olivia pope makes me so happy

*Fitz has two year affair with Olivia*

Mellie: I want you to be happy, and I also want to win reelection because I think it’ll make you happy. So I’ve brought in Olivia to run your campaign, even though I know you’ll continue to treat me like shit despite this gesture.

*Mellie fucks Andrew a handful of times*


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Scandal Review Episode 404 Like Father Like Daughter

This episode left me verklempt last night. All my cans had canned and I had no cans left. Or something.

Whodathunkit? Four episodes in, and I’ve liked all four episodes so far. Actually I LOVED 404. It had everything, and my Olivia Pope was back. Even seeing Jake on my screen couldn’t spoil this episode for me.

What I hated

1.  That both Daddy Pope and Jake Ballard are still freaking alive after this episode. FML.

2.  Every scene with Jake. Every single one. Even the one where he was being taken away by Rowan’s minions. If he’s on my screen, I’m hating him.

3  The fact that B613 are failing at the basics. 

If the mission is to kill Jake Ballard, why is that motherfucker still breathing?

4.  Fitz roughly grabbing Olivia after she reveals that she went off with Jake. 

That scene was definitely a “fuck you” to the fans who railed against Jake choking Olivia. Quite frankly, I’m surprised that the writers didn’t have Fitz do the same thing, or worse. I guess, even they don’t want to push the fans too far.

5.  Jake telling Tom to cut a deal and tell the truth.

Jake, sit all the way down. If your stupid self hadn’t blabbed to Rowan that you knew what he’d done, you’d have been able to quietly collect the evidence that you needed against him, and shut him down once and for all. Instead, your ass has gotten Tom murked for sure, so

6.   Rowan winning. Again.

Ugh. I seriously can’t wait until his ass is grass in a cemetery.

What I Mildly Disliked

1.  The Fitz and Olivia kissing-in-the-Oval-Office scene.

Tell me that I wasn’t the only one screaming, “Noooooo, don’t do it!!!” when Fitz went to thrust his pelvic bone at her. It just felt like the worst timing ever. Don’t get me wrong, Kerry and Tony sold that scene, and they had more chemistry with just their noses touching than Kerry and Scott do, even when they’re simulating full on sex.  But yeah, my inner-Olitz shipper isn’t interested in seeing them get sexual with each other until that man divorces his wife. The back and forth is simply beyond the pale. Shonda, sweetie,  either shit or get off the pot, because this crap is driving us all crazy.

2.  Abby -

She got on my nerves this episode. She really needs to get over herself now. So glad Cyrus read her ass backwards and forwards. That part made it onto my Like list.

3.  Cyrus shooting his mouth off about secret service while his man whore was lying on the bed next to him.

Who is this man and what have you done with the real Cyrus Beene?

4.  Jake being That Basic Bitch and not forcing Fitz or Olivia to listen to him about Rowan. How come he slammed poor David’s head against the table when he refused to give him the B613 files, and he couldn’t even man up enough to open his mouth and use his words? Man, you are basic as hell.

5.  Mellie grabbing Olivia like it was Black Friday and the iPhone 6 had just been reduced to $9.99.

What I Freaking Loved

1.  That somehow Shonda managed to get Prince to give them permission to use his song ‘Controversy’ on the show. A-Mazing.

Gotta love this.

2.  Olivia be Gladiatin’ like a beast. Instead of drankin’. She was fixing people, and doing a great job.

I love that Karen  called Olivia. Anything that serves to aggravate Mellie is like manna to my soul.

What’s that now? Four cases out of four that she’s fixed without looking a fool at the end of it? Season 4 is going well people, so far so good!

2B.  This “Bitch, what the fuck?” look right here;

It wasn’t a verbal read, but it still made me deliriously happy. 

