olivia x peter x walter


Fringe 210: Grey Matters

We’ve given our enemy a name and a face. That’s something - and you saved Doctor Bishop’s life. That’s something, too, because despite what you think, you made a rational choice, not an emotional one. If you had captured Newton, or even killed him, that would’ve been the end of this. But there’s only one Walter Bishop, and we’ll be needing him before this is over. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We’re gonna be needing you, too.

25 Days of Peter/Olivia by elialys

day 23: favorite walter moment {2x14 - the bishop revival}

“Do you think she’ll call me dad?”
“Agent Dunham! Don’t look at me like that. She’s just what you need - someone who can see right through you. Agent Dunham, don’t you look lovely today! Doesn’t she look lovely, Peter?”
“You look lovely, Agent Dunham.”