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I asked @lenora-rauch for their first impressions of a bunch of NHL players. This is what happened.

The One Where Evan Comes Out Via Group Chat
by Ididntsignupforthisshit (Oliver_Ravenwood)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Evan Hansen/Jared Kleinman
Characters: Evan Hansen, Jared Kleinman, Connor Murphy (Dear Evan Hansen), Zoe Murphy, Alana Beck
Additional Tags: Texting, text fic, Secret Relationship, sorta - they’ve yet to come out, Coming Out, Canon Bisexual Character, Bisexual Male Character, Evan is a weak bisexual and loves his bf, Implied Sexual Content, Mild Sexual Humor


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image sincerely three ship with “You did what?”

My first thought when I read this was Jared asking Connor this over the phone!

Like, let’s say, Jared’s at camp again, over the summer, and obviously, they still have frequent phone calls (if Jared’s cell service will allow lmfao) and they start talking y’know, casually - just bf’s being bfs

and then Connor says something about Evan’s hair

he’s like “Yeah, talk about crazy shit happening, Zoe had us all dye our hair. Mine’s got purple in it, mainly bc Zoe insisted we match”

And Jared’s like “oh cool”

Then Connor goes on. “It kind of took a while to get Evan’s hair to match his eyes, but we got there eventually”

Jared, who had been half listening while preoccupied w smthn stupid kinda freezes, frowning. Asks “Wait, you did what?”

“Dyed our hair.”

Jared just can’t???? Comprehend this???? He’s like “wtf??”

Connor ends up sending him pictures of the whole thing and Jared’s just struck by how the colors look in their hair. The color is darker in Connor’s hair, a violet that swoops down the right side of his face. But Evan’s. Evan’s is this really, really pretty blue. It’s a little faded, because the dye had trouble sticking after the first wash. But Jared’s just like in love with it, both of theirs. He’s like “I can’t believe you guys did it w/out me.”

They end up doing Jared’s hair as soon as he gets back from camp

A Coliver 3.15 coda.

“Marry me, Connor.”

Connor stares, wide eyed and shell shocked, thinking he must have heard wrong, because he can’t even begin to comprehend the idea that Oliver is asking him to marry him. His lips are parted but no sound comes through. The words ring in his ears.

Marry me, Connor.

“C’mon, say something,” Oliver whispers after a moment of silence. His hand finds Connor’s where it rests limp on their sheets. “I want you to marry me.”

“Um…” Connor awkwardly clears his throat and scoots up an inch on the bed. The other man leans back to allow him the space. “This is such a boner killer, dude.” Connor mumbles under his breath. He can’t even meet Oliver’s gaze.

“I know it’s not the most romantic proposal–” Oliver doesn’t miss the way Connor flinches at the word. “But I want this. I want you, I want us. Forever.”

Connor pulls his bottom lip between his teeth. He didn’t think he would ever hear Oliver utter those words to him–he certainly wasn’t expecting it now. Not when the state of their lives is invariably a mess. “Forever’s a long time, you know.” Connor finally says as he looks up.

“Of course I do,” Oliver says softly. “And I want it with you.”

He says it with such conviction that Connor almost believes him.

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emilysidhe  asked:

Hey! No pressure to answer if you don't wanna, but you've mentioned liking comics!Ollie a few times and I mostly know him secondhand through Birds of Prey. So my main impression of him is "cocky asshole serial cheater Dinah is better off without" and I was wondering if you'd be interested in talking about what I'm missing about his character not reading his own comics? Thanks!

Sure! So here’s the thing: Ollie-as-cheater is a retcon. The timeline goes something like this [CW: rape]:

  • 1941-1969: Ollie has no real recurring love interest. (There’s Miss Arrowette, aka Bonnie King, Cissie’s mom, but she’s only portrayed as a potential love interest for Ollie in one of her four Silver Age appearances.)
  • 1969: Ollie develops his leftwing hothead personality and falls head over heels for Dinah (who originally was a good ten years older than him, which is a dynamic I love).
  • 1988: While in a committed relationship with Dinah, Ollie is raped by Shado, who bears a child as a result. He has no knowledge of this happening and doesn’t know the child is his.
  • 1993: Ollie is kissed by a teenage runaway he and Dinah have taken in, and Dinah dumps him for not pushing her away.
  • 1995-2000: Ollie dies. Chuck Dixon relentlessly portrays Ollie as a lovable but incorrigible horndog in both Connor’s Green Arrow and Dinah’s Birds of Prey, largely to contrast virginal, shy (and likely queer, deal with it Homophobic Chuck) Connor with his father and to explain some of Dinah’s issues during this period.
  • 2000: Ollie is resurrected in Quiver, which is my favorite Green Arrow story, but has a few terrible moments in it, including one in which he is depicted as willingly cheating on Dinah with Shado.
  • 2002-2016: Ollie is dragged through a decade and a half of character assassination in which more infidelity is retconned into his backstory, he’s revealed to have knowingly abandoned Connor and his mother after Connor was born, he cheats on Dinah some more, their relationship becomes increasingly toxic and physically violent, and everything is terrible. Honestly, I’m not sure how bad it eventually got, because I jumped ship completely after Lian’s death.
  • 2016: Green Arrow: Rebirth happens and my big dumb romantic hippie rascal came BACK and I love him so much I want to cry about it!