3.  Olivia going off on Cyrus on the phone while he was busy enjoying that double crossing man-whore was everything.

4.  Cyrus reading Abby for filth.

“There are things that happen in this White House with this particular president that you will NEVER EVER know about. Some of those things, many of those things will involve Olivia Pope. Several of those things WILL make it hard for you to do your job and you are a patriot and you are a fighter and you will soldier on. And as for feeling small, I don’t do that to you. I suspect that jealousy does that to you. My advice on that is this: you are not Olivia. You will never be Olivia and hating Olivia for your own shortcomings will not change that fact. Also, have you ever stopped to think about what it must be like to actually BE Olivia Pope? Doesn’t seem like much fun.”

I am over Abby being salty about Olivia.

Bitch you’re not Olivia, and you never will be.

Did you guys see that smirk on Quinn’s face when Cyrus came and deflated Abby’s massive ego? Yeah, loved it.

5.  The ‘Who Did Karen Grant Go To Paris With’ montage.

This was such a hark back to old OPA, and for the first time in two seasons, this season, I didn’t miss Harrison.

6.  Fitz asking Olivia where she went.

I was disappointed that Liv lied to him, but I got it, that was not the right time to let him know that she’d been off pretending to be somebody else with Jake.

That scene was heartbreaking and beautiful, and that’s where their personal interaction should have ended.

7.  Cyrus low-key shading Mellie “Hello there Mellie, you got some new boots on there, new color?" 

I roared.

8.  Fitz reading Mellie for filth.

“I have dealt with Drunk Mellie and Smelly Mellie and Screw Everything to Hell Mellie and Crybaby Mellie and Eat Everything That is Not Nailed Down Mellie and I have not complained. But I will NOT put up with whatever righteous, History-Rewriting Mellie you have going on right now. This is NOT your family. You are NOT the mother. Not since Jerry died. Since Jerry died, you have abdicated your role. You have mothered NO one. You hold NOTHING together. You pick up no pieces. You know how I know this? Because Baby Teddy thinks his mother is Nanny Jen. And Karen spent last night in a threesome with two guys doing a move on her they like to call Eiffel Towering. You know how I know that? I saw the sextape they made. So you should be DAMB glad she called Olivia because Olivia Pope is fixing this mess that you made. This mess that WE made.

I know that I share some guilt. But you wanna know the difference between you and me? All day, every day I am running a country. I am grieving for the loss of my son but I am also running a country. All day every day, YOU are sitting around in booties and a dirty robe eating chips and getting drunk at 11am!”

Whooo, that read was so harsh and deep that even I felt hurt by it. Man that bitch deserved it and more though. Yep, I will never be here for Mellie and her pain. Come at me.

By the way, Nanny Jen? What the freaking hell happened to Marta? Teddy stays having more substitute mothers than is strictly appropriate.

9.  Olivia reading The Morgans for filth. 

“I am going to DESTROY you. That family lost a son! These are children, you sick sons of bitches! Kids experimenting. And you’re exploiting them. That makes you child pornographers. Kiddie porn starring your very own flesh and blood. I’ll manufacture [evidence]. I’ll pay eyewitnesses. I’ll plant stories. I’ll do anything and everything to assassinate what little character you have and I won’t give it a second thought because you two are the absolute WORST kind of people! The kind who have everything but still want more.

I have the head of every news organization on speed dial and they will run the hell out of the story of the rich parents who sent their son to have sex with the President’s daughter just so they could blackmail the White House and in the blink of an eye, everyone you now consider a friend will erase you from their memory. And every family in America will hate you. FOREVER. Forget about ever leaving your house again because they will know our faces because I will make sure that they are etched into the American memory. Because that is what I do. And there is no one better in the entire world at it than I am.”

This was the Olivia that we met back in season one, she’s been missing for way too long. I was so happy watching that scene that I actually cried. 

Do not mess with Olivia Pope bitches!

My Predictions:

1.  Poor Tom gets killed - probably off-screen. I can’t believe that he’s the one that the writers had kill Jerry. Damn it, there’s no redemption for him after that so he has to die, but I for one will be sorry to seem him go. I’m so pissed that we’ll still get to see Hal. *Sob*

2.  Jake Ballard will live to be the hero of the hour because apparently the writers aren’t through trying to make this motherfucker relevant. I can’t.

