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“Another Companion to Books from The Simpsons in Alphabetical Order” (2013) by Olivier Lebrun

Over the last couple of years, French graphic designer Olivier Lebrun has been collecting screenshots of Simpsons episodes that (in one way or other) display books. This compilation assembles his 174 favorites. Not included are Simpsons magazines, newspapers and other printed matter, which possibly could serve as material for a follow-up to this project.

Rollo N°34
352 Pages
Offset Print
11.5 × 16.5 cm
ISBN 978-3-906213-00-2

2013 Olivier Rivière Jequitibá Rioja DOCa

This is my white Rioja face. This stuff is pretty awesome. Yellow flowers, loads of Bosc pears (both fresh and browning), some lemon, browning apples, and a touch of wood and vanilla on the nose. Pear, apples, and lemons on the palate with a bit of vanilla from oak, dried white and yellow florals, and light unroasted nuts. Salud!

4/5 bones


Viura, Grenache Blanc, Malvoisie

13.5% abv

Rioja, SPAIN


I was  nominated for an Olivier in 2013 for several productions: Aeternum, created for me by  Christopher Wheeldon, Diana and Actaeon and Viscera. I never thought one of these little guys would be standing in my flat. If I need a boost I look at him and think, ‘Hello sir, I like you.’ The awards ceremony was held at the Royal Opera House, so I received it on my stage, which feels  like home to me; it was really special. 

Marianela Nunez’s accoutrements, photos by Anna Huix for the Telegraph