olivia skellington

anonymous asked:

What is the first thing you thought of when you saw Olivia? Does she remind you of Liore?

“Th’first thing that popped into me ‘ead when I set eyes on Olivia was that she had very beautiful red hair. Honest, it was th’first thing I noticed about her. She was very pretty, kind, an’ very reserved. I also noticed how much her pink eyes contrasted with her blue skin, it was amazin’,” Samhain chuckled, with a tender smile on his lips.

“Olivia doesn’t at all remind me of Liore, an’ I say that with th’best o’meanin’s obviously. Olivia is her own woman, as was Liore. They’re both totally different people, but in hindsight I can say that in some ways they’re similar. They’re both very brave women, an’ much stronger than they both could ever realize. At their very core, they both have such beautiful hearts.”