3.  Karen will get pregnant as a result of her trip to ‘Paris’  with the two boys, and she will have no idea who the father is. That is way too juicy a story line for the writers to leave alone. At least then we could be assured that we wont be getting a Who’s The Daddy plot featuring Olivia in the future. Better it be Karen than Liv. 

Overall Verdict

The entire episode was so damned good, definitely the best one since 752 (episode 219) in terms of the overall story telling and plotting. Everybody had their role to play and they played it well. Kudos to you Mark Fish, you can sit with us.

Next week Zahir McGee is at the writing helm. Brace yourself people. Olivia might end up on her knees scrubbing the White House floors and letting Abby and Mellie kick her every time they walk past. Tin hats at the ready for Olivia fans. It probably wont be pretty.

And because I don’t want to leave you guys on that depressing note, here’s a gratuitous shot of Jamie and Claire from Outlander sexxing:

And here’s Jamie’s sex face:

Whooo weeee!!! Glorious!

I feel so much better now, you?

Surfbort. Lol.

So I wrote this way before the episode even aired. Just forgot to post it. READ ON… 

 Date night had been a success. 

Fitz couldn’t even begin to describe the many feelings that ran through him as he carried her by his side, in his arms for the whole world to see. He couldn’t even say how many times he played what their first date would feel be like and the reality was like nothing he’d imagine. 

 Albeit nervous as she sat across from them at the restaurant they’d chosen in the car, the beaming smile on her face told him that she wasn’t going to let the media’s scrutiny affect her. 

 They could take as much pictures as they wanted through the glass windows.   

“Try it.” She held the fork in front of his face. “Do it for the homeless people who wish they could." 

 She’d eaten three piece of her shrimp plate and already, she was complaining of being too full. Three pieces! 

 And now, she was antagonizing him to help her finish it because ‘she didn’t want to waste the food and there were hungry homeless people out there who didn’t know where their next meal was coming from’

 Arms crossed on his chest, he refused to partake in whatever this was. "No. You eat your own damn shrimps.” He replied, grimacing. 

“Don’t be cute.” She smirked, still holding the fork to his lips. “I may not have a whole lot of experience being the President’s girlfriend since it’s only been like fifteen minutes but I’m pretty sure boyfriends do stuff for their girlfriends.”

He grinned. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Such a nice tune to it. “You’re already pulling the girlfriend card?” He questioned.

 "I’m pulling the girlfriend card.“ She nodded. "Open up Fitzgerald." 

 Shaking his head, he pouted at her. "You’re so bossy." 

 "Complaints Mr. President?” She asked. 

 "No. Not a one, ma'am.“ He mumbled. 

 "Good.” She smiled. “Now eat my shrimp." 

He took the shrimp in his mouth, smiling slyly around the silver fork as she watched him. "I’ll be eating a lot more than your shrimp tonight. You just wait until we get home.”

Eyes wide, she gasped at him when what he said settled and begin to take roots in her head. She shook her index finger at him and the urge lean in and bite on it was killing him.

“You Mr. President, sir, are shameless.”

He huffed. Rolling his eyes. “Such old news.” Then grabbing her hand, he pulled her out of her chair onto his lap. “Kiss me.”

She looked into his beautiful ocean-blue eyes while running her fingers through his curly hair. “You promise to do that thing you do with your tongue later?”

“What thing?” He smirked, feigning ignorance. “Show me.”

The media uproar outside their windows forgotten, she lowered her lips against his and proceeded to show exactly what the thing was. Sucking on his upper lip, she probed his mouth open to gain full access of his lips. Her fingers wound tighter in his hair as she possessed his mouth, rolling her tongue beneath his and letting him suck on it, tasting her, wanting to be claimed once again as much as she was claiming him.

