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if it's possible could you write fs + 19 in the christmas stocking universe? because it's adorable!

19) things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

christmas stockings au: one, two and three

Her hospital room is so quiet that as Jemma leans back against her pillows she can hear the sound of her new born daughter’s tiny heartbeat thumping against her as she lies sound asleep on her chest.

Smiling, Jemma rubs her thumb in small, gentle circles on the baby’s back, trying to savour the last few moments she has with her alone before Fitz arrives to introduce the rest of their family to the new addition.

Whilst the two of them had been at the hospital, they had left the children with their Auntie Daisy, who, thanks to a SHIELD issue SUV, had managed to arrive at their house within fifteen minutes of being called and then had sent them off in the same SUV, announcing that she would take care of everything. 

That had been almost two days ago now and, as much as she has needed the rest, Jemma is starting to miss the noise and the chaos that her family almost always managed to bring with it, which is why when she hears their footsteps on the corridor outside her room, her heart leaps with excitement.

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saccharine sweet: sweet, cheesy, happy songs with a vaguely retro vibe for falling head over heels in love, even when all odds are stacked against you. (pushing daisies: ned/chuck) [8tracks]