olivia liveblogs

So I’m rereading acomaf I have so many new headcanons so fancasts and diversity. Like amren is obviously coded as Asian. That’s a given. But what if Illyrian’s were black? Like their war camps and treatment are lowkey stereotyped like slavery but with the addition of literal war. So I’m thinking all Illyrian’s could be black, making Rhys the son of a white father and a black mother. Which would even further divide his parents and would make sense with his father’s “privileged” background. And it would also fit Azriel’s shadowsinger gift, like his skin would blend right in with the shadows he can move. So basically Mor is the token white one of the group. Like Illyrians are literally another race apart from High Fae so why couldn’t they be a different color? As if SJM meant it like this tho).

Cyrus getting the news from that backstabbing bitch Abby that he’s going to be released immediately.

Also Liv and Fitz sharing a hug. Thankfully it was nothing more,

BTW if you’re wondering, i haven’t forgiven Abby for her traitorous actions and don’t think i will. My love for Red is gone because of what she did, turning against Liv, who literally saved her life. She could save a bunch of orphan children and it still wouldn’t get me to forgive her anytime soon.