Ollie has definitely never been perfect. The only part of your description I disagree with, actually, is “serial cheater,” because he is cocky (but I like cocky) and he is an asshole (but I like assholes) and he isn’t good enough for Dinah (but no one is). And he and Dinah weren’t perfect during the 25 years or so they were together before his death. She ostensibly dumped him for kissing Marianne, but this was coming on years of being impulsive and irresponsible (one time he went out to run errands and ended up in a dog race in Alaska).

But man, the writing of the two of them after he came back to life and Kevin Smith left the book was just dreadful, and I largely blame Judd Winick for that (although I goddamn hate what Brad Meltzer did, too). Winick turned their banter into toxic fighting - at one point, Ollie calls Dinah a slut and accuses her of sleeping with an entire football team, she hits him, and then they get really turned on by this and do it. No, Judd, hitting is not “sexy” when women do it, especially when they’re one of the top ranked martial artists in the world. Around the same time, Babs is shocked to learn that Dinah is marrying Ollie, “who fathered Connor with that Shado woman” - except Connor’s mother is Moonday and Shado raped Ollie. It’s a combination of comics not accepting that men can be raped (and Grell really didn’t write it as rape, just a ~thing that happened~), and writers basing their characterizations on retcons instead of the original text and that particular aspect of Ollie’s character snowballing.

I’m willing to accept that Ollie’s a tomcat, no problem. The man has two (or three! I personally believe that Cissie is his) illegitimate children with (two (or three) different women, none of whom are The Love Of His Life. I have no problem with a characterization of Ollie as Enthusiastic About Sex. But the cheating retcon really gets my goat. (As does the retcon that he knew about Connor from birth, which I simply refuse to accept. It’s my Green Arrow Rubicon and I won’t cross it.)

As to why I like him: again, he’s not perfect. He’s a mess. (I like messes! Look at Booster Gold. Look at Daredevil.) But he’s a try-hard mess. He’s so passionate and he cares so much. He makes the spiciest chili and yells at people about recycling and spends half an hour waxing his beard into points every morning and accidentally brings a new teenager home every time he goes outside. He is cranked to eleven 100% of the time and even if he sometimes goes too far or gets it wrong, it’s never out of apathy.

Ollie is a showboater and irresponsible and he fucks up all the time - with Roy, with Connor, with Dinah. But he loves with his whole self and he wants the hero community to be better than they are and he has committed to a silly theme to a truly ridiculous degree and I just adore him.

If I have convinced you to give Ollie a shot (ha, arrow pun), here are my recs:

  • Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams, otherwise known as the Hard Traveling Heroes era. Be warned that this is 70s liberalism so there are some well-intentioned but reeeeeeally dated Hot Takes on race and class, and some real opposition to women’s lib. (But oh boy does Adams draw a beautiful Dinah.)
  • Hunter’s Moon by Mike Grell. The Grell era on GA actually starts with the miniseries The Longbow Hunters, which spun off into Ollie’s first ongoing series; Hunter’s Moon collects the first issues from that run. But The Longbow Hunters, though visually stunning as well as important (it moved Ollie and Dinah to Seattle, introduced Shado, and temporarily removed Dinah’s Canary Cry), has a lot of sexual violence (against Dinah) and Orientalism in it. I’m sick of books with violence against women being the Important Comics so I’d rather boost Hunter’s Moon, which shows Dinah going to therapy and working through what’s happened to her as a person with agency instead of using her trauma as a plot point to motivate Ollie. But I’m including Grell in here because Dinah’s assault aside, he depicts Ollie and Dinah’s relationship as healthy, complex, and joyously sexual, and I love it.
  • Quiver and Sounds of Violence by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester. Ollie’s resurrection and the sequel. As noted above, Smith hits a couple sour notes for me, but I mostly love his Ollie, plus he introduces Mia here and I would die for her. And Hester’s Ollie has imprinted on my heart forever as my Ollie. (Weirdly, Smith and O’Neil share the odd distinction of writing my favorite Green Arrow and my least favorite Daredevil.)
  • Green Arrow: Rebirth and the current ongoing series by Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt. Can be clunky, but the heart is there, as Ollie tries really really hard to unlearn his privilege, be worthy of Dinah, and repair his relationships with Diggle (!) and Roy. Also features his kid sister Emiko Queen, who was created somewhere during the time that I was ignoring Green Arrow comics but she is PERFECT and I would fight a mountain lion for her. In some beautiful parallel universe Mia and Cissie and Emi all live with Ollie and make fun of him 100% of the time and it’s beautiful.

In conclusion, THANK YOU if you made it through all that nonsense, and please enjoy this ridiculous macro from LJ user parsimonia that I saved a million years ago and which makes me laugh every time I look at it:

A Coliver 3.13 coda.

