- my 2011 goodbye letter .

- Well , it’s almost 2012. i’m excited , but nervous for whats to come . during 2011 , i’ve experienced many things . when big bang won an ema award . when i did a gig in front of lots of people . where i talked to people i never thought i’d talk to . i’ve meet new people . [ Chylynpark ] [ nikaylaaa ] [ Bananoemi ] [ Oliviasbored ] i’ve shed tears over stupid things . i got published in a book . i was a thearapists for my friends . when tumblr became my life . haha . when music hit me hard in the chest . i dance more than anything else with my partner [ nikayla ~].  . i sing like a boss now . where im a pro soccer player . where i fought with my parents . shit happens . where i auditioned for region orchestra . where i started speaking spanish . where i burnt my finger from STEAM . where i started to cook . when i started to rap xD . EVERYTHING changed

so i’m saying goodbye . k . BAI ! 

Hello . Anyeongsaeyo . Hola . Ni hao . konichiwa ,  2012 (:


Happy Birthday Olivia!

Velmaaa, happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy! :D I hope you have an awesome day today ‘cause you deserve it! It’s a little depressing to know we could have met each other a while ago at the Cover Dance Festival but it’s okay, next time! For the little time that we’ve known each other it’s been really nice knowing you! You have made things funny with your enthusiasm and your jokes ;D I mean seriously you’re the only person I know who still says “jinkies” and “groovy” LAMO  And girl, I still want Amber! Even if I kinda just gave you both Amber and Yuri… HAHAHAHA! Have an awesome day and I hope you like this >.<

Much Love, Vicky :D <3