olivia riley

March National Team Training Camp

Shania Adams, Buckeye
Jade Carey, Oasis
Jordan Chiles, Naydenov
Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus
Norah Flatley, Chow’s
Margzetta Frazier, Parkettes
Morgan Hurd, First State
Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s
Adeline Kenlin, Iowa Gym-Nest
Eliana Lazzari, GymNasti
Sunisa Lee, Midwest Gymnastics
Lauren Little, Everest
Ashton Locklear, Everest
Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams
Riley McCusker, MG Elite
Victoria Nguyen, Chow’s
Maile O'Keefe, Salcianu Elite
Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters
Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite
Alyona Shchennikova, 5280 Gymnastics
Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams
Tori Tatum, Twin City Twisters
Trinity Thomas, Prestige


We swear by the light of the dragon’s eye to be loyal and honest and never say die. Wasabi!


Uberhood: Belladonna Cove
- The Riley Family:
Timothy, Olivia and Sally

The Rileys live on the second floor of the Sentinel Apartments, and for some reason I didn’t bother with proper interior shots, so all you’re getting is this floor plan, but at least it’s documented.

It’s interesting how Etsu is one of the cutest sims in the world, while on the flip side Sally is completely terrifying… but there’s still something about her face that I like, so I’m not mad.

Official Jesolo Team for the US:

Sr - Locklear, Hurd, Nguyen, Shchennikova, McCusker, Paulson, Thomas 

Jr - Malobuyo, O’Keefe, Perea, Kenlin, Dunne


No Chiles or Carey from the nominative list. I wonder if Chiles was inconsistent again, or if they’re saving her for the London World Cup. As far as I can tell, Carey hasn’t actually officially qualified elite yet, so that doesn’t bother me to much (although I wouldn’t mind seeing her pull a Kayla Williams this year!). I’m assuming Hurd, McCusker, and Thomas are on the main team and Locklear and Paulson are individuals. Wonder if Nguyen or Shchennikova will be the last member of the main team?

Lee’s the only one missing from the junior roster, and she hasn’t been replaced. I hope this doesn’t mean she’s injured.

I hope they also publish the camp results. That was a great thing and I want it to be the new normal. Also, it might give a hint as to what happened with Chiles.


Uberhood: Belladonna Cove
Sentinel Apartments

I have in fact been finishing some stuff, despite changing my mind about what to go with a million or so times - most recently, I finished the Sentinel Apartments of Belladonna Cove: the lot that houses the Cho and Riley households. :)

Since I kinda tossed the rulebook out the window with this Uberhood and have resurrected a bunch of dead sims (Skip Broke, Darleen Dreamer, the Monty+Capp parentals, the Tricous…), I’ve resurrected Etokas Cho and Olivia Riley as well - don’t really have the patience for the budding romance between Vivian and Timothy, plus I kinda like doing things differently from what I have before, so their original spouses are resurrected and treated as if they never passed away ^_^

The bottom floor apartment in the pictures above is the Cho apartment.

P.S. I totally blame didilysims for making me interested in doing more BDC makeovers! (well, that and the fact that the apartment-dwellers from BDC in the family bin are annoying me :p)

Assistance needed:

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For Olivia, Sour Patch Kids were sort of everything. She stashed them everywhere, wore the logo on sweaters and socks… some would call it an unhealthy obsession. Those people tended to get their toes stomped by a riteously indignant Mrs. Riley.