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Olivia Puckett as Zoe Murphy

Here, I’m gonna analyze and describe Olivia Puckett’s performance as Zoe Murphy, and the ways in which it differed from Laura Dreyfuss’s. Enjoy!

First of all, Olivia Puckett is a blessing to us all. I love her so much (have you seen her Instagram stories?!) you all have no idea. She was so sweet, so good.

I’ll start from the beginning. Instantly, right as she entered during “Anybody Have a Map” her differences with Laura Dreyfuss were evident. She slouched in her chair, her foot giggling under the table. Also, with Connor, her dialogue was lighter, in a way. She delivered the “He’s definitely high” line almost jokingly, like she was just this younger sister poking fun at her brother. It wasn’t disapproving and harsh the way Laura’s delivery felt.

Even while they were exchanging “Fuck you’s!” they seemed more like siblings messing around than two extremely damaged teenagers taking out their anger on each other. It honestly felt like a normal sibling relationship. She wasn’t even yelling, and neither was Mike Faist. It wasn’t mean or anything. It was. Good.

Even when she marched off the stage, proclaiming that she’d leave without Connor if he doesn’t spead up, I felt as though she wouldn’t leave without him. Like that was yet another joke. No big deal. Like she’d wait in the driveway for him to come, and maybe give him a bit of a hard time about it all later, but that they’d laugh about it next week or something.

Then, she met Evan. She rushed over to him in the middle of WTAW, and he instantly recoiled, his shoulders turning inwards, his eyes on the ground, his hands twitching. She seemed genuinely concerned. Her voice was low, and she seemed to purposefully stay away from him, almost fearful of scaring him, while simultaneously wanting to be closer.

When she called Connor “a psychopath,” it sounded like she was angry with Connor for pushing Evan, who obviously didn’t deserve anything, but wasn’t disgusted or hateful. She didn’t sound like she hated Connor. Or even really disliked him. Just has a stereotypical teenage sibling relationship that’s a bit edgy.

When she walked away– “Okay…Jose…” –she turned around and looked back at Evan before leaving, almost fondly. It almost gave me the impression that this crush was requited, and perhaps had been for some time. That Evan’s love for Zoe wasn’t one-sided, that Zoe didn’t grow into liking Evan throughout the musical, but actually, in fact, liked him before it even began.

She entered, again, before “For Forever” and I could see a physical change that occurred in her during the 10 minutes or so she was off-stage. I could almost see her lose Connor, in that entrance. As she noticed Evan’s presence, she didn’t ask “Why is he here” like “Why is this weird kid in our house” but more like “Why is Evan, who I talked to in the hallway a few days ago, here?

Throughout the dinner before “For Forever,” she did this leg jiggle again. Which was. So fascinating. She had these particular ticks, ones which almost mirrored Evan’s. They seemed like two pieces of the same pie, in their own peculiar way. Simply, if Olivia Puckett announces one day that Zoe Murphy has a minor anxiety disorder, I would believe her in a heartbeat.

When she retorted about good times with Connor, saying that “There were no good times!” she didn’t sound like a possibly abused sibling. She sounded almost angry with herself, as though she was wondering why she didn’t notice something was wrong with Connor, as though she wished she’d tried harder. She didn’t sound like someone who was wronged and was furious, she sounded like someone who was remembering her entire childhood and trying to pinpoint where everything went wrong.

Laura’s Zoe seemed like a young person who suddenly lost control over seemingly everything in her life, someone who was almost drowning. Olivia’s Zoe seemed like a young person who had just temporarily misplaced control, someone who was floating just above the water’s surface.

During “Requiem,” Olivia cried, actually cried, which is something Laura definitely did not do. 

The whole “You were not the monster that I knew” thing was much less believable. But the “You’ve given me my brother back. Thank you.” thing at the end of “You Will Be Found” was so. much. more. believable.

I really felt for Olivia’s Zoe. “Requiem” was when I started crying fully during this performance, rather than during “You Will Be Found” (which normally what gets me). I felt her loss so deeply and profoundly, like she was taking the whole audience on this journey with her.

She truly seemed to mourn Connor, to have loved her brother. She seemed so devastated during “If I Could Tell Her” that she never got to tell Connor what she thought. 

It was just a different kind of loss.

As well, her relationship with Evan was so vastly different. She seemed to be more interested in him specifically and less interested in his connection with her brother. At the end of “You Will Be Found” when she kissed Evan the second time, she kept a hand on his when he pulled away. When he kissed her back, she wrapped her arms around him and like hug-kissed him. In the boot, with Laura Dreyfuss, Evan leaned Zoe into her back on the bed. 

The opposite happened here, with Zoe really taking control of their kissing, pushing Evan into the bed.

Also, during “Only Us” she put a hand on either side of Evan’s face and held him so softly when she sang “We can’t compete with all that” rather than motioning with one hand (see: Laura and Ben’s performance of “Only Us” on Seth Meyers). There was a part where she sat on Evan’s bed and Evan kneeled before her, and she held both of his hands between hers.

They held hands whenever they were together after that, honestly. During “Only Us,” Zoe normally kisses Evan once, at the very end of the song. Here, Olivia kissed Ben three (3) times. Twice while singing and once at the end of the song.

I cannot over-exaggerate the softness in her eyes when she looked at him. In all honestly, y’all, I felt myself really loving their relationship, which isn’t something I did beforehand. 

With Laura’s Zoe, I never would recommend Zoe and Evan being together for their own health. With Olivia’s Zoe, if they had met under different circumstances, if Evan hadn’t lied, I firmly believe that they could’ve had a healthy and happy relationship.

And the kegger skit!!! OMG!! She did the same dorky voice that Evan did with “til your mom gets home” when she said “in three hours!!” and they laughed. They laughed a lot.

It was so interesting to see almost Ben’s reactions as an actor to what Olivia was giving him. This was only the second time they’d ever done the show together in those characters, and it must’ve been so unusual to what he had been doing for the past hundred or so performances.

Zoe was so sweet? And? So strong? And never once mean to Evan? With Olivia, the whole “you don’t have to keep saying sorry….I was a little impressed, you ruined it” thing wasn’t as weird? It didn’t feel uncomfortable. It felt like: Zoe liked soft Evan, who apologizes all the time, she just wanted him to be comfortable enough around her to not feel like he had to apologize, rather than wanting him to change.

She felt like a young girl, who had suffered an immense loss, who was coping as best as she possibly could. She wasn’t some semi-popular girl who Evan liked purely because he thought she was hot (neither, of course, is Laura’s Zoe, or any form of Zoe, in fact). She was a multi-dimensional person who existed in her own right outside of anyone else. There was no room to see her as anyone else.

When she found out about Evan’s lie, it was almost more devastating. 

I would have believed her if she had said she loved Evan. 

Laura’s Zoe was angry and possibly depressed. She was desperate to grab a hold onto anything in her life, her life which was quickly spiraling out of control before her eyes. There, Evan seemed like the perfect person to grab onto, someone that was malleable and almost willing to be controlled.

