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i’m genuinely so invested in 13 reasons why and the cast. i’m highkey rly sad i’m done with it already. i loved it so fucking much and i love the depth of each character and their backgrounds. and i love the cast so much they did so welll bringing one of my favorite stories to life holy fuck! really felt like i was living in their world. the cast is also just so attractive and diverse, ethinicity wise and sexually etc. i fucking love seeing all the premiere photos and instagrams and cast pictures together bts and just hanging out like such a cute little family. miles and brandon are adorable lil bbs. i love alisha katherine and dylan so much too. It’s amazing and i praise my bb selena for handling this project in the best way possible. ok i guess i’m done talking about this for awhile? Idk maybe. I wanna watch it again lmao and again and again. i want a season 2!! i know it might take away from the original story but there is so much more to go into with the other characters that i would love to watch and see unravel. clay and skye? whatd mr porter do with the tapes? tyler’s guns? did bb alex survive? how do people cope w their actions when they find out about his suicide attempt? how is jessica doing with her rape? did she get justice and did bryce pay for it? Howre the parents after hearing hannahs audio files??? I NEED TO KNOW this show got me rly fucked up. reading it was one thing but seeing it made it seem so much more real and added another dimension of heartbreak for me. God everything about this show and it’s cast was perfect. also I miss jeff

middle aged woman breaking hearts and causing me to question my sexuality daily…

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Red Nose Day Actually: The Love Actually Reunion

i’m really just watching the finale again and sobbing because of alex and jessica admitting to her dad that she was raped and watching hannahs parents find her. putting myself in that headspace and imagining what that feels like just breaks my heart and just seeing that impact on screen holy fuck. there are definitely times i’ve thought about suicide as a final option when i was younger and i just can’t even imagine going thru with it and putting my parents/ friends through that. it’s so terribly sad that so many kids have to feel like that and are made to feel like that. not all people are strong enough to get through it and i just wanna be there for them because i cant imagine what it would be like if i didnt have the support system i got when i needed it. just like clay reaching out to skye. my sweet angel. fck im in tears. so so many tears. I love this show so much and every change they had from the book only made the story better. wow. what a heavy topic. one that should never be brushed under the rug. if you ever need to talk i’m here, i’ll be that friend.


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.” – Martha Graham

- Dirty Dancing, The English Patient, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Titanic, Batman Returns, Grease, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pulp Fiction, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Great Gatsby