olivia skellington

(I Won't Say) I'm In Love ||Samhain & Olivia||

‘Pull yourself together, Olivia.’ She mentally scolded herself. 'You are a princess, you don’t have time for this. But he’s so sweet.. So kind, so fun to be around and… Man, is he handsome..’

She put her head down on her desk, she’d never felt this way before. She’d never felt like someone was so right for her, and she hated the feeling. She can’t love anyone, look what love did to her last time. She couldn’t trust, but with Samhain… there was something different. She loved him.

Olivia suddenly felt sick to her stomach, letting her terrible thoughts take over. 'He’ll be just like Ben. He’ll hurt you. He will be like every other boy, he’s just being nice to you because you’re always around others. What will he do when you’re alone?’ Over and over again it echoed in her head, and she slowly curled her arms around her head and shut her eyes, the weaker voice inside of her screaming for help, until her head was pounding and loud with those voices trying to scream over each other. Until her bedroom door opened, and the voices were silent.

“Olivia? Samhain is here- Is everything alright?” A calm, familiar voice asked. When she lifted her head, she found her father standing worriedly in the doorway.

“I-I’m… I’m fine, Papa… Just..just fine..” She answered, rubbing her eyes. She pushed her feelings back as far as she could into her head, and stood up. She was going out with Samhain for the day to check on plans for Halloween. Nothing romantic, just work. She could see that Jack didn’t believe that she was alright, but she gave him a reassuring smile and adjusted her hair to leave.

“Don’t be out too late, dear.” Jack told her, to which Olivia nodded, said her goodbyes and greeted Samhain at the door. Suddenly she felt butterflies in her stomach, and she tried her hardest to keep a smile on her face and act like nothing was wrong.

She wasn’t sure how they ended up like this. They had just been talking, walking and enjoying themselves. The graveyard looked excellent, Samhain did a wonderful job. Then the mood changed. She continued to tell herself that she didn’t love him, they were just friends, but she now found that a little hard to believe as she held the box of flowers in one hand, and Samhain’s bony hand in the other. They were practically nose to nose, eyes staring straight into each others.

'I don’t love him… I don’t love… I…’ The voice in her head slowly died down as their lips came together for the first time, but certainly not the last. Every negative feeling Olivia had completely escaped her body, replaced with thoughts if Samhain, and not wanting to let him go. She didn’t have to say that she was in love, she could just show it instead.


If there’s one thing I’m stubborn about, it’s Olivia being the oldest Skellington child. This includes any verse, with anyone.

Now, let me explain. I am very flexible when it comes to role-playing with people. I’ll change things to fit their verse and canon, especially with Canon characters. But this is the only thing I refuse to change.

Why? Because it doesn’t make sense to Olivia’s character. She was created because Jack hated being alone, and wanted a child. So not only is she very strongly bonded and attached to him, but he is the same way to her.

So even with other people’s Skellington OCs, Olivia will always be the oldest (unless their timeline is extremely different and before the movie as well).

I just thought I would share this because I’ve never stated it anywhere. But please know I am flexible with everything else, I just don’t like to budge on her being anything but the oldest.