Olivia’s Zoe felt in-control, like she knew what she was doing and knew where she would be in ten years, she just wasn’t there quite yet.

She obviously loved Connor and was mourning his death, but there didn’t seem to be as much guilt involved.

In her final scene, where she met Evan at the orchard, she, like Evan, seemed to have also gone through a metamorphosis. She seemed to have grown so much, and she held her head higher, too, just like Evan. To me, Zoe is a lead character, sharing the female lead title with Heidi Hansen, rather than a supporting character.

I love Laura Dreyfuss with my entire heart and soul, and her Zoe was a very particular character as well. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact differences between her Zoe and Olivia’s Zoe, because they are both truly incredible. Both woman are powerhouses of whom I will forever be in awe. Both portrayals make Zoe a fascinating, dynamic, complex, female character, one that is much, much more than a love interest or plot point. She, in some aspects, feels like the beating heart of the show. It’s hard to put my connection with her into words.

Again, like I said with Michael Lee Brown’s Jared vs. Will Roland’s Jared, neither performance was better. Both are heart-wrenching and powerful and conveyed a message to the audience, reached out and grabbed our hearts in their hands. Both are incredible. Just very, very different.

Essentially, Olivia Puckett’s performance was incredible. Unbelievable actually. Any desire to not want to see the understudies is pointless and wrong, let me tell you. This entire cast and entire crew are the most talented people I’ve ever seen.

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Ok but what was going on with cat and the president?? Do you think that maybe we could have a backstory on that? Either way thanks

She’s not supposed to sleep with her residents.

Then again, she’s not supposed to share pot brownies with them either.

And she can’t, if truth be told, say which comes first.

Wanting to sleep with Cat Grant, or just wanting to see if she can experience what these humans swear is a great high.

She gets a boyfriend, though – a boyfriend that is much safer than a girlfriend, because this planet is hard enough to grapple with, to blend into, and she doesn’t need to give the world any more reason to scrutinize her – and she keeps hearing flutters that he’s going to propose soon.

Cat doesn’t approve, and she’s not quiet about it.

She doesn’t approve because “oh come to your senses, Liv, you know you can do so much better than signing yourself away to some oaf of a senior” and because “who’s going to stay up all night watching C-SPAN with me if not you?” and because “I’m not saying that a woman’s worth is in her beauty, you know I’m not, but you’re just too hot for him, darling.”

Cat doesn’t approve, and instead of making Olivia feel alienated, it makes her feel closer. More secure. Cared for.

Because lord, does Cat care for her.

Cares for her when their study sessions last too late into the night, and she crashes in Cat’s bed, and Cat can do nothing but try not to fidget too much all night, try not to wake her.

Cares for her when the Student Union election board tries to smear her name, and Cat goes full tilt in the school paper to clear it. And, of course, Cat wins, so Olivia wins.

Cares for her when her boyfriend, now fiance, throws himself at Cat, not Olivia, when his team won the championship that night; cares for her when Olivia dumps the man, not the woman, and Cat holds her all night while she cries, and not once does she offer a cleverly-worded I told you so.

Just as she cares for her now – scales and all – and Olivia’s second stomach still flips in that old familiar way, because Cat Grant is still the stuff of legend, and Cat Grant is still by her side.

And somehow, that means they’ll get out of this alive.

Unexpected [m] - Mark

Originally posted by got7wings

Paring: markXreader

Word Count: 9.4k

Summary: After a bad breakup, your best friend Mark is determined to show you that you are worth more than what you think and that you mean more to him than you could have imagined.

Notes: Smut, Angst, Fluff

The air in the club was thick with sweat and perfume and while you had been out clubbing more and more recently, you still couldn’t get used to the stench and the way it fogged your senses. It also didn’t help that there were random horny people grinding on each other left and right, but then again you could also be seen as one of those people.

You were caught up in another random guy just as you had been every time you went to a club. His large hands were locked onto your hips as he pressed his lips fiercely to yours. You weren’t interested in sharing your night with him even though he was tall and fairly attractive, but something in the way his fingers gripped your hips was too reminiscent on the one person you were trying to forget.

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one direction's song titles
as sung by one direction
one direction's song titles

(an updated version of this post

what makes you beautiful / gotta be you / one thing / more than this / up all night / i wish / tell me a lie / taken / i want / everything about you / same mistakes / save you tonight / stole my heart / stand up / moments / another world / na na na / i should’ve kissed you / forever young / live while we’re young / kiss you / little things / cmon cmon / last first kiss / heart attack / rock me / change my mind / i would / over again / back for you / they dont know about us / summer love / shes not afraid / loved you first / nobody compares / still the one / truly madly deeply / magic / irresistible /one way or another / best song ever / story of my life / diana / midnight memories / you & i / dont forget where you belong / strong / happily / right now / little black dress / through the dark / something great / little white lies / better than words / why dont we go there / does he know / alive / half a heart / steal my girl / ready to run / where do broken hearts go / 18 / girl almighty / fools gold / night changes / no control / fireproof / spaces / stockholm syndrome / clouds / change your ticket / illusion / once in a lifetime / act my age / home / hey angel / drag me down / perfect / infinity / end of the day / if i could fly / long way down / never enough / olivia / what a feeling / love you goodbye / i want to write you a song / history / temporary fix / walking in the wind / wolves / am / just cant let her go

The Happy LGBTQ+ List

Aka “The List of Media Featuring LGBTQ+ Characters That Doesn’t End In Tragedy, People ‘Becoming’ Cishet In The End Because I Have Trouble Finding Comprehensive Lists That Include All Media List”. FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS LIST AND/OR CORRECT IT! This is meant to be a resource for everyone in the community, spread this far and wide. ALL MEDIA WELCOME: BOOKS, SONGS, TELEVISION, VIDEO GAMES, MOVIES, PLAYS, MUSICALS, LIVE ACTION, ANIMATED WORKS, SHORT FILMS, ET CETERA AND SO FORTH!!