Pulling apart breathlessly, she tugged at his lower lip, biting and earning a soft little groan from him as she released him with a pop reluctantly.

“You learn quickly little minx.” He whispered.

“I didn’t have to learn because it was my move to begin with!” Olivia said.

His lips agape in a shocked expression, he went on:  “Ms. Pope, are you insinuating that my super power moves were stolen from you?”

She nodded. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“Those are big accusations against the President of the United States, you are aware of that right?” The smile on his face never wavered. His heart couldn’t cease to stop singing this happy tune and his eyes couldn’t leave that beautiful face of hers.

As happy as he was though, sadness lurked behind this moment also because something this good between them shouldn’t be a first after so many years together. This should’ve been their thousandth date going onto many more and still feel like their first.

But he planned to make up for all of that lost time and by the time he’s about finished, they’ll be grey and old together and she’ll be sick of him. That, he promised himself. From this moment on, making this woman happy was his one and only priority. For the rest of their lives.

“I do know that.” She replied.

“Are you ready to back up those despicable claims, Ms. Pope?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows. “Preferably tonight?”

“Oh I don’t know about that sir.” She drawled in a southern accent, making him laugh. “You see, there’s this amazing man and he calls me his girlfriend, so I’m not sure he’d be too happy with me if he caught me screwing around on him.”

“Who said anything about screwing, pretty young thing?” He asked, California charm and all. “I’ll be just fine with getting to second base with you.”

Olivia broke character first when she framed his face in her hand and smacked a sloppy kiss on him. Then she hugged him and lay her head on his shoulder. 

“Can we do it on the balcony one day?” He whispered innocently in her ears as if he was asking her about her favorite color.

Lifting her head up, she batted her thick lashes at him. “The two porn version of us they already have online isn’t enough? We have to give them the real thing?”

Cringing, he decided that it was probably too soon. Way too soon. “I’m an idiot. I’m sorry.” He began pampering her face with kisses, pouting at her and begging for forgiveness with puppy blue eyes.

Olivia eventually caved. She could never resist that man and his charms even when she tried her hardest. “Okay. Okay. Fine!” She yelped when he started tickling her. “Stop it, Fitzgerald!”

“Say you forgive me.” He demanded.

“I forgive you. Now cut it out.”

So he did. Pushing her hair out of her face, he smiled at her lovingly as he stared at her.

“What?” She asked sassily.

“Nothing.” Fitz shook his head. “I just like you a lot.”

She tapped her pointer finger on the bridge of his nose; grinning widely. “I kinda like you too, Mr. Grant.”

“Enough to agree to a second date?” He questioned.

Olivia sighed, throwing her head back. “Well, I don’t know. I’m kinda taken and really in love with this other guy-”

He cut her. Fingers tilting her chin up, he slammed his lips against hers and kissed her slowly and sweetly like nothing she’s ever felt before- again and again, each time stealing her breath away.

“Just say yes.” He whispered.

Closing the gap between their lips again, he traced the shape of his mouth with her tongue. “Yes.” She replied. Then; “Take me home, baby.”


When they faced the crowd outside this time, Olivia had a whole different attitude going out than when she came in. That feeling of shame, the nervousness in the pit of her stomach that threatened to rise bile in her throat was no more.

She was in the arms of the most powerful man on the planet… the leader of this great nation… President of the United States of America and she loved him. She loved him and he loved her too just as much.

There was nothing shameful about the kind of love that her and Fitz had and she would no longer let guilt engulf her. There was nothing sexy about hiding that kind of love either.

So she wouldn’t. She was gonna start living for Olivia now. She deserved it. She more than earned it.

Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III was it, and she was ready to begin this new chapter of their life together. If there was even an ounce of fleeting doubt about that this was absolutely what she wanted, it all vanished as she walked out of the restaurant with him next to her, enveloped in his arms with their S.S. agents keeping the rowdy crowd of paparazzis at bay.

