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Fairytales (Scandal 5x01 Review)

WOW! That was the first thing that came out of my mouth after that episode. This episode, for me felt like fresh air, it felt like the show I ONCE knew and DEARLY loved. This episode was original and beautifully crafted, and at times uncomfortable, but that is what makes Scandal great! I felt the bubble in my stomach, the slight unease with what will happen by the end of this episode. This is the Scandal I love.

The Theme of this episode: Fairytales or what I like to call Foreshadowing

We start off with Sally’s “patriotic fire burning” because of the Fact that the President is throwing a party for the royal family but it’s not the Queen that has Sally burning crispy bacon but that the President has made a mockery of what the nation stands for “honor, virtue”

I love the parralism of between Sally’s rant and Fitz and Olivia getting busy because instead of being ashamed of his “betrayl of honor and virtue”, Fitz is celebrating! I really hate and love sally’s rant because it’s messing with Olitz goodness but it’s also SOOO telling about what’s to come: The president want us(America) to celebrate with him “to skip down the road with him” all while he holds our hands, and tells us about his favorite fairytale: True love and how he found it.

This fairytale consist of an “all around American girl, who falls in love with the golden son who would be king”

 Many times Fitz has been referred to as the golden one, king, chosen, destined for greatness, while his story was made long before he was born, it was never quiet finished because he fell in love:

And he saw that his story was just beginning.

And because of his happiness, The president wishes to celebrate, and in many ways tell us the story of how he met and fell in love with Olivia Pope. 

The princess’s life I believe will reflect Olivia’s once the world finds out about them. The princess was not some simple girl, but she had a career, a life, a name but because she feel in love with the prince people stopped seeing her as a person and more like a monument, something Fitz and the prince are already use to but I find it hard to believe that Olivia will adjust easily to the drastic change. Olivia sympthasizes with the princess greatly because she too can see herself in her shoes and wearing the gorgeous diamonds, but also the lack of identity which is scary and freighting.

While Olivia does love Fitz and is ready to be in a commited relationship she has reservation about jumping into things without handling issues that needs to be discussed:

I am so proud of Olivia. I am overjoyed with happiness that she want’s to WORK on her and Fitz’s relationship and discuss issues that needs to be addressed: Mellie, Fitz’s son, Rowan, B613, work, politics, etc.

Can we clap for Liv again?!?

This truly is a moment of celebration: And so let’s celebrate! With Fitz and Liv.

And celebrate we shall!

I like to beleive it is highly possible that Fitz took a “vacation” perhaps and just stayed in bed with Liv, because we all know Olivia hasn’t been home, and let’s be honest here I’m not to sure Olivia see’s her apartment as being her “home”.

I had already discussed the olitz promo in detail but I will say this much; my ass was reversing and stopping, watching Olivia and Fitz:

I have NEVER seen Olivia so at peace with herself and her relationship.

It looks like Liv used her superpowers and knocked Fitz’s ass out, but can’t you feel the tenderness and love she is showing him, as she watches him sleep. I am more than certain that Olivia thought ‘she would never get to see him like this, to feel the warmth of his love’. I always knew Olivia loved Fitz, but to see this: 

and this

There is no question, that Olivia Pope is hopelessly and happily in love with Fitz, and vice versa.

And though they are not perfect, they are perfect togethter.

But while Fitz and Olivia are home and protected in their bubble, the world is begging to crumble and many with questions, about the where abouts of The First Lady, who let’s be honest we did not miss. 

But I love that Olivia is once again the voice of reason for Fitz, telling him to go and support Mellie considering all the times she has supported him. The writer’s make it clear that there is no animosity on Olivia’s side regarding Mellie, and that she is not being spiteful even though she could after all the shit Mellie did to her, but instead Olivia is being an adult and a compassionate one at that.


Mellie, is simply Mellie but girl is living in the looney bin if she thought Fitz “came to his senses” and that it’s better for “them” to be “partners”. But instead Fitz wants a divorce because he’s tired of waiting:

Fitz served Mellie’s Ass like this:

While Mellie looking at them divorce papers like

And with divorce looming in the future all I can think of is:


Poor Red is feeling the heat, she knows Lizzy bear is ready to get rid of her ass but poor girl is never inside the bubble. Abby knew for certain that the President called Liv, but Liv being Liv played it cool and was like

But everytime, Olivia went to get her groove on, she was swerven all over the white house trying to hide from Abby.

I don’t think Olivia was being rude with hiding her relationship from Abby. I think Olivia hid her relationship from Abby due to many reasons:1) It’s not Abby’s business and though I relish in hopes of watching Abby and Liv talk about the president and his package, it’s all very fresh and new with Liv which is why she has reservation. 2) Often times when something great happens to me, I don’t like telling everybody but instead enjoy savoring the moment and cherishing this moment in my life before I tell everybody. I think the same can be said for Liv. 3) it’s private; to the world and everyone else they all see her as being somebody “The Olivia Pope” “Gladiaor” “Fixer” it is only with Fitz that she can be herself, wearing nothing but a tshirt.

There is something QUIET beautiful about this moment. We see Olivia comfortable and happy wearing her favorite shirt. All while taking off her armor. There is sense of normalacy between them that is absolutely breathtaking

Even though she is on the phone, she still want’s to be connected to him. It’s only when she see’s how serious it is that she removes her hand and gladiates. While I enjoy watching the love making, this is what I love to see, happiness, and a real connection

Fitz is the manifestion of Liv’s dream’s, her fairytale, her happy ending.

While some believe in happy ending, others believe happy ending is a story that hasn’t finished. 

Unfortunately for Liv and Fitz after agreeing to work on their relationship in private, Sally’s dirty ass decides to drop the bomb and show the world, that the president and Olivia Pope are very much together

Though the fairytale is over for Fitz and Olivia, in the sense that their bubble has been popped and because of that; it leaves them vulnerable to attacks and ridicule by others… there is a silver linning.

This is actually, reassuring. Yes, their will be hard times and evil will rise to take down the star crossed lovers but the good thing is that good always prevails, and the evil queens (Mellie, sally, etc.) fail.

While their story will be hard, and challening, I believe it will be worth it in the end.

Always behind Fitz, now Olivia will be beside him. 

Though the futue may be scary, as long as they hold onto one another they can’t get lost.


The way he looks at her for confirmation….their silent communication…