Ok a few minutes on from reading that after waking up I think their bs is sinking in 😂 are they honestly trying to imply we gave them Wyn’s address??? That’s amazing considering Entropy has never given their address to us??? 10/10 hackers right here 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😂

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I hope you’ll be sharing how meeting up together goes?? Maybe pics???? I’m super happy about your relationship and support you two 100%. Also, don’t mind all the rude people on here. You guys are great!!!

idk abt pics but we’ll definitely have a million posts about loving each other and if u guys don’t mind hearing about it i’ll definitely be down to gush about the whole thing !! thank u so much aaa,, it means a lot

wrap your legs around me, tangle your hands in my hair, tell me you love me and kiss me until i’m breathless