norathenotnormalgirl asked:

What does the demon boys and kenji look in a partner? Like what are the important stuff? And your art is super cute and you are fabulous if I must say ● u ●

Kenji: he’s extremely vain and materialistic, so his ideal man is a rich, handsome older man that lets Kenji boss him around. He enjoys dominant, aggressive people that give him a power struggle, though he always lets them win. He demands to be treated like a king and needs his partner to acknowledge that he’s great and amazing and beautiful ???? A dominant, topping older guy is ideal !

Valentine: Valentines ideal partner HAS to be a demon or, if not, atleast a supernatural or magical creature as he seems humans filthy and unworthy. He has a strong need to always be in control, and as such his partner needs to acknowledge that and treat him as the greatest person ever. he’s a piece of shit don’t let him boss you around . basically he prefers submissive bottom people but he does enjoy a bit of a power struggle!

Olivier; somebody like Bonnie; docile, soft and shy. Olivier is homoromantic so he’d want a cute boy, preferably shorter than him though it’s not a must, and basically somebody who lets him spoil them and buy them lots of presents. They have to be ok with the way he feeds, and needs to be willing to give their blood to him. A submissive, bottom boy basically.

Bonnie: basically somebody who’s kind and cuddly ? He’s not picky sexually and will sleep with a lot of different people with a lot of different kinks, but personally he’s actually pretty vanilla except for the instinctive biting and clawing and snarling that comes with being a demon. he’d prefer a dominant top that treats him kindly, like a pet. 


the ice queen of briggs: olivier mira armstrong

“Dijkstra realised portaits of a young man, Olivier, before and during his enrollment in the French Foreign Legion. As the photographer said in an interview, the transformation the young man went through is not only remarkable by the different clothes he is wearing, but mainly by the different expression of his eyes, which demonstrate how much he has grown and taken awereness of a different side of the world.”

The first picture is taken in July 2000 and the last one in July 2003.