  • Steven Universe (have to because SU blog)
  • Legend of Korra
  • Persona 4 (WILL ALWAYS ROOT FOR THE LIBRARY LESBIAN AND HER SENPAI and oh yeah most of the main cast is queer, especially if you count that Yosuke had cut content where he was a love interest and the heavy implications of Chie/Yukiko and the Rise/Naoto shipping done in later works)
  • Sasameki Koto
  • Princeless (and its spinoff of Raven: The Pirate Princess)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Strawberry Panic
  • Sailor Moon
  • Psycho-Pass
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun (no relationship, but queer character still exists and the jokes don’t focus on the fact she’s gay)
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl
  • Undertale
  • A Channel (though no relationship happens afaik)
  • Princess Remedy In A World of Hurt
  • Yuru Yuri (even if no relationship forms afaik, though one is implied to already quasi-exist, full disclosure I haven’t read the spin-off which is said to have less subtext and more text)
  • Samurai Flamenco
  • Seduce Me Otome
  • Sakura Trick
  • DDR Song “Secret Rendezvous” (if we’re including shorts)
  • Jade Empire
  • The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns (unfortunate name for this list, but trust me on this one)
  • Written In The Sky
  • Mass Effect as a series
  • Rumble Roses
  • Star Ocean: The Second Story (buried in the inane amount of endings)
  • Star Ocean: Til The End of Time (two side characters, though possible implications with a party member and her leader)
  • Girly (the webcomic, not the song it is named after)
  • Questionable Content
  • Jill Sobule’s “I Kissed A Girl” (I promise you it’s better than Katy Perry’s very different song of the same name)
  • Roommates
  • Santa Olivia by Winter Wolves
  • Kisses & Curses
  • Sunstone
  • We Know The Devil (in at least one ending)
  • Ellen (yes, THAT Ellen. This was before she really REALLY hit it big)
  • Queer As Folk (WARNING: Not for all of them)
  • Buffy (though I don’t know Kennedy’s fate in the comics, so this might have changed)
  • Dragon Age as a series
  • A character on ER, apparently
  • The L Word, I guess
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • carol (2015)
  • the diary of a teenage girl (2015)
  • bound (1996)
  • pariah (2011)
  • with every heartbeat (2011)
  • saving face (2004)
  • but i’m a cheerleader (1999)
  • addicted to fresno (2015)
  • jenny’s wedding (2015)
  • life partners (2014)
  • d.e.b.s. (2004)
  • desert hearts (1985)
  • i can’t think straight (2008)
  • show me love (1998)
  • the incredibly true story of two girls in love (1995)
  • the kids are all right (2010)
  • camp belvidere (2014)
  • me myself and her (2015)
  • appropriate behavior (2014)
  • gray matters (2006)
  • Archie comics
  • Izetta: The Last Witch
  • Yuri On Ice
  • Wandering Son
  • Ao Hana (warning: biphobia abound)
  • Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (hasn’t ended, but I doubt it’ll end badly)
  • Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • Flip Flappers
  • Once by Julia Heslin (I assume, haven’t read it yet)
  • Brooklynn 99 (hasn’t ended yet, but I doubt it’ll turn awful)
  • Sense 8
  • Better Than Chocolate
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Not So Shore

A ‘Mortals Meet Percabeth’ fic, with a twist!!
10k words

“Hey, Kelly?”

Kelly looked up from her biology textbook, blinking at her best friend Olivia, who was definitely not doing the chapter review questions they’d been assigned. “What?”

“Do you think there’s something weird about Percy Jackson?” Olivia asked.

Kelly followed her to gaze to where Percy was sitting at the back of the room, leaning back in his chair. He wasn’t doing the review questions, either - instead, he was staring into the fish tank behind his desk. Kelly couldn’t see his face, but his dark hair was ruffled up and he was wearing his AHS hoodie with ‘Jackson’ emblazoned across the back of it.

“What do you mean, weird?” she asked, turning back around to Olivia.

Olivia shrugged. “I mean, just… there’s something strange about him.”

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All Started With a Song// Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1238

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times.) this will be a series! i alreyad have the first 4 or five parts written but its not finished yet. lets see were this goes! please give me your feedback and enjoy! :)


You were sitting on your bed with two of your friends, Olivia and Alice. You three had been studying, or at least trying.

“My turn to play a song!” Alice laughed, grabbing your computer.

“Yeah, not like I was using that for my homework. You know that’s why I invited you over right?” you grabbed your notebook, opening it.

“Stop being a nerd,” Olivia said, closing her book.

As soon as you heard the beat of the song, you glared at Alice.

“You know I will get nothing done if he’s playing.” You sighed.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said, sliding the computer to you.

You stared at the screen, watching your celebrity crush sing.

Conor Maynard.

You had been gushing over him for the past year and a half. You found him through one of Joe Sugg’s videos. And you immediately fell in love.

You had completely forgotten about your homework, you were mesmerized by him. He was absolutely gorgeous.

Your friends knew this video was your favorite, because he looked so sexy in it.

It wasn’t an original song, it was a cover. But he always put a twist on his covers.

It was his deleted video of him covering Panda. You had memorized the entire thing, seeing as it was only 2 minutes long. You didn’t start signing until the part that Conor made.

“I don’t want a good girl, I’ve been rolling with the baldest.” You sang, looking at your friends. They had their phones facing you. They were Snap chatting you singing, they always did. You knew you could sing, but you never did. You chose to pick a different career path and keep that talent hidden.

Or so you thought.

“She told me models and she told me she’s an actress.” You smiled at their cameras. They quickly lowered their phones, posting the snap. But seconds later their phones were back up, filming you singing.

“Talking about how she been everywhere up on that atlas.” Alice made a funny face, causing you to laugh.

“Doesn’t make a difference, she’ll still end up on my mattress.” Olivia and Alice were both smiling, this encouraged you to keep going.

“Fuck your 15 minutes I’m the man of the hour. No more room up in my bed, let’s take it to the shower.” Great, now you were thinking about Conor in the shower. Your cheeks got red.

“Keep going!” one of them shouted.” You laughed, finishing the song.

You three laughed, “Why don’t you sing more often!” Olivia questioned.

“I don’t know, I just feel like it’s a hard career and I don’t want to be stressed my entire life. I rather be relaxed than be famous.” You grabbed your notebook, determined to get some homework done.

But then the next song came on, and your best friends looked at each other.

“No,” you said seriously, but there was a slight smile creeping onto your face.

It was Better Than You by Conor and Rita Oar. This song always got you three hyped.

“Please, we promise we’ll study after,” Alice pleaded.

“Promise?” you asked.

“YES!” they said in unison. You knew they were lying but agreed. You three began dancing to the music, abandoning your work.

This continued for the next 3 or 4 songs. It wasn’t until you guys decided to get food that your life would change.

You grabbed your laptop, following your best friends out to your kitchen.

“Ice cream?” you asked and they nodded their heads. While you got the food they grabbed the bowls and spoons.

“This is my favorite song!” Olivia screamed, turning it up.

It was Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheer an.

After you finished dispersing the ice cream, you put it away. Alice and Olivia sat down at the island, but you stood on the other side, facing them.

You began singing along with Ed, “I’m on my way, driving at ninety down those country lanes, singing to ‘Tiny Dancer’” you swayed your hips, shoving a spoonful of ice cream into your mouth.
“And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real, we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill,” you hadn’t realized that Olivia was filing you. But it wasn’t on a 10 second video on Snap Chat. It was a complete video.

After the song ended you heard giggles, so you opened your eyes.

“What’s so funny?” you asked, shoving yet another bite of ice cream into your mouth.

“Oh nothing,” Alice said, putting her bowl in the sink. “We should really go study.”

“Yeah, c’mon Y/n,” Olivia said, going back into your room.

The rest of the night was filled with quizzing each other and plenty of laughter.


It wasn’t until the next morning that you were aware of what your friends did. You woke up to hundreds of twitter notifications, a few snap chats, 3 missed calls from Olivia and 14 texts from both girls.

