Too Close for Comfort

Olivialy and Asharri both looked at each other in silence before gazing back down at the twisted corpse lying at Pyranthios’s feet. Recognizable features of one of Magistrix Brightfall’s advisors lingered in areas while demonic features slowly become more noticeable as the illusion began to wear off. It was hard to say where Traevyn Morningstar’s stolen appearance began and the demon’s features ended; all twisted together like some sick sideshow a goblin might use to turn out a little profit for the squeamish. 

“This is the only one  you have found in our midst?” Olivialy asked of Pyranthios, a stern gaze falling upon him. 

The demon hunter nodded, “Had there been more, I would have detected it. But one is enough to raise serious concern for the magistrix’s well-being.” Pyranthios paused, looking upon Asharri before adding in, “And yours.”

Avoiding her husband’s gaze, Asharri knelt down near the corpse and used a smaller throwing knife to scrape away some of the lingering residue. Proceeding to place a few samples into a small vial, she shook her head sadly, “I can only wonder what has become of Traevyn. With rumors of the Legion holding prisoners of those whose forms they have stolen, I’d say we need to find out for certain.”

“The magistrix will likely order this of us anyway. Perhaps we should gain a head-start, Ash?”

Rising to her feet, Asharri agreed with the young ranger, “Absolutely. First, let us return to Dalaran and I will inform the magistrix. I’ll have you gather some of our scouts together in the meantime. Conduct a thorough investigation of Traevyn’s chambers and see what you can figure out before returning to the isles.”

“What are you going to do with that?” Olivialy pointed at the vial in Asharri’s hand.

“I am sure Tovs and Caitira would want to analyze this. Anything we can use as a clue is our best bet right now.”

Clearing his throat, Pyranthios summoned a sigil around the form of the corpse and both women backed away immediately before fel flames devoured it whole. Leaving behind a putrid stench, both Asharri and Olivliay pulled up their masks as they looked on through the thick cloud of smoke. 

“You two should go. I have a a couple of loose ends to tie up on my end as well,” Pyranthios’s voice rumbled with a hint of urgency. It was as if he had picked up on something the two were incapable of being alerted to.

As Olivlialy started off, Asharri peered through the smoke; catching a glimpse of her husband’s silhouette as he departed. “Thank you,” she whispered, not quite trying to make it obvious for him to hear her.

Without another look or another thought, Asharri and Olivialy retreated for Dalaran; anxious to inform the magistrix of their findings. If someone close to the magistrix was able to be taken so easily without anyone batting an eye, there was no telling who might be next. 

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