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What If: Roy Harper x Reader

Little drabble based on a request for Outlaws!Roy~ the reader is a metahuman and part-time partner of the Outlaws.

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The waves lapped quietly on the beach, and you absentmindedly threaded your fingers through Roy’s, rubbing the calluses from using a bow for so many years. “Hey, Roy?”

“Do you ever feel tired of the whole superhero-mercenary thing?” you asked, turning on the sand to look at him. Roy stared up at the stars for a long time before answering.

“I guess so. Don’t know what I’d do without it, though, ‘cause making trick arrows isn’t exactly a skill I can put to use anywhere else.”

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Can’t really get over the fact that they made Jon execute a child because he was mad the child killed him. An eye for an eye-vengeance-plot all over the place. Was it upholding honor/law somehow to kill a child? Because if he cared about honor wouldn’t he stay at Castle Black?

It seems to me that Ned wasn’t the only Stark who lost all sense of honor in this episode.

Text: Aiden <-> Shiloh
  • Aiden: I’ll come over after work. Spending quality time with Ollie sure beats walking in on thing one and thing two doing it on the kitchen table.
  • Shiloh: It's so nice to know that it's /Ollie's/ company that's so much fun. Such a great friend, really. You ever seen Ethan's hair untamed? Because thing 2 fits so well then.