bios jb

eh cada tremida q nois leva com hold tight

transa com poster nois n transa nao, mais eh cada vontade

cada notificação do insta de @justinbieber eh um tiro

aquela bad qnd vc lembra q talvez n vai na pt

qnd tua cara for ingresso pra purpose tour ai vc aparece na minha frente

justin bieber de piercing eh a morte do fandom

queria ollg com dancinha e levantada de camisa de volta

amostra os tanquinho ai

cuidado q ele eh maior que o satan hem

em terra de justin bieber, as fãzinha perde a linha

rip cabelo hidratado

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dating Justin would involve 3:

•red carpet photos together where you two basically look like royalty

•people constantly saying “Justin & Y/N are relationship goals”

•having bieber babies

•you getting to choose the ollg

•him having the date you two got together tattooed in Roman numerals

•him buying you a toronto maple leafs hockey jersey

•meeting his grandparents

•having the most romantic Valentine’s day with him

Throwback Tradition

RQ: “an imagine where y/n & j are dating and he brings back the ollg for one night on tour (and it’s you) then he proposes to y/n after the song”

“I hope you guys don’t mind but…I have one special song I’d like to add before ‘Love Yourself’. (Y/N), wherever the hell you are, get your ass up here.”

I watched as Fredo led my girlfriend to my oh-so-famous red couch on the stage. I usually perform “Home to Mama” and “Love Yourself” there, but right now the only thing on my mind was (Y/N), and how much I absolutely, positively can’t get enough of her.

I grabbed my guitar off the stand, my hands shaking as I pulled the wooden stool under me. I was feeling so many different emotions at once, especially being in front of 30k people. 

“Guys, you know my girlfriend (Y/N). Show her some love.” I encouraged, as my fans’ screams were louder than usual.

(Y/N) was dressed in an orange and white striped romper with white sneakers. She reminded me of a popsicle, and this had to be one of my favorite ensembles she’s ever put together. 

How many I told you’s and start over’s and shoulders have you cried on before?”

 I slowly began to sing acapella, without the guitar, seeing if my beliebers would catch on by the first line of the song. When they did, I smiled and adjusted my headset. Even (Y/N) gasped, surprised by the revival of the old tradition. With every line of the song, I began strumming more on the guitar.

Now all I see is you…” 

When I got to the second chorus, (Y/N) began tearing up. If she thought this was a romantic gesture, she was in for a surprise in about three minutes.

There’s gonna be one less lonely……girl.”

I finished the song, and (Y/N) sprang on top of me as I put my guitar down. 

“That was so sweet.” She whispered in my ear.

As the screams died down only a little bit, I lowered (Y/N) from my (sweaty) body, and seated her back on the couch.

“(Y/N), I’m only 22, and you’re only 20. But the thing is, I don’t think any two people have been more in love than we are right now.”

(Y/N)’s hand covered her mouth, realizing what I was about to say. My fans cheered a bit louder, predicting what would happen next.

“I’ve always wanted to propose to you in your hometown, and the dream just got better now that it’s in front of 30,000 people.”

I got down on my knee, and pulled out the sapphire ring she oh-so desired.

“So god damn, (Y/N). Just marry me already. Cause the word “girlfriend” just doesn’t fit you anymore.”

(Y/N) couldn’t have said yes any more than she already did. Her arms flew around my neck after I slipped the ring on her left hand. Beliebers from every section cheered, even started chanting “(Y/N) Bieber!”

I could see my friends and family backstage, as well as hers. Everyone was hugging, and calling each other family. I smiled to myself for many reasons. One, being that our marriage proposal would be all over the internet for the rest of eternity. And two, because the love of my life, Mrs. Perfect, my girl, (Y/N), was going to be my wife. Love really was magic. And who knows? I may just have a couple tricks up my sleeve. ;)

justin is the type of boyfriend to interrupt you while you’re speaking by grabbing your chin and kissing your lips or to pull you onto his lap while sitting on the couch or randomly text you like a paragraph on why he loves you so much and call you beautiful like every hour or bringing you out on stage and singing like my favourite girl (aww fetus) to you or you being his ollg


hi, so this is my first follow forever. i find it hard to write cute stuff so i just wanna wish a super merry xmas and a hella new year, i hope this year comes with a lot of blessing for you and your family. i love you a lot and you make my dash so interesting and full of everything, i believe everyone of you is so special tbh. i send you all my love all the way from mexico to wherever you are, stay fab :-)


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a mesma coisa de novo, não sei quem fez as fan art, então se quiser fala comigo que eu coloco ou tiro né, enfim, não retirei os créditos nas fan art também e é isso, CRÉDITOS NO PYDIABO


(Hey guys! Here is another request! Happy Reading!)

The day had come. After months of waiting, the night was finally here. You were going to Justin Bieber’s concert. You were so excited. You were a fan but you could refrain from losing your mind whenever you saw him on TV. You were a relaxed belieber. You really liked his music, thats what you loved him most for. Sure, he was very handsome and charming, but his voice just did something to you. It made you feel safe. 

