Despicable Dates || Jolivia

Joseph rubbed his hands together in the cold as he continued to walk down the street. While he usually would have taken his car over to Olivia’s, his car was in the shop. Something had misfired with the breaks and Joseph wasn’t one to simply shake it off. Broken breaks caused terrible accidents. However, this also meant that he was stuck without a car. Fortunately the cold season was still lurking about in Easton and hadn’t fully hit. Even the sun had yet to set on the prestigious town. Still, that hadn’t meant much considering how naturally cool Connecticut was. Texting Olivia during his walk however, did help lessen the torture of having to walk what usually was an under ten minute drive. 

Joseph laughed gently to himself as he read the text message, concealing his smile. He pressed his lips together, tucking the phone in his back pocket, deciding that he was close enough to stop responding. He could see the blonde standing outside, the light of her phone illuminating her face for a moment before she turned it away from herself. He watched her glance around the opposite direction, no doubt looking for him. He sprinted slightly the closer he got, slowing down once he could have been heard without needing to yell. He hadn’t spoke yet however, merely coming up behind her. “You look lost,” he informed as he approached her. “Are you looking for candy?” he teased, a soft grin widening onto his face. He wrapped his arms around her, embracing her in a hug. “Hey,” he greeted, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. “Are you ready for our date?” he asked in the most serious manner he could conjure up, looking her dead in the eye as if he had asked her to do something incredibly dangerous. 

The Great Puzzle || Joey & Olive

“Vanilla latte,” ordered the dark haired boy as he passed in his platinum card, watching as the cashier swiped it and asked him if he wanted a receipt. Joseph shook his head, holding his hand up as if to gesture no. “No thank you,” he said politely, moving towards the sidelines to allow the next person to make their order. He shoved his hands into his jacket pocket, awaiting for the people behind the counter and in the back to make his order. He watched them scrambling for ice and quickly pressing buttons on blenders. It was such a art when it was done this way, the proper way. Coffee from a machine never seemed to taste the same as it did from the ones in the cafes. “Rockafeller,” he heard a person shout, reading the name labeled on the styrofoam cup. The dark eyed boy followed the trail where the voice came from, taking a few steps forward and receiving his drink. 

He lifted the hot cup up to his lips, taking a sip of the drink, letting the liquid pass down his throat before grabbing a napkin and heading over towards one of the side booths to take a seat. He brushed the crumbs on the table with his napkin, placing it to the side where it would be away from him so he wouldn’t have to look at the now filthy thing. He lifted the drink back up to his lips, a nervous feeling starting to built up in the core of his stomach as he watched the door, awaiting to hear the chimes ring and to see the familiar blonde walk into the room. To say things had ended off badly the last time he had seen her would have been an understatement. He had left things in an awful position, having made the mistake of freaking out and running out after the moment their lips had meet. He needed to make things right, not because he needed to do right by her and because she was the sister of his first love, but because she was his friend and he was beginning to think perhaps something more. Before he could ponder on what was going on in his mind any longer, the chimes rang and the door swung open.

Master the Merry-Go-Round || Jolivia

Women in long dresses and men in black suits glimmered around the large brightly lite and heavily decorated room. Masks covered everyone’s faces, hiding their identities and allowing them to remain a mystery to the common eye. Even with half their faces covered, Joseph still recognized a good half of them. This was his natural environment. He grew up with these people. These were the people whom he saw in every gala and masquerade. They knew him as he knew them. What they didn’t know was the identity of the blonde goddess that clung to his arm was. He smiled as he turned to his company, his eyes meeting hers. It had been an entire week since he had seen her and seeing her now in the red dress reminded him what he was missing out on. “Let’s dance,” he suggested, leading her into the vast crowd of party goers. His hand gripped onto her waist, the other taking hers as he stared to waltz. 

People stared at the duo. Whispers past between ears, all trying to figure out who Rockefeller’s new fling was. That was the thing with the rich. They didn’t have to work for a living so looked for any other source of entertainment. Paying a particular attention to the young Rockefeller whom had disappeared for two years seemed to have become a particular interests for this group. He imagined it was driving them mad that she had a mask over her eyes. He found his lips curving at the thought. “Have I told you that I missed you yet?” he asked just as he twirled her, bringing her back into his arms the following moment, a clever smirk playing on his lips. “And that I loved your dress,” he continue, knowing he had to make up for his mysterious absence over the last week.