Fatherhood - Ch. 26

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Chapter 26:

As Ms. Fields stood to return back to her seat alongside Ms. Fisher she turned towards Jake offering him a small smile as she walked by. Olivia watched as he gave her a weak smile back before smirking at Rafael while he walked past winking at him.

“Good morning, Mr. Barba.” Carisi started as the two men shared a look between them.

This was new territory for Carisi and even though they had ran through it numerous times and has reenacted the scene more times than he wanted to remember he also knew a lot was on his shoulders as he looked at Rafael.

“Good morning.”

“Mr. Barba, the state gave a vivid description of your initial contact not only with Ms. Fields but also with Jake. Will you explain to the court your version of the initial meeting?”

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Witch!Alex (Cabenson)

Okay lads get ready

  • Alex has been a witch her whole life. Her mother was a witch and her grandmother and her great grandmother and on and on and on
  • She’s always had a natural affinity for magic. From the time she was old enough to understand it, she harnessed it and used magic in all the little ways she could. By her teen years, she was powerful enough to pretty much do whatever she wanted.
  • So of course, when she was in law school in her early twenties, she used a series of spells to help her transition because she couldn’t afford E or surgery at that point in her life but she felt she couldn’t carry on with the level of dysphoria she had.
  • Nowadays, if you run in the right circles, broke trans people can get into contact with her for aid in transitioning
  • Alex is,,, kind of a disaster. She’s a mess.
  • Alex, putting a bunch of fresh herbs into a box: not for eating. Don’t cook. Don’t eat.
  • Her familiar is an enchanted 1st gen Roomba
  • Olivia: Alex What are these?? When do you wear these???
  • Alex: When I don’t want men to approach me
  • She meets Olivia through work and they’re instantly in love but Alex doesn’t want Olivia to know (at least right away) that she’s a witch. Cue shenanigans of Alex trying to hide it with increasing hilarity
  • Like 90% of Alex’s wardrobe (outside of her work clothes) are flowy dresses that are basically pajamas and various cloaks with embroidery that she can’t prove is moving but definitely is
  • Her wand is a nice pocket knife her mom gave her when she was 12 because “Allie, not everyone will understand you, and they might try and hurt you, but you’re never defenseless.” The knife may be dull and rusty now, but it’s a conduit for her magic
  • Alex, stitching a sigil into her shoe at three in the morning: I am NOT losing this case
  • One time a creepy guy was harassing Olivia at a bar so Alex hexed him and he peed his pants

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What Trauma Happened in SVU Season 19?

[Updated from my pervious post, prior Episode 21]


Son almost got hit by a cab, 

was investigated for child abuse, 

son was kidnapped by his grandma, 

and then had PTSD afterwards.


Killed a baby, so he could no longer suffer


Revealed he was molested by his baseball coach as a child


Couldn’t save a rapist from falling to his death,

niece was raped from taking his advice,

and couldn’t save an abuse woman from bleeding to her death.


Accidently killed an abuse woman


Father died,

sister has schizophrenia and doesn’t know who he is, 

and sister gets kidnapped, finally remembers who he is, gets killed and dies in his arms

And then you have Fin…

svu writers and producers: we love all our characters! olivia benson, noah porter benson,,,, uh *looks at smudged writing on hand* oilyfin cocacola, atlanta rolled oats, and dominos capri sun jr !!