olivier de bretagne


As I may have mentioned many times already I’m on a Cadfael kick, rereading the series one book after another voraciously. I just finished The Virgin in the Ice and was curious to see who they picked to play Olivier de Bretagne in the TV series. The fellow turned out to be an English actor and I’m sure he does a fine job, but really the character should look a lot more Middle-Eastern than that; the book sure wasn’t shy on that point, or on praising Olivier’s good looks. So here’s Alexander Farsi - granted, he’s a model, not an actor, but damn if he doesn’t have that knightly bearing in the first picture and those “amber eyes” in the next. This guy is pretty much what I saw when I read!

cadfael: the virgin in the ice

winter 1139, and raging civil war has sent many refugees fleeing north from worcester. among them: two orphans of a noble family and their companion, a young nun. but they seem to have disappeared somewhere in the wild winter landscape of frost and snow – and cadfael sets out to find them. when his path crosses with that of a most unusual templar knight, commissioned by the pair’s uncle to rescue them and bring them home safely, the monk who was once a crusader himself discovers an entirely unexpected connection…

imogen poots as lady ermina hugonin
alexander siddig/siddig el fadil as olivier de bretagne