Support Black TV Shows. Not because it’s BLACK but because it’s BLACK & DOPE.

And we’ve never been represented on the screen as much as we have been now on major networks.

If I missed any shows add on and let’s spread the word and keep these shows on tv.


Here’s to my strong girls.
My powerful girls.
My ruthlessly dedicated girls.

The ones who stand up for themselves and for what’s right.
The ones who fight and fight hard.
The ones who fall but pick themselves up and never quit.
Striving for the best in themselves and in the world.

Here’s to my strong girls.
My powerful girls.
My ruthlessly dedicated girls.

Happy Black History Month

To the black women who have given us voices on TV. 

To the ones who are loved unequivocally

And the ones who deserved love, but never received it

To the ones we lost too soon

And the ones who are still finding their voice

To the ones who kick ass

And the ones who give us hope for the future

We celebrate the intelligence, beauty, and humanity portrayed on screen and demand more

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I had a bad childhood. I never learned the proper way to love or be loved. It’s not my fault.
—  How To Get Away With Murder

You know what I need? I need a vibrator. The President needs a vibrator. Can I get one? No. Can I go into a store and buy one? No! I can’t order one online. I don’t have a credit card anymore. I’m definitely not gonna ask the military valet who attends to my personal items to go and pick one up for me. I can’t ask any staffer, really, because, I mean, think of the political tea the Democrats could spill. The headline… “Staffer forced to purchase sex toys for President Grant.”

Scandal 7.02