olivia strong

The wings of my eyeliner are sharp as knives,
my lipstick is the red of newly shed blood,
and the heels of my stilettos
are as tall as you say your dick is long.

They tell me this is impractical attire
to wear when conquering nations.

Oh, but darling,
how can you say this is not my battle armor?
You have missed my greatest conquest,
For I am already ruling the kingdom that is your heart.

—  nations of men fall for beautiful things || O.L. 

When God made girls
he didn’t follow the recipe
of sugar, spice, and everything nice,
I think he lost the list of ingredients 
that society sees
when they try and make girl cookies 

Because I am made of scraped knees
from being pushed down
by men who did not know me,
but felt as if it was their place
to walk all over my body,
there isn’t anything sweet 
about bloodstains on your jeans

I am made of legs crossed
in a futile attempt to be a lady,
to somehow become proper
in my grandmothers mind
because good girls sit still and quietly,
people don’t realize it is not nice 
to become a prop for someone else’s life

I am made of tears shed silently
in my bedroom alone
because no one will help me,
they tell me that hit across my face
is just a part of me and this boys love story,
I suppose it is an alright substitute for the
vanilla extract that makes me enticing 

I am made of everything
I am told I can’t be,
I am loud, brash, opinionated,
and I’ll throw a punch
before I think it through,
because I am a baked good
that is best served salty  

I am hair cut short,
I am button down shirts
and suits that say ‘For Men,’
I am long sundresses
and bright red lipstick,
because I am me
no matter what color my icing 

And I am not a girl,
I am a woman
who can not be duplicated
with some simple recipe,
I am more than those three things
stop trying to rewrite 
what makes me

—  Girl Cookies  || O.L. 
Why Olivia Dunham is So Important

Olivia Dunham is one of my favourite fictional characters ever, for so many reasons, the biggest being just how important she is.

The media now is full of Strong Female Characters, and while that is good, it is often done in a way that isn’t quite what we want - in my opinion, Olivia is Not one of these characters.

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