olivia skyler


I have the kindest, sweetest best friend named ninthrevolver who sent me all these amazing things! I sit and think about how blessed I am a lot because of her. I just!! Look!! At all these incredible things!! She sent me!! To own her original art is such an honor. I haven’t stopped staring at any of these since I opened the package. All the delicate brushwork, the colors and rendering — everything is too gorgeous! She got me a whole bunch of art supplies too WEH IM GONNA MAKE YOU EVEN MORE ARTWORK TO SEND OUT TO YA WITH THE HELP OF ALL THESE THINGs!!! (I can’t wait to eat all these candies either omg)

I am eternally grateful to have such a wonderful person in my life. THANK YOU DOOKS!! I LOVE YA DUDER!!!💖💖💖😭