“What the hell?” you asked yourself as you went into the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

You put some bread in the toaster, opening your messages.

From Olivia:

6:39 have you seen twitter?

6:40 Look at Twitter!

6:47 Omg are you not awake yet?

6:48 Y/n

6:48 Y/n, wake up!!

You opened your texts from Alice.

From Alice:

6:53 Omg go on Twitter!

7:01 I didn’t think you’d go viral!

7:06 He might notice you

7:14 Y/N!!!!!!!




7:15 Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N!!!!!!!

7:16 oh my god you don’t deserve this. Wake the fuck up

You froze. The toast was dropped onto the plate in front of you.

Conor noticed you.

You reread the text too many times. Then you opened Twitter.

You had so many notifications your phone froze. So you closed your phone, and opened it again, refreshing. You decided it would be easiest to go to the source. Alice. You typed in her twitter name and saw the tweet.

Alice :) @aliiibooo

@ConorMaynard wya w/ this collab ??

Attached was a video, so clicked on it. It was you, standing at your counter. You were singing, every now and then shoving a spoonful of ice cream in your mouth. You cringed at the faces you made, you looked awful.

Curiosity took the best of you, and you searched Conor’s name.

Conor Maynard @ConorMaynard

What’s her twitter @aliiibooo ?

You almost peed yourself. Instead you started to hyperventilate.

But the surprises didn’t stop there.

Olivia Jones @viaoli324

her twitter is: @y/t/n , @ConorMaynard ;)

And yet, the surprises were still not over. Because then, right then. At 7:32 in the morning on the 4th of February, 2017, Conor Maynard followed you.

You immediately screenshotted the notification. You then proceeded to run to your room, rip open your computer and pull up Skype.

“You’re awake!” Olivia smiles.

“Have you seen it yet?” Alice says smugly.

“HE FOLLOWED ME,” you screamed.

They stared at you, mouths open.

“You’re joking!’ Olivia says.

“No, I’m not. It just happened. Like a minute ago. I can’t breathe.”

“Y/n! This is amazing!” Alice squeals, squeezing her blanket tighter.

“Oh… my… god…” you stared at your phone, a new notification popping up.

Conor Maynard

Hello Y/n. I saw the video of you singing. You’re really good. How do you feel about doing a cover with me?

Bloodlust (Roman Godfrey)

Prompt: You come home on day, to find a note your brother and mom left you in Destiny’s care. So you run to the one person you trusted, Roman.


“I’m sorry your brother was in trouble and we had to leave. I know how much you loved it here, and you deserve better than a life more that a life of running. You deserve a shot at a normal life. Ive talked to Destiny and she will watch over you, ill call you when were safe. I love you baby, its better this way. -Mom”

Her note took the breath from your lungs. The house was ruined and even the cat was gone. They took that damn cat and left you here!

Your eyes began to burn as you screamed grabbing the closest thing, which happened to be a family photo and smashed it into the wall. Your body shook as you kicked, threw and broke everything you could get your hands on. They actually wanted you to stay with Destiny? She wasn’t exactly the greatest role model using her gifts for sex and money, claiming to heal people.

You ran out of the house grabbing your bike, the note snatched in your hand. You began to head to the one person you could talk to and would understand you.


Tears burned your eyes, before you used your sweatshirt to wipe them away. You stood on the front porch nervous, your hands shook above the doorbell. You took a deep breath and hit the button.

You heard footsteps and a familiar face looked slightly down on you confused.

“Y/N what are you doing here? I thought you guys left? Where’s Peter?” His eyes looked around the area but turned back to you.

Holding out the note tears began to flow faster down your cheeks. Roman snatched the note, reading swiftly he finished and looked up into your eyes.

“What the fuck……” he whispered and grabbed your shoulders pulling you into his arms.

You sobbed into his chest as he pulled back and led you to the living room, he sat down beside you on the couch.

“Do you want some tea? Or bourbon and shit?” He said quietly.

You sniffed giving off a smirk “I dont even think shit would taste good with bourbon.”

Roman gave a light smile “Yeah me neither.” He pulled you to his chest, letting you cry until your eyes hurt.

Picking you up he carried you upstairs and into a room, he set your down on something soft which you guessed was his bed.

He took your shoes off, still in silence and set them on the floor. “I’ll figure this out just rest now Y/N.”

He stood by you grabbed his arm “Please stay……at least until i fall asleep.”

He stared down at you for a moment, then he slipped off his belt and nodded. Moving over he laid beside you. You turned putting your head on his chest, he seemed to tense up and the closeness of you. He could feel the blood pumping through your veins and his fangs scraped his tongue. He bit down on his tongue trying to suppress the urge to feed on you.

You seemed to remember moving away suddenly “Sorry i guess i forgot.”

“Your the only person who would run to an Upir, and forget what they are.” He chuckled

You shrugged turning onto your side, you hid the tears that began to start again “Well my brother is a werewolf.”

Roman seemed to sense your change in emotion, he pulled you into his chest “It’s okay, i know…”

You nodded wiping your eyes, and slowly let the emotional exhaustion take over.


You woke up to find Roman had left, hearing the shower running you stood up slowly. Romans clothes were on the ground as steam crept from under the bathroom door. Walking over you knocked on the door “Ro!”

“Yeah?” Came Roman’s voice muffled by the door

“I’m gonna go get food if that okay? You want anything?” You asked shifting your weight slightly from one side to the other.

“I’ll be down in a sec!” He replied 

Nodding you turned and made your way downstairs, you had been here loads of times when either you or your brother found yourselves in trouble. Usually you talked to Shelley but since her disappearance you swayed closer to Roman. Peter had began to notice and always scolded you about how much of a man-whore Roman had been. But since you two had started to hangout the less he seemed to be interested in other girls, only on days when you two were fighting did he have the occasional hook up. It bothered you at first but learning his true nature you realized for him, it was more of an impulse and how he had been raised by his mother Olivia. 

Finding some of your favorite cereal you and Shelly shared in secret, keeping it hidden behind the boxes of oatmeal and forgotten cans of soup. Olivia hated when he children ate such unhealthy processed and sugary meals. Most of the time, when she was gone was the only time the kids could eat what they wanted. 

You poured in the cereal and milk into the bowl, hopping on the counter. Taking a bite as Roman came down in his boxers, his hair still wet as light amounts of steam seemed to rise from his body leftover from the shower. 

Roman began making coffee, leaning back to examine you as you ate your breakfast. “You can stay here if you want? It pretty much empty and I know you don’t wanna stay with Destiny. Shelleys room is empty, shit over half the house is take whatever room you want.”

You nodded “Thanks Ro…..I was so wrapped up in myself, I never asked how you were. So….How are you?”

He shrugged taking  sip of his coffee walking over to you and snatching your bowl taking a bite of cereal. “I’m okay I guess, I mean your parents are kinda shitty and siblings are gone. Everyone wants me to take over Godfrey Enterprises, and I’m trying to control myself from feeding 24/7.”

