olivia pope style

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Oooh. I love the ichor au!! (basically, I love all business aus that are super cutthroat) What does Athena do? I could see her running museums and doing shady dealings with archeologists, or like owning a bunch of libraries or a publisher. idk. What do you say?


So Athena I imagine being the most diversified of all the founders, because there is wisdom in making sure you aren’t completely reliant on one specific business venture. She’s got several museums she funds, as well as dig sites, which is where Malcolm’s interests are. She has a very prominent architecture firm, which she plans to hand over to Annabeth some day. And she also does Olivia Pope style work so she’s a freelance advisor and has been used by militaries, governments, celebrities, and pretty much any prominent person/governing body, for her wisdom in how to handle a variety of situations, both civilian and military. So she’s all over the place but that’s how she likes it because she’s one of the wealthiest members of the group and is never worried about any one of her ventures failing.