A screaming series of questions were launched at them left and right from enthused photographers and journalists looking for a quote or comment.

How was date night Ms. Pope?

What’s next for you and The President, Ms. Pope?

Is this America’s next greatest love story?

Are you planning to move into the White House with The President now that he’s divorcing Senator Mellie Grant?

Ms. Pope…?!

Mr. President…?!

She smiled the whole time, shielding her face from the powerful camera light. As soon as she climbed in the backseat of the motorcade, and the door closed, all the noise died.

“You’re okay?” Fitz asked.

Instead of nodding, she reached across her seat for him and kissed him, deciding that they could have that last picture for the night. And if that didn’t answer all their questions, along with America’s, then that was their problems to deal with.


Walking down the hallways of the west-wing together, their fingers never detached. Every single person in that big White building with two sets of eyes stared at him in wonderment and possibly disbelief.

It was one thing to stand in the truth. But it was another to live in it.

This was very much real. They were real.

“I have some stuff to finish at the office. It shouldn’t take long. Is that okay?” Fitz asked.

“You’re fine. I’m not going anywhere.” Olivia smiled at him.

And for the first time in their relationship, she found herself meaning those words with every ounce of honesty in her being. She was here to stay. No more running.

“No more than half an hour. I promise.” Fitz said.

“Kay. Go do your thing. I’ll be upstairs waiting.” She reached up on the tip of her toes and placed a featherlight innocent kiss on his cheek.

“Thirty minutes.” Fitz promised. “Please don’t fall asleep.”

“I won’t.”

She let go of his hand reluctantly, risking one last look at him because life was a bitch and she never knew when the last time would be.

Olivia was almost at the end of the hall, turning a corner when she heard him shout her name.

“What?” She asked, shrugging her shoulders.

“I love you.” He signed.

Smiling, she shook her head at him and signed back. “I love you more.”


Thirty minutes later…

Fitz walked down a mostly quiet hallway in the White House, making his way to where the rest of his life waited for him.

He loosened the blue tie around his neck and unclasped a button. He carried his jacket in his arm while undoing his cufflinks.

Then he reached the presidential suite and almost didn’t recognize it. The was dimly lit by candles and the a combinations of aroma from white jasmine, mulling spices and cranberries to vanilla and deep amber filled his nostrils.

Then, as if she sensed his presence, she appeared in the doorframe of bathroom dressed like his favorite fantasy.

“Livvie…” He whispered breathlessly. “Jesus!” He ran his hand over his face, making sure this was indeed real. 

It was.

Bare footed, she slowly begin to walk towards him in a sexy satin and mesh push-up babydoll. Her long hair was still in curls bouncing over her shoulders. She was beautiful. Vibrant. Sexy. Sensational. Stunning. Staggering. And all his.

“You’re all done with work?” She asked.

Not able to tear his eyes off her, he nodded. “Just about.” He replied.

“Good enough.” She took his jacket from his arm and threw it on the chair by their window. Then she proceeded to finish the task of unbuttoning his dress shirt; kissing his exposed chest hair with each unclasped button. Pushing the shirt off his shoulder, she let it fall lifelessly onto the carpet flooring before moving to his belt buckle.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” Down went the zipper of his slacks next. “So beautiful and sexy.”

Fitz couldn’t take it anymore. He had to have her. 

Always knowing how to read him, she smiled when she met his lust filled eyes. A dark shade of gray cement they were now with a sea of arousal swimming in them. All for her.

She reached up, framing his face in the palm of her hands and teased his lips with the soft, wet, and shattering touch of hers. Pulling away seconds before it even started, she walked backwards to their bed and he followed forward towards her until the back of her leg hit the mattress and halted her to a stop.

She took a sit at the edge of the bed and finished what she started, pulling down his slacks and boxers, leaving him naked as the day he was put on this earth. Defined muscles, sculpted torso, perfect pasty skin. He was every bit the God that she knew he was.

“Make love to me, daddy.”