“I can help if you want?” You asked 

Roman paused as you moved your head to the side, brushing away your hair to reveal your soft skin. 

Roman reached out gently brushing his hand on your neck causing shivers to run down your spine. He could feel the beating of your heart on the pads of his fingers, the way your chest rose and fell with your breathing. 

He leaned in intoxicated by your scent as he felt his fangs on his tongue again. Your heart beat faster at his proximity………………… he could hear it, but the only thing on his mind was how you would look covered in your own blood. How your scent would only light the flames of his desire and soon it would not be just your blood he craved, He would crave your body. Needing to the burning of your lips on his. He would ravish himself in your body, pleading for you to moan his name begging you to reach your climax as he thrust into you over and over again.  He closed his eyes before shaking his head “I can’t, I won’t be able to control myself if I do.”

You nodded the breath that caught in your lung seemed to slowly release “Okay.”

Roman handed you your cereal “ You can shower if you want? The waters still hot in my bathroom. It’ll need to warm up everywhere else.”

You were about to head upstairs, when you paused “I left my clothes at the house…..”

Roman nodded “Ill have someone pick them up, you can wear some of my clothes if you want. I let you borrow Olivia’s but your already beautiful plus I dont want you going around looking slutty.”

You gave a light smile trying to hide your confusion “…….Thanks.”

Going up the stairs, you cracked the door wanting to let the steam escape and make it hard to breathe when you got out. You sighed as you went into the bathroom. You had always though Olivia dressed more intimidating and classy but it seemed Roman did like that, despite the fact that Olivia was still his mother. You turned on the water and began to peel off your clothes, stepping out of your jeans you slowly slid down your panties. Unclasping your bra you tossed it to the side and let the hot water cascade down your back. 

Closing your eyes you felt your muscles begin to relax. You looked over grabbing the shampoo that smelled of pine…….it smelled like Roman. lathering your hair and rising off you used the conditioner massaging your scalp. You thought of your brother. 

It was rare for a girl in the family to have the wolf gene, but when your brother turned your life began to change. You had to leave every school you had been to if someone spotted your brother, even sooner if he began to kill more than the occasional deer. You could never have many friends, your mother didn’t want you to get close to many people in case you had to leave. It had become a routine never lasting more then a few months. You would finally have the courage to talk to someone, to try and make friends before your mother whisked you away to the next town. Peter teased you sometimes about being socially outcast but the truth was you didn’t want get attached. After a while Peter was used to it but you weren’t. 

Coming back to reality you noticed the water beginning to chill slightly. You quickly washed you body and rinsed the conditioner out of your hair.  

Stepping out of the shower you grabbed a towel looking up you jumped to see Roman at the door.

Towel still in your hands you froze as your gaze met Roman’s. His breathing hitched in his throat as he looked down clearing his throat. He turned around “Sorry you shut off the water…I just wanted to give you these.”

You looked down to his hands and saw he had a clean t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. You wrapped the towel around your body and stepped forward. Placing your hand gently on his he passed you the clothes. 

“Thank you Roman.” You said quietly your heart pounding in your chest.

Roman slowly turned around and you could see he was biting his lip. His eyes were glued to your neck. His face turned from one of embarrassment into hunger and lust. You felt yourself freeze like a deer in headlights.

“Roman?” You whispered as his mouth began to open and you saw his sharp canines begin to draw closer to his bottom teeth as he growled.


Part 2??

Stop being stubborn

Pairing: Sam x Reader 

Characters: Sam, Dean, the Reader 

Warnings: light swearing

Word count: 1876

Tag List: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione @mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@27bmm@craving-cas @spnfanficpond 

Summary: Sam and the Reader don’t fight like normal couples. 

A/N: I’ve been watching a lot of Parks and Rec so this is just definitely a reflection of that, hope everyone enjoys! ALSO PEEP THE JJ’S DINER REFERENCE:) 

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Where There's Smoke

Prompt: You’re staying at the hotel while Adam is at a show and something happens, like a fire. Adam can’t leave the arena and he’s flipping out and when he returns you’re fine. Angst, Passionate Smut. @thedeboniardevistation

Ok, I decided to use my same OC from my I’ve Got Something For You series with Adam. This takes place after the epilogue. So it might make more sense if you read that first. Also, I know the request was that he couldn’t leave the arena but I changed it up a bit.

FYI. I know very little about fires so I apologize for my lack of knowledge.

Also, still working on the tag list babes. I want to wait until I can get it to actually work.

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a dream within a dream within a dream
I don’t know what is real

the top is spinning so this is it,
but it doesn’t fall
so maybe there is more after

you are here-
no wait,
it’s just your reflection
in the mirror

it’s you on glass,
you were always so sharp
if I smash the mirror
you would still be there,
the broken pieces
sticking out from my bloodied fist

the top keeps spinning

there are stairs on the ceiling
I am running down
so quick I almost lose a shoe
but I’ve never been a princess
and you aren’t chasing me,
you’re running up
to something better than you’ll ever be

my fist is still bleeding
and I don’t remember why

something is going on here,
I can’t tell what is real between us
you’ve always been my greatest dream
and I’ve never been able to escape
your waking reach

—  our love as a Christopher Nolan film || O.L.
Some words about Adventure Time: Elements

Elements wasn’t a bad idea, it had the premise that if Finn and Jake left Ooo for a while something big would happen and it did. The set up of this idea was okay, showing that Patience used Magic Betty to boost the elementals and failed, terraforming the huge island in four regions.

All was very weird, Magic Betty and Simon knew the key to save the day, blah blah blah. But let’s go to the things that I didn’t like:

  • Something that annoyed me the most was Magic Betty using the Farmworld Enchiridion (where did Finn get that? Would AT fix it in the future like Crossover or what?) to open another portal and bring back her Simon. The same way Magic Man wanted Margles back and, as the Martian, Magic Betty failed and was popped to Mars (!!!). I don’t know if she’s going to get back her sanity or if the new King of Mars is going to show her the way to cure her loved one.
  • Hero Heart promised a, kinda wanted by fandom or some fans, kingdom war. It was just a battle between Fire and Candy only, not Slime and Ice. I felt dissapointed by that, despite it had lots of fun and cute moments like Marshmaline playing with Flame Princess or Bonnie singing that nice, creepy song.
  • Patience went from the main antagonist to be put aside! She had lots of potential to or be the baddest one or redeem. It was wasted.
  • The whole event was rushed, forced. I read that it could worked better as the arc of an entire season, which would have worked better because it would also fill some gaps that were shown on Elements.

