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Fun Fact: Ryan Reynolds is actually Deadpool and I’ve lost all ability to differentiate the two from one another. 

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Psylocke vs Deadpool


Celebrity Couples

the foxes as shit olivia has said to me
  • dan: all moths go to heaven
  • kevin: i too yodel when im nervous
  • andrew: i would so punch babies
  • matt: i almost made that message worse but decided that i hate myself enough already
  • aaron: my hatred for people and general bitterness has reached incredible new heights
  • seth: how about i just kill myself instead
  • allison: except i don't care about my parents that much
  • nicky: instead of my guardian angel ur my guardian devil
  • renee: i did that one for the Aesthetic tho
  • neil: i would fight any version of myself that has their shit together. fuck them. fuck them right in the ass.
  • -BONUS-
  • wymack: i shut down an entitled lil bitch at work today and im still proud of it

“Daddies” Jack Gilinsky’ s / (Johnson’ s) text au!

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Deadpool is no match for Olivia Munn’s Psylocke’s knife skills on HelloGiggles


oliviamunn: Psylocke v. Deadpool