at first wasn’t due to you finding out him being the Green Arrow but soon came around and was just as thankful as Felicity and Diggle, maybe even more.

After work you had some free time so you decided to go to the bunker and help out Felicity with whatever lead they had on Prometheus. You were at the computers typing in sync with Felicity when she stopped and turned to face you like she had something to ask you. “Felicity, if there is something you need to ask me just ask.” You told her, your attention still fully on your computer.

“So you know that prototype you’re working on at the moment, with the-”

“With the ability to detect and recognise a certain persons body heat. Yeah, what about it?” You finished her sentence and turned to at her.

“I was wondering if we could borrow it?” Felicity asked.

“Sorry, no can do.” You shook your head and turned back to the computer to focus back on what you were doing. Felicity however turned her seat around so she was facing Oliver now and mouthed to him to ask her himself hoping he could persuade you to change your mind. Both her and Diggle could tell that you liked Oliver and he liked you but it was left unspoken between the two of you. They have tried to get the two of you to admit your feelings to one another but they were both shot down. You saying ‘he doesn’t like me like that’ and him saying 'it’s too dangerous. Besides she doesn’t like me like that.’

“Hey, Y/N.” Oliver said. He was crouching so he was eye level with you.

“Hey.” You replied, stopping what you were doing to give your full attention to Oliver.

“About the prototype.” You groaned when he started. “It would really help if we could borrow it. I know you could get into trouble at work and I normally wouldn’t ask this much from you unless it was really important. This could help us find Adrian Chase and stop him once and for all.” You sighed, how could you say no to Oliver Queen. Damn him and his perfect face you thought.

“Okay, fine. I’ll get it you. What’s the worse my boss can do anyway?” You laughed.

“Thank you, Y/N. I owe you one. How about dinner?”

“Okay, yeah. Dinner it is.” You smiled and went back to your computer.


You got the prototype for Oliver and they used to it catch Adrian Chase. He was now locked up and can’t hurt anyone else. Now he’s locked up Oliver finally asked you to the dinner he owed you, even though it was in his office but you didn’t mind. He ordered Chinese takeout from your favourite place and you were both sitting on his couch in his office eating your dinner when he finally brought up what was on his mind. “So when were you going to tell me you got fired?” He asked you casually. You almost choked on your food when he asked so you put your food down on the table and had a swig of your drink.

“Erm… I wasn’t. Besides how did you find out?” You questioned.

“That’s not the point, Y/N. Why did you get fired? Was it because you helped us with the Adrian Chase thing by getting us that prototype?”

“No.” You lied but Oliver glared at you seeing right through your lie. “Fine. Yes. Turns out the worse they can do is fire me, okay?”

“Y/N, you didn’t have to help us if that meant you losing your job. We would have figured out another way to catch him that meant not risking your job.” Oliver said. His tone was soft when he was around you. It brought a sense of comfort. You held Olivers clasped hands in yours and assured him.

“Look, Ollie does it suck I lost my job? Yeah. Am I going to miss the great salary and amazing equipment they had? Of course I am. But I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. You know why?” Oliver shook his head. “Because it was put to good use. It helped someone. It helped put the bad guy away. It saved lots of people’s lives. I would rather be jobless than see people get hurt because I didn’t help them. Besides now I can help the team more or start my own company. Who knows, the world is my oyster now.” You laughed and Oliver laughed with you. You looked at Oliver and Oliver looked at you. He leant in to you and was inches away from your face. Looking at his lips you let all of your worries go and kissed him. He held the back of your neck and kissed you back.

You both separated from the kiss and grinned. You bit your lip as blush crept on your cheeks. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.” Oliver admitted.

“Me too.” You grinned. You both sat in silence for a bit finishing your dinner until you realised something. “You do realise that you owe me big time now, right?” A cheeky smile formed on your lips.

“Is that so?”

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Besides wearing his hair down, how else does Olly like to style it? And is only one side of his head shaved or both?

Olly only has one side of his head shaved ^ u ^  he sometimes wears a bun or a ponytail, and parts it the center if he hasn’t washed it for a while haha

ar maidin | alfie solomons

Built around my headcanon that Alfie never goddamn sleeps, someone save this man and bring him some warm milk and a blanket already.

Camden didn’t seem to have a cycle to the day and night so much as it had disorienting, sudden switch-overs. There was the bustle of work in the day, the burst of fun in the evening, the outright chaos of the night. There was never really a lull, except a clear hour before the dawn when everything seemed to stop. Too late for revellers, too early for workers, peace found a home here, nestled up to the buildings and slumbered.

You should have been slumbering too, wrapped up in the outrageously expensive sheets Alfie insisted on but never actually seemed to sleep in. Yet here you were, heels clacking down the damp steps of an illegal distillery.

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