And I liked:

  • Cloudy, guys! The highest point of the miniseries. An episode that was the classical interlude before the end. It was really a S1 episode, you could feel the vibe and reminded me of Rainy Day Daydream. It showed us how Finn and Jake coped with anxiety issues in a lightened, fun way
  • The set up was good, not as the development, the gaps and so.
  • The return of some characters, like Choose Goose. They were as background characters, but it still was nice to see them. Special mention to candyfied people. I mean, Marshmaline please! Or BMO.
  • LSP redemption. She really deserved development, or a stellar moment. LSP was used mainly for comedy or drama (due to her exaggerated personality), but never to save the day (well, on The Monster she saved the village). Despite the Deus Ex Machina, I liked her being the anti elemental. Sweet P could also be, but I believe he has to deal with something more powerful (I’ll explain later). I wish LSP gets final character development through the road to the end, like RS did with Rigby.
  • Voice acting: everybody were great. Magic Betty’s new VA was definitely better than Lena Dunham, kudos to that. Hynden singing the creepy song and doing duets again with Olivia Olson (last time was What was missing, but don’t remember if on Stakes they did). Speaking of the cute vampire, playing the candy Marceline with games and giggles melted me.

And after Skyhooks II we began the road to the series finale and there’s too many things to tie: Sweet P had to retire because *SOMETHING* happened, and I believe is the evil Lich essence. If you are watching S5 of Samurai Jack, you know Jack has to deal with his fears and inner ghosts, and I believe Sweet P is going to go through that same way.

Normal Man being the new King of Mars was foreshadowed on S7 episode. How did he repair Mars and get Abe’s powerful wand? Rememer GOLB? Remember it kidnapped/murdered Margles? Now that NM is the ruler of Mars he may want revenge and he has Magic Betty (and I believe he’d ask Finn and Jake for help) to finish the monster.

And Alien Jake, something that took us for surprise. Will his shapeshifting powers keep him as Classic Jake? Or it’d be a blue shapeshifted dog? It seems we’re going to have Alien Jake for a while according to @kingofooo


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Imagine meeting Barba and Carisi for the first time and they both fall in love with you.

——— Request for sybil-howlett ———

“You sure know what you’re doin’, huh?” Carisi chuckles as he takes the coffee you offer him, before gesturing to the man at his side as he teases, “Sucking up to the ADA will get ya’ places.”

“Figure it’s best to make a good impression to my new coworkers,” you shoot back with your own chuckle, before offering Barba the coffee you’d had made for him. Olivia and Fin were already situated in their respective desks with your thoughtful surprise, your first day already going better than expected.

Barba has his own amused smirk as he accepts the drink, giving you a grateful nod, “It’s nice to meet the new addition to SVU.“

Oh my days the negativity on here is just depressing. All you guys do, day in day out, is complain. Complain about the show. The characters. The show runner. The cast. It is beyond me. You’ve all got blinkers on and are blinded by hatred. I come on here for the gifs now and the occasional post, but you people are why I don’t bother as much. You suck the life out and soul out, i don’t know how you people are not depressed from the amount of complaining you do. I know people say they can post what they want and its their choice blah blah, agreed. But seriously? do you guys not have anything better to do than moan all day, every day, over something that isn’t even real. I’ll leave it at that. Rant over and heres a pretty #Olitz gif for you negative nancies to criticse.
protection [klaus mikaleson]

imagine your ex boyfriend Klaus coming to look for you in Hemlock Grove because he thinks Roman won’t protect you from Olivia

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Roman took a drag on his cigarette in the bar before pressing it into the table to put it out. He turned to you and took your hand, leading you over to the pool table in the corner of the room. All night, you had been teasing him to play pool with you, and all night he had refused, until he was a little bit too tipsy to refuse. “I’m gonna whoop your ass, little dove.”

You giggled. “I doubt you could if you tried, Godfrey.” He grinned, grabbed two pool cues and chalked them while you set up the balls. Roman handed you your cue and stepped off to the side while you split the balls. He watched you place the tip of the cue between your index finger and thumb, swipe your tongue across your teeth, close one eye, and then take the first hit. 

Roman assessed the table, thinking of what he could do. You lost interest in watching him after awhile and glanced around the bar. It had old school wood paneling on one side and the rest of the walls were painted in varying shades of red. There was one other pool table and a dart board hung up on the wall. Off in front of the bar were tables to sit, with high bar stools adorning the sides of each. Off to the side of the pool tables was another table with just two seats, and one of them was occupied.

Your eyes averted from the table immediately, but you knew the man was staring at you. He seemed familiar, but you didn’t get a good look at him. For just a moment, you turned your attention back to Roman, who was still taking his turn, took a swig of his beer, and took another glance at the man.

When you turned he was still shamelessly staring. He wore jeans and sneakers, a simple navy green tee shirt and a necklace tied around his neck with a strap of black leather. When you saw his face, you gasped and turned back to the pool table. How was he here? You hadn’t seen Klaus since you moved to Hemlock Grove to escape the chaos that followed him, and now here he was on your doorstep. You hesitantly began to speak to Roman. “I’ll be right back, okay? I think I know that man over there.” Roman looked up from the pool table and over to see who you were talking about.

“Okay.” He sounded unsure, but he knew you would go whether he wanted you to or not. You leaned the pool cue against the table and made your way to Klaus. 

He smirked when you got closer, reaching out a hand. “Y/N, darling.”

“What are you doing here?”

Klaus’ face grew taut, his expression morphing into one of annoyance. “Right down to business I see.” He glanced over your shoulder at Roman, who was watching you very intently. “I see you found someone to replace me.”

“I wasn’t replacing you. Why are you here?”

“One of my witches saw danger coming for you.” He stood up and took your hands in his. “Love, please come with me. I can’t keep you safe here, and certainly not with that around.” He tilted his head towards Roman. 

“Roman is taking very good care of me.”

“I can do better than he can. His mother is the danger.” You didn’t suspect anything less. Olivia loathed you, and you wouldn’t put it past her to kill you. Klaus watched the conflicting emotions reflect in your eyes, watched him watch you. Your mind suddenly drifted. He still looked at you the same: like there was no other person in the world, like he would always keep a place in his heart for you, like no one else would ever truly have him. Roman didn’t look at you like that yet, although you hoped he would. “Let me help you.” 

For a moment you wanted to say okay, let him take you wherever he wanted, but suddenly you felt Roman’s hand on your shoulder, and you turned to see him. He smiled lightly at you and paid no mind to Klaus, who must have just been background noise for him.

Klaus never took his eyes off of you. “My number is the same, we should get together before you leave town.” You gave him a weak grin and turned back to Roman. “Let’s leave.”


Klaus had called you and here you were, sitting in a diner a block away from his hotel, sipping on coffee and laughing with him. The last time you were in this situation you were in New Orleans, before Roman, before Olivia, before you even knew you would be leaving Klaus. He was the greatest love that you had ever known, greater than Roman was. You missed him, but you couldn’t be with him again, no matter how much you wanted him. “So tell me, how is Olivia a danger to me?”

Klaus reached over the table and took your hands in his. “I sent a witch that works for me to find you and check on you. She told me that there was danger everywhere here, and she told me that the greatest danger lies very close to you.”

“Why were you checking up on me?” You knew the answer to your question already, but for some reason you wanted to hear it from him. 

Klaus watched you for a moment and then squeezed your hands. “Because I’m in love with you. You left me, yet still I am in love with you.” It made you freeze. Your hands were so sweaty you could feel them slide across Klaus’ hands, but you held him tighter. Now that he was here, you wished he would never leave. Suddenly, you pulled your hand back and stood. He stood with you. 