You put on black ripped skinny jeans, some cute strappy heels, a white tank top and a gold chain. Your hair fell naturally into beachy waves. You were so excited to see him in concert again. You had been to his concerts twice before but he was grown up now. You couldn’t wait to see what he had planned for the show. You and your friend got in your car and drove to the stadium. 

“Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re here.” you said, sitting in your seats waiting for Justin to come on stage. 

Your friend giggled, taking in her surroundings. 

You guys had really good seats, you were right on the side, front row. Justin would definitely be able to see you. You wished you could have a conversation with him. Just a relaxed one. Not one where you’re freaking out and trying to get the best picture with him, but one where you guys could just talk. About everything. His music, how it helped you through tough times, how it helped him. You just really admired him and you wanted to make sure he knew that. 

The lights dimmed, and the concert began. The room was filled with screams. You couldn’t believe it as you watched him make his entrance. He was amazing. He looked like he was ready to put on an amazing show for you guys. As the concert progressed, you fell more and more in love with his voice. It was so soulful. You were getting lost in the music when you felt a tap on your shoulder. It was Allison. Your heart skipped a beat. 

“Hi! Would you like the be the “One Less Lonely Girl” tonight?” she asked smiling. 

Your friend grabbed your arm and screamed. 

“Go!” she said. 

You nodded your head at Allison, smiling wide.

As you guys made your way backstage, you couldn’t wipe the huge smile off your face. You were going to be with Justin. Face to face. He was going to sing to you. Everything seemed surreal right now and your head was in the clouds. You needed to calm down and clear your mind because you wanted to remember this for the rest of your life. 

“Okay, so Alfredo will tell you when to go on.” she said smiling.

“Okay.” you said, nodding quickly.

She walked away and Alfredo stood beside you.

“Are you excited?” he asked. 

“You have no idea.” you said, smiling. 

He laughed. 

“Good. Well, I will tell you when to go out and the dancers will lead you to the chair, then Justin will take it from there.” he smiled at you. 

You nodded and looked onto the stage. He looked like he was having so much fun. You saw the fans in the very front, screaming and crying because they loved him so much. You knew exactly how they felt. He was just so amazing and he made all of you so happy. 

“Okay, go.” Alfredo said, putting a hand on your back.

You slowly walked out onto the stage and Nick greeted you with a smile before bringing you to the chair. Screams erupted from the audience as you walked to the chair. You were smiling so much. They sat you down in the chair and continued dancing. Justin’s voice echoed throughout the stadium as he sang the lyrics. You swayed and smiled, watching him before he came over to you. As he turned to you, a huge smile appeared on his face. He reached out his hand for you and helped you to your feet. You stood up, still holding his hands. He pulled you close to him by your waist, still singing softly. Your cheeks burned as he stroked them with his hands. 

“I’m gonna put you first..” he sang, looking into your eyes. 

You melted inside. You didn’t want this moment to end. He made you feel so special. He didn’t let go of you once during the time you were on stage. 

“There’s gonna be one less lonely girl..” he sang, finishing the song. 

He kissed your cheek and gave you a long, warm hug. He moved his microphone from his mouth. 

“What’s your name?” he asked, smiling. 

“Y/N.” you said, giggling. 

“Y/N. I’m Justin. Thank you so much for being my one less lonely girl.” he smiled at you, walking you backstage.

He grabbed some water and came back over to you.

“I have like 2 minutes to talk.” he said. “Did you have fun?”

“Yes. Thank you so much, Justin.” you said. “You have helped me through so much and I just want to thank you for this experience and just everything you have done for me. Thank you so much.” you said, tearing up. 

He stood up and hugged you tightly, rubbing your back soothingly. 

“I love you so much, Y/N. You are the reason I do this. You are the reason I make music. Thank you so much.” he said, kissing your cheek again. 

“What’s your Instagram and twitter name? I want to follow you.” he smiled. 

You told him and he wrote it down. You guys took 3 pictures together on your phone. Well, Alfredo took them because Justin wanted full-body pictures so you could show off your outfit. You took one smiling, then one of Justin kissing your cheek and then Alfredo snuck a photo of you guys looking up at each other, just smiling. 

“I have to go back on stage now. Thank you so much, you really made my night special, Y/N.” he said, hugging you one last time. 

“Thank you so much, Justin. I love you. Good luck!” you said. 

“Thank you. I love you, Y/N!” he smiled at you before heading back to the stage. 

Your life was officially amazing. 


The next day

You were scrolling through your pictures, trying to figure out what one to post. You really liked all the pictures with you and Justin, but you liked the candid one of you guys just looking at each other, so you decided to post that one. Likes and comments came flooding in, asking how you got the picture, when you got it, how cute the picture was, just everything. You smiled at how cute everyone was being. You got a new follower notification on twitter and it was Justin. Your heart started beating so fast. He didn’t forget. You then got another notification from Instagram saying he had followed you. He liked the picture of you guys and then commented, “I love you. Thank you so much. I also really like this picture haha :)” You couldn’t believe it. Justin commented on your picture like it was nothing. He was just so sweet and he cared about you guys so much. 

After this experience, you swore to yourself to stand up for Justin against anyone that says he doesn’t care about his fans because you know from experience that is a lie. He loves all of us as fans. He made you so happy and you wished that you could talk to him all the time. 

He was the reason you smiled.