“I guess you’re not the only one who’s a good liar.”

Oliver stares at him for a solid five seconds before his composure collapses with a disbelieving scoff. He shakes his head, going over the facts he knows again and again, wondering where he missed it, how had he missed it…

“Is that all you have to say?” Oliver whispers.

Connor’s jaw clenches painfully, but he stubbornly holds Oliver’s gaze, as painful as it is. “What did you expect?” He whispers harshly.

“How about the truth for once?” Oliver demands, and suddenly Connor is paralyzed by a familiar wave of terror.

He’s spent too long terrified of the truth coming out. It’s exhausting.

“What happened to blissfully ignorant?” Connor finally murmurs softly.

Oliver shakes his head. “Not with this. Not with you.

He says it like they’re something special. Like Connor and Oliver are something held above the rest of the shit storm that’s overtaken their lives. Like they’re still something worth salvaging.  

But Connor just shrugs, makes a face like it’s no big deal. Anything to throw Oliver off.

“I don’t know, I kept all this from you for a whole year. I came home to you every night like nothing was wrong.” Connor shrugs again. Looking around their little apartment, he’s flooded with memories. Memories of home. “Woke up next to you every morning, pretending like our entire life wasn’t a lie. Fucked you like I wasn’t thinking about the blood on my hands–”


Connor flinches at the volume of Oliver’s voice.

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3.15 coda

Connor wordlessly took Oliver’s hand as they pulled away from their hug.

“Do you have everything you brought?” Connor whispered once Annalise and Bonnie began to talk. Oliver shook his head before pressing a kiss to Connor’s cheek.

“Let me just get my laptop. I’ve been looking into every department’s database to try to track you down, but apparently no one does anything legal anymore with paperwork. Which, we need to talk about because corruption is going to be the cause of the decline of Philadelphia. Can we trust anyone?” Oliver took a deep breath, ready to continue with his rant.

“Hey, get your laptop so we can go home.” Connor interrupted him, pushing him in the direction of Bonnie’s kitchen.

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Connor McDavid - Polar Opposites

Hi do you think (only if you want to Its cool if you don’t i understand) you can maybe do a Connor mcdavid one where like you are a really happy positive smiley and talkative and friendly person and everyone’s like ?? Cause you and Connor are somewhat opposites (not that he’s not smiley and friendly it’s just in the secret santa video I remember them saying he was somewhat boring not that I think that okay I’m gonna stop rambling now cause I do that when I’m nervous sorry bout that)

Polar Opposites With a day off under your belt, you decided to go out to lunch with your parents for them to meet your boyfriend, Connor. Your family was very brash and loud, and you wondered how your parents would react when they met him. He happened to be very quiet and reserved, tending to his own business. Of course, you didn’t know that if he would appear rude to them. They hated rude people in general. 

 “They’re gonna love you I swear it. My parents are a little intrusive at first but once you get to know them they really come around. Just answer their questions honestly.” Connor nodded. 

He had heard, but looked a little anxious to be there. Meeting people wasn’t his favorite hobby. As soon as you parked the car and walked inside, there were the parental units. They were smiling and waving you over, so you dismissed the help of the waiter and took a seat. Connor was nice enough to pull the chair out for you, too. 

 “Such a gentleman, Y/N! So, how’s my baby boo been?” Red flushed your cheeks. That was a very old nickname that you have been called by your mom since you were very, very small. 

Smiling awkwardly, Connor snickered under his breath. Glaring was your only defense mechanism. After ordering something small to munch on and share with your boyfriend before the main course, your parents suddenly bombarded your date with a bunch of questions. What he did for a living, where he worked, went to school, everything. He answered like it was no big deal. 

When the food arrived, he offered you the first bite. It was actually quite delicious, and by the time it was finished the main meal came out. It was mostly silent, until your father struck up a conversation about, well, hockey. Of course, then trades came up and by the time the waiter came back with the check their arms were flailing and they were exasperated to the point of no return. At least they both liked the same teams. No rivalries was a good sign.

“They’re so similar! I never expected this. He plays hockey, right?” 

 “Yeah, he does. I like to watch him most of the time. One time, he tried to teach me to skate with the team. I failed. He said it was like walking on stilts, but I’ve never even done that before sooo… It was an adventure.” You laughed, and so did your mom. 

She was very easy going, but when she got into it oh boy. There was no stopping her. After your father graciously picked up the check, you all walked out of the restaurant. This was hardly the end of your day, but you’d had a lot of fun catching up with your mom and somewhat your dad. Hopefully, Connor made a good impression. 

 “I like your boyfriend but I’m surprised. He’s super quiet! You’ve always been so outgoing, he just settles you right down. I thought he was going to be a bore but honestly, as long as your father got along with him, I wasn’t too worried. I love him!” Your mom remarked as soon as the men shook hands and got into their respective cars. 

You simply smiled. “And that’s exactly how I like it.”


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