“I should go.”

“But you don’t want to.” He put his hands on your shoulders, his eyes staring you down, and then one hand left your shoulder and took your chin in between his thumb and index finger. “You still want me.” He leaned down and kissed the corner of your mouth, then put his lips to your ears. “I can feel it.” This time you moved your hands, both going to the back of his neck to pull him to your lips. Just one kiss. You knew it was wrong, but you wanted to feel him one more time before you said goodbye. Klaus’ arms wound around your waist and pulled you as close as he could get you. You didn’t realize how much you missed him until he was here.

When you felt him again, you forgot why you left him in the first place. He made you question everything, question why you were with Roman even. Klaus broke away from you only to turn his head and capture you in another passionate kiss, one that was somehow even more thrilling than the first. When you two pulled back, you rested your forehead against his. He was the first to speak. “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you.” He pecked your lips once more and smiled down at you.

“Come back with me.”

You bit your lip. “I wish I could.”

He held you at shoulder length now, his eyes full of wonderment. “Nothing is keeping you here. Nothing that I couldn’t provide you with. Please, I just want to keep you safe.”

“I love you, Klaus, you’re the best I’ve ever had. I don’t deserve you, and I don’t deserve how much you love me, but I appreciate it and I appreciate you. I love you so much, Klaus, more than you’ll ever know, but I can’t go with you. I’m sorry.”

His eyes welled with tears and he stepped back from you. “You’ll regret this.”

“Klaus, I’m so sorry.”


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“Come on sweetheart; don’t give me the silent treatment!” Negan pleaded with you, sitting with your arms crossed and gazing out of the window. You continued to look out of the window, knowing you have to stand your ground firmly to get Negan to understand. “Did you hear something Carl? I swear I heard something, I just don’t know what it is.” You commented, making Carl roll his eyes. Sat between Negan and his sister was proving to be the most uncomfortable situation he had found himself in, it was bad enough he had to sit next to the man he tried to shoot less than two hours ago but it was made even worse because of the argument going on. “Y/N, it doesn’t matter anymore.” He tried to reason with his sister but was brought to a halt when she snapped around to look at him. “No Carl, he shouldn’t have said what he said and he knows that.” Briefly looking towards Negan, and then turning back to the window. “I said I was sorry to the kid Y/N! What more can I do, wife?” You scoffed and rolled your eyes at his ignorance. “Not say it in the first place, husband.” Now it was time for Negan to roll his eyes.

“Against the grain, kid… always against the grain.” Negan lowly laughed, dragging the razor across his skin. You stood behind him, Carl and Judith watching Negan intensely. Carl already felt uncomfortable with Negan being around his baby sister, feeling like he needed to be alert in case he tried anything. “Darlin’, pass me that towel.” Negan held his arm out, palm open waiting to receive the white towel from his wife. You picked up the towel off the rack, walking towards your husband; you pulled him around to face you. You began to pat dry his face, making sure to get the left over water and shaving cream. “You done being mad at me, sweetheart?” He asked a smirk present on his lips. You looked into his eyes, small smile on your face. “Now, how can I stay mad at that face.” You teased, caressing his face with your hand, giving a small squeeze. “Back in the good books kid, looks like sex is not off the table tonight.” He lowly chuckled, looking over at Carl. You wished he wouldn’t be so vulgar in front of your family. Carl picked up Judith, taking her to the kitchen to watch over the pasta that was cooking. “I’m going to miss your beard.” You sighed, eyes trailing over where it used to be. “I had to shave that shit, baby.” You ran your hands around his shoulders, joining them together at his neck. “That’s unfortunate, I loved the way it felt scraping my thighs.” You smirked, giving him a kiss before walking out of the bathroom. Negan watched you as you walked away, hips moving from side to side. “Control yourself.”

“Damn, that smells good. Baby, come and taste this.” Negan heavily sniffed the air, taking in the aroma of the bolognaise cooking. He took the wooden utensil out of the pan, holding it up with the sauce in the spoon, turning towards you. He raised the spoon, towards your mouth. You wrapped your lips around the spoon, tasting the red sauce. “You never told me you could cook Negan.” You questioned, crossing your arms across your chest. He chuckled, scooping up a second spoonful, sliding over to Carl. “Want a taste?” Carl stared up at him, a light scowl on his face, continuing to set the table. Negan continued to look at him, laughing, taking a taste for himself.

You all sat around the table, Olivia sat with Judith on her lap, Negan sat at the opposite you with Carl at the side of you. Negan began to tap his fingertips on the table, obviously becoming restless with waiting for dad. “I’m not waiting for your dad anymore; I don’t know where the hell he is but…” He announced, placing Lucille upright on a chair. “Lucille is hungry. Not only that, my girl is eating for two. She can’t be waiting around for her daddy. Well, her father anyway” Negan snatched the napkin off the table tucking it into the inside of his shirt, getting ready to eat with you blushing at his comment. “Carl, pass the rolls.” He asked, turning his head to look at Carl as he didn’t make a move. “Please.” He said, sounding forced. Carl looked towards you; you raised your eyebrows and shrugged your shoulders. Carl picked up the rolls, passing them over to a smug looking Negan. 

You watched Negan outside from the window, talking to a man in a grey thin jumper. Arat was stood guarding the front of the house, just below the stairs. You had no clue what was going on, when you felt a presence come at the side of you. “Why do you love him?” you heard the voice say, recognizing it as Olivia. You turned your head to her, with a puzzled look on your face. “And what makes you think you can question me about that?” You replied bluntly, annoyed this woman clearly judging your relationship with Negan. “After everything he’s done to us, your dad and brother? How could you?” You walked towards her, Olivia backing up a little in fear. “You want to know why? I’ll tell you. Because ever since this world went to shit, he has protected me, my dad sent me away. Making me choose between my husband and my family. That showed me he didn’t fully care, Negan supports me and our child. Sure, he treats you like shit but that is not my problem, you wouldn’t understand his reasons and I don’t expect you to Olivia. But don’t you ever question me and my husband’s relationship.” You backed up from her, walking outside to the porch of the house.

“Only thing missing is a pool table, nothing better than a good game of 8 ball.” You heard Negan proclaim, with a small glass of whiskey in his hands. You moved towards him, placing yourself behind the rocking chair he was sat on. “Hey baby, Spencer I’d like you to meet Y/N, my beautiful wife.” He said, as you placed a hand on his shoulder. He brought you hand to his mouth, placing a kiss to it before turning back to his conversation.  Spencer pointed over to another house opposite the one you were at. “House across the street has one in the garage.” Negan smirked, raising his eyebrows. “Oh Spencer, you may just be my new best friend.” Spencer smiled genuinely at Negan but you knew better. He was naive, thinking Negan actually had friends. “Such a nice day though, too nice to be cooped up in some garage, don’t you think? Oh, I got a better idea.” He exclaimed, standing up taking his leather jacket off the back of the chair. 

