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Fun Fact: Ryan Reynolds is actually Deadpool and I’ve lost all ability to differentiate the two from one another. 

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Psylocke vs Deadpool



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the foxes as things i've said pt. 2
  • dan: i think the void ate it as a depression snack
  • kevin: [referring to horses] they're the elder gods to the elder gods and they know no mercy
  • andrew: so to make up my mind, i'm getting drunk
  • matt: is this what it's like to be subtle
  • aaron: you made him use his lizard brain to Think. incredible
  • seth: ring ring it's time to fuckin die
  • nicky: bitch what skincare routine? drinking water once a day?
  • allison: i'm a slytherin, which is surprising to no one
  • renee: it isn't a real fight until you can see your internal organs
  • neil: avoid human contact as much as possible. become a cryptid
  • wymack: [gunshots immediately followed by muffled screaming]
the foxes as things ive said
  • dan: my kink is when people start off sentences with "it's your fault"
  • kevin: i do not trust things that are smaller than me, such as children, insects, legos, and most animals
  • andrew: listen if stabbing him gives me closure i'm gonna do it
  • matt: if i find an eldridge god and live to tell the tale, i'll send you a selfie with it
  • aaron: google find me a hitman who will kill me for $7
  • seth: yes and being evil is fun??? it's the highlight of my day??
  • allison: i just bought a sweatshirt with the word "RIOT" on it and i feel like a part of my soul has been restored
  • nicky: can you be a bridesmaid at the wedding? the dresses are going to be fabrics of the universe and "squids" is the theme
  • renee: half the shit ive done in life has been illegal
  • neil: i'm 5'3" and will fight an eldridge monstrosity if given the chance
  • wymack: how on earth did you manage to make that uncomfortable

Deadpool is no match for Olivia Munn’s Psylocke’s knife skills on HelloGiggles