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Lofoten Islands, Norway

A surfer rides a wave during a night session of the Lofoten Masters 2017. Water and air temperatures are unusually warm for the season, at 11°C, for the world’s most northern surfing competition

Photograph: Olivier Morin/AFP

ITALY, Milan : A man takes a picture of the Pavillion of Israel in the Expo Milano 2015 in Milan on May 1, 2015 on the opening day of the Universal Exposition. The exposition will run from May 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015 on the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The fair focuses on food security, sustainable agricultural practices, nutrition and battling hunger - as well as dishing out the best fare of the world’s culinary cultures. Cooking shows, restaurants, and food stalls will be designed to attract and hold visitors in Italy’s financial capital. AFP PHOTO / OLIVIER MORIN                        

ITALY, Noli : Italy’s Project coordinator of Nemo’s Garden, Gianni Fontanesi check immerged Biospheres on June 27, 2015 in Noli. 3 biospheres with air welcome seeds of basilic and others green plants to study their grows immerged at 8m in complete autonomy thanks to the natural Photosyntesis process, protected from any pollution from the outdoor plantations. This project is part of the Italian Pavillon theme at the EXPO2015 , “how to feed the planet”. AFP PHOTO OLIVIER MORIN                        

ITALY, Ivrea : Members of orange battle teams throw oranges at each other during the traditional “battle of the oranges” held during the
carnival in Ivrea, near Turin, on February 16, 2015. During the event
which marks the people’s rebellion against tyrannical lords who ruled
the town in the Middle Ages, revellers parading on floats represent
guards of the tyrant, while those on foot the townsfolk.. AFP PHOTO /

Details sur le mensonge.

Aujourd'hui, Libé, dans sa rubrique VOUS, détaille le mensonge, suite à une étude menée par deux chercheurs, Olivier Mascaro et Olivier Morin (post doctorants en psychologie et philosophie à l'université d'Europe centrale, à Budapest).

L'occasion donc, de lister les différentes raisons de mentir, avec un exemple à chaque fois. Le tout extrait du Libé de ce jour.

- Pour faire plaisir : “Oui, Johnny H. est un vrai rockeur.”
- Pour faire son malin : “J'ai croisé Johnny H.”
- Par vice : “Johnny H. est un acteur formidablement immense.”
- Par omission : “Je sais un truc sur Johnny H. que je ne dirai jamais." 
- Pour se défendre : "Non, je n'ai pas tiré le dernier Johnny H. à la FNAC, il a sauté dans mon sac, tu vois !”
- Pour se faire pardonner : “C'est moi qui ai pris le puzzle collector Johnny H. pour le revendre sur leboncoin.fr”
- Par stratégie : “On ira voir Johnny H. au théâtre, c'est promis.”
- Par provocation : “Johnny H. est un niais analphabète.”

Perso, mon préféré, c'est le dernier. Et vous, vous mentez comment ?

ITALY, Milan : 10-month-old Dan from Eritrea waits with his relatives while migrants wait for food at the Milan train station on June 11, 2015, as about 300 migrants, mainly from Eritrea, arrived in Milan late on June 10 and wait to be taken care of by authorities and associations. More than 100,000 migrants made the perilous crossing over the Mediterranean to Europe this year, the United Nations said on June 9, reporting a huge spike in arrivals that will add to Europe’s migration worries. AFP PHOTO / OLIVIER MORIN                        

Norway, Unstad : A surfer stands by northern lights ( aurora borealis ) on the snow covered beach of Unstad, on Lofoten Island, Arctic Circle, on March 10, 2016.  Surfers from all over the world comes to Lofoten island to surf in extrem conditions. Ocean temperature is 5-6 °C, air temperature around 0°C in spite of a weather very unstable.    / AFP / OLIVIER MORIN