olivias world


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names


Reaper: Finally! My time has come!

Sombra: You finally figured out how to take down Overwatch?

Doomfist: Or perhaps you’ve discovered how to finally become normal again?

Widow: No you idiots, he’s talking about-

Reaper: *throws candy and Halloween decorations hard enough to do lasting internal damage* YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

George Harrison, photographed in 1965 by Leslie Bryce for The Beatles Book, and in 1992 by Mark Seliger.

“He liked the moon, you know, if the wind was blowing and the full moon was up, he’d put on Bing Crosby singing ‘Sweet Leilani’ and just make the moment even better, and then he might hand you a gardenia.” - Olivia Harrison, Living in the Material World [x]

* * *

“He was a very romantic person.” - Olivia Harrison, 2007 [x]

* * *

“All senses were satisfied as incense blew in the morning breeze, mingling with the steam from hot cups of tea. If he stepped out the door for a breath of morning air, he always returned with a flower or leaf that would have gone unnoticed by everyone else, in the same way many among us would have gone unnoticed were it not for his ability to ‘see’ the true person inside the bodily form. He always went straight to the heart of a person, and that ability extended to any subject or matter or work before him. His ability to penetrate to the core gave him, as he put it, 'a different slant, a different patter,’ than anyone I ever knew.” - Olivia Harrison, “A Few Words About George,” Harrison [x]