Vorrei scrivere due righe su questo ragazzo. E’ insultato da tante persone per ogni minima cosa che fa, è disprezzato ed ha sempre il fucile puntato contro di sé. Ha sicuramente fatto degli errori, tanti, e ne farà ancora. Ma questo non vi dà il diritto di non rispettarlo. E’ un essere umano e merita di essere trattato come tale. Prima lo seguivo molto, adesso un po’ di meno, ma vi assicuro che gli hanno creato una maschera e che lo fanno passare per ciò che non è. Avrà anche cambiato abitudini, giro di amici e si sarà anche montato la testa, ma dentro non è cambiato per niente. Questa gif è la cosa più bella del mondo.

-Avalanna, One Less Lonely Girl. 29.09.12


Todos sabemos quién es la más famosa estrella pop en el planeta. Sabemos que su color favorito es el púrpura, su segundo nombre es Drew, y el creció en un pequeño pueblo en Canadá. Pero ninguno de nosotros realmente sabe quién es Justin Bieber como persona. Lo hemos visto en su fase de “movimiento de cabello”, su fase “Selena Gomez”, la fase “Corté mi cabello”, la fase “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”, fase “Estoy soltero”, fase “Estoy drogado”, fase “He sido arrestado”, fase “Modelos modelos modelos”, fase “Orinando en un cubo” y todo el camino de vuelta a su fase “no fotos”. Ninguno de nosotros sabe que estaba pasando con él o en quien se convirtió después de años de estrellato. Bueno excepto si tienes fuentes internas que conocen a Biebs bastante bien como nosotros lo hacemos.

Aquí está el muy esperado post de Justin como persona.

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Imagine Request - Post Concert Sex (MATURE)

Can you do a mature imagine where you go to his concert, a huge fan, and end up being OLLG. You get to talk to him a bit and he was interested so after the concert he took you back to his hotel for some “fun”

I breathed out as I stared up at him, the whole experience feeling like a dream. I thought it was surreal enough to be at a concert, but being the One Less Lonely Girl? This doesn’t happen every day.

He sang so perfectly, his eyes burned into my face as a smirk made its way onto his lips. The feeling of his hands touching my face and his body so close to mine made me flush, he made it obvious that he noticed my body language and move closer to me.

The cheering crowd and the slow moving lights were becoming unnoticed as my eyes didn’t move off of Justin. The way his eyes bored into my own, making me melt.

The whole experience was mesmerising, the air was stolen from my lungs as I watched. I deflated and had to stop myself from pouting once the lights when down and the crowd cheered. Justin walked over to me, smiling.

“Stay backstage.” He mumbled in my ear before pecking it afterwards. He quickly guided me and told the crew to make sure I stayed. At this point, I was beyond confused, but I didn’t complain as I watched Justin from backstage.

Once the concert was over and the lights flashed out for the final time, I felt my palms becoming moist as I knew I’d be seeing Justin once more any minute now. My heart raced as I saw him walking over, a towel around his neck and a bottle of water in his hand.

“Hi, sweetheart.” He smirked down at me. “[Y/N], right?” I stopped myself from smiling as I noticed he remembered my name. I nodded. “The reason I asked you to wait here is because oh, do I think you’re beautiful.” He chuckled as he looked down at me.

I felt winded for a moment. “Seriously?” I chuckled nervously, brushing my hair out of my face.

“Mhm.” He smirked, taking a hold of my hand. “How about you come back to my hotel with me?” He rasped in my ear after he pulled me close. I felt his body heat on mine.

“What for?” I asked timidly, feeling adrenaline run through me. My heart raced in my chest, my palms became moist.

He shrugged, his confident demeanour intimidated me. “We’ll see what happens.” His hands trailed my body softly.

Before I knew it, I was sat in the back of Justin’s car with him next to me, his hand rested on my thigh, his thumb stroked my skin softly. I shivered under his touch, but I acted subtle. I wondered what Justin wanted with me, my mind raced but I simply stared out of the windows at the passing streetlights that lit up the dark car every few seconds.

No one questioned my presence, if they did, I was unaware. I was simply guided to Justin’s hotel room and the door was closed behind me. “I think you’re so beautiful, [Y/N].” His body was inches from mine, his hands trailed around my waist and down towards my hips. He leaned down and left a kiss on my cheek but his lips lingered. I turned my head and pressed my lips against his. He breathed out into the kiss.

My hands fell to his chest while his fingernails dug into my covered hips. He pulled away and trailed his kisses down my neck, making me let out a quiet moan. He seemed to thrive off of the noise.

His hand moving my shirt up my body suggested to me what was about to happen, and I couldn’t wait. I stopped myself from whining when he pulled his lips off my body. “I’m only going to do this if you tell me it’s what you want.” He spoke with seriousness, but his hands didn’t falter on my body.

“I-It is, I want this.” I attempted to steady my breath as my face turned red when he smirked.

“Good; I want it too. So much.” He whispered, pulling my shirt over my head. His hands roamed my waist as his lips fell to my neck.

Eventually, we were rolling around in his hotel bed, our bodies held together with sweat as the atmosphere changed. Our skins burned together, he climbed on top of me and positioned himself.

“You ready?” His chest rose and fell heavily, his hands rested at the side of my head. When I nodded, he pushed into me slowly, letting me adjust. “Oh, shit.” He spoke through gritted teeth.

I whimpered as I felt him brush against my walls. All my senses switched on and I threw my arms to his shoulders. He moved slowly, causing me to become impatient. “F-Faster.” I stuttered in the bliss of it all, already wanting more.

“Whatever you want.” He whispered into my ear, biting it afterwards. His thrusts became stronger and his breath became shaky and uneven. I dug my nails into his shoulder, holding back the numerous moans that were threatening to leave my lips. Justin noticed. “Come on, let me hear you. I love hearing how good I’m making you feel.” He growled into my ear yet again, causing my stomach to flip and a whimper to emit from my throat.

Our bodies moved together perfectly, our sounds of pleasure sounded right together as they came one after the other. Justin’s grip only got tighter around me, a hiss left his throat whenever I clenched around him, spurring me on.

I felt myself coming close already due to his hard and deep thrusts, the way his hips halted and shook every few minutes told me he was too. “Fuck, I’m almost there.” His head fell back and his eyes drooped shut as he felt the strong feeling of bliss beginning to reach him.

“Justin,” All I could do was gasp as I felt the knot in my stomach coming undone after being so tight for so long. I let go in that moment, it seemed to only cause Justin more pleasure as he reached the edge. Our moans and the rapid sound of our skin touching constantly as Justin rode out our orgasms. When the feeling began to subside, Justin collapsed down into the bed next to me, panting heavily. “Woah.” I breathed deeply. “It’s not every day that happens.” I chuckled, running a hand through my sex hair.