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The Fish Lantern - new handprinted linocuts in stock on our Etsy shop!

The 1000 Lights Festival takes place in Niigata’s old district. Children take fish lanterns for a walk, in the old-fashioned shopping street which looks like a river.

Those prints were made using a baren – a traditional Japanese tool – and 5 hand-carved linoleum plates.
Every print is unique, with its own subtle variations.

You can order them on our Etsy shop:

It’s been a while since we started working on The Coral Cave and we are now able to show you the first scene of the story.

The Coral Cave is a video-game project.
To be exact it’s going to be a point & click adventure game (like Broken Sword or Machinarium). It will be entirely handmade in watercolors and will feature lots of animations, characters and backgrounds!

The player controls a little girl named Mizuka who lives on a small remote island, in the Okinawa archipelago. Strange events turn the island upside down. Mizuka explores it and enters a mysterious spirit world in order to save her village.

In the coming days, we are going to show you more about the game. If you have questions about it, feel free to ask us!
Would you be interested in playing a watercolor video-game?


Bye bye mountains!

We have spent almost one year in the French Alps, living in a beautiful chalet, surrounded by sheeps, cows, horses and strange insects. It was a very inspiring place for a productive year. 
Tomorrow, early in the morning, we will leave the mountains in search for a new home.

Last Saturday, we went one last time to the lake of Annecy where we swam and sketched those two beautiful castles.

Castle of Menthon St Bernard & Castle of Duingt
Watercolor sketches on location.