You knew there was a reason Spencer wanted to talk to Negan, and it was Rick. He claimed Rick to have a big ego, saying his mom used to be the leader of Alexandria before your dad came along. Spencer wanted to become the leader, follow in his mother’s footsteps. Residents of Alexandria began to gather around the pool table Negan had moved into the street, watching the game between Negan and Spencer. You normally could tell what Negan was thinking or plan out his movements but he was unreadable. You didn’t know what game he was playing, if he would actually take Spencer’s proposition into consideration. “You know, I’m thinking, Spencer. I’m thinking how Rick threatened to kill me, how he clearly hates my guts but he is out there right now, gathering shit for me to make sure I don’t hurt any of the fine people that live here. He is swallowing his hate and getting shit done. That takes guts.” Negan explained, taking another shot with the cue then placing it down on the table.

“And then there’s you. The guy who waited for Rick to be gone so he could sneak over and talk to me to get me to do his dirty work, so he could take Rick’s place. So I got to ask – if you wanna take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over?” Your eyes wondered over Spencer, is that what he had wanted to achieve? To get Negan to kill your dad off, so he could take back control of this place, Spencer looked at Negan in disbelief. “What? No, no.” He denied, looking worried and confused. “You know what I’m thinking? ’Cause I have a guess.” Negan was inches away from Spencer’s face, looking him in the eyes. “It’s because you got no guts.” He whispered, pulling out his machete plunging it into Spencer’s torso. You heard gasps and cries coming from the Alexandrians, you in a state of shock yourself. No matter how long you had been with him, you still felt that sinking feeling coming to terms with this side of Negan. The cold, heartless side, always making you doubt your relationship with this man a little. “Ohh. How embarrassing. There they are. They were inside you the whole time! You did have guts.” Negan joked as blood dribbled out of Spencer’s mouth, him holding his organs in his hands.  “I’ve never been so wrong in my whole life! Now, someone oughta get up here and clean this mess up. Oh. Anyone want to finish the game? C'mon, sweetheart how about you.” Negan pointed over to you. “Now come on baby, don’t get soft on me! It’s just a little guts and blood, don’t be scared. I was winning as well!” He cooed, you stood in your position, not being able to move. You looked over at a young woman with brown hair, noticing her shaking with anger, staring at Spencer’s body with a rage in her eyes.

A gunshot went off; you immediately tackled this woman to the ground, shoving the barrel of your gun into her neck. “Shit! What the shit?! Shit! You just – You tried to kill me?! You shot Lucille!” you heard Negan going off at her, while all she did is stare at you. “You try and kill my husband, right in front of me?! The father of my child?!” Negan walked over to the bullet, examining it. “What is this? What is this? This little bad boy made from scratch? Look at those crimps. This was homemade. You may be stupid, darlin’, but you showed some real ingenuity here. Baby, move that gun up on that girl’s face.” You did as he asked, breathing heavily while your heart was racing. “Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the same, so why should yours?!” he roared, staring down at the girl. “Unless, Unless you tell me who made this.” She looked towards your husband. “It was me. I made it.” She tried to get Negan to believe her, but you knew he was too smart for her.

“You see, now I just think you’re lying. And you lying to me now?! Such a shame. My wife’s going to have to put a bullet into that empty head of yours.

The Box- Scandal Review 6x13

Before we begin let us say our Olitz pledge.

I pledge allegiance to United States of Olitz and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under Shonda indivisible with jam and love for all. Amen.

Wow. Scandal. Woah.These past episodes have been stellar and they honestly just get better and better every episode.

 Like I said in my last review for the last week’s episode this is a continuous of events currently unfolding. Because Mellie elected Luna as her running mate, peus has now launched nine bombs over major cities across the nation and to prove his point about wanting his president and real Bitch back he drops a bomb using the drones on national television.

Peus and his annoying voice has gotten not only Olivia’s attention but mine as well. Yeah. It’s about to get good.

With the bomb having exploded Olivia goes to the bunker to see ’dad’ and it’s there that Rowan finds it appropriate to share a last drink with his daughter. But this part was highly telling. Rowan is disapproving and dissatisfied with the wine choices. “It’s no Dubellay. Not even a 94 chateau D'yquem. Revolting. Their selection.” Which goes back to the many discussions of wine and scotch and beer and how they all connect to these characters. Olivia garnered the taste of wine from her dad, but we have seen her drink scotch many many times (Fitz) and shiver at the taste of beer. (Jake). Rowan’s disdain at the wine in the White House is him referring to Fitz, and his displeasure to see him acquiring the taste only due to his daughters influence. But with the national tragedy Olivia shuns the wine away, thereby refusing Rowan, to get to the heart of this situation, which is Rowan wanting to run away. Seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at all. Olivia tells Rowan he’s not going anywhere and he begins to mock Olivia, asking her who will stop him? Her? The President? All of which Olivia nods her head in confirmation. Last episode Rowan humiliated Olivia in front of everyone for getting back together with Fitz, but Olivia did not refute Fitz but the comfort he wished to give her. Olivia by no means ended whatever is going on between her and Fitz but if anything it seems to have only brought them closer.

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I’m so tired of Rowan. He just shamed and humiliated Olivia and called her a stripper and worthless and now he wants her to run away with him. As if running equates to freedom. But at last we are seeing Olivia’s shell crack as she argues with Rowan (herself) about how running accomplishes nothing.

Olivia: what about everything that you built? all that you’ve sacrificed? Everything you believe in? What about me?
Rowan: you are free….to join me.
Olivia: I’m not!
Rowan: why not?
Olivia: because I’m not done fighting!  I haven’t even begun to make my peace! Not yet !”

This scene is loaded. Olivia, a person who once believed in running from everything and everyone she couldn’t control is now questioning the purpose of running especially in the eyes of her father.  This moment is almost like a soliloquy as Olivia is asking her father the same questions she ask herself every day. How can she let go everything she has built- making Mellie a candidate and unchosenly the president. How can she move on after all that she had sacrificed for this? Olivia has given so much of herself for what? Olivia has sacrificed her love and happiness and her moral values to have this illusion of power. And when Rowan said she was free; Olivia was quick to say she’s not free because the chains that enslaved  her are still bounding her hands. But in this dialogue there is a slight change in Olivia; something palpable and true. Realization. Olivia is finally seeing that she is not okay, that she has yet to truly fight her demons. That she has yet to make peace with herself.

Excuse me

This was overlooked by many but Olivia taking ownership that she has somethings to work on is key.  Olivia is really like everyone else in this world trying to find themselves and be a person who can look themselves in the mirror and see their worth. We are all fighting, and we are struggling to remain afloat. Olivia has many issues to work on but acceptance is the first step. And I’m proud of her. The lose of self is worse than death so Olivia bids her dad farewell but promises to give him better wine. Ha!


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Look at Jake being useful! And can we take the moment to savor his lack of whining and sulking about Fitz’s penis being bigger and how Olivia could have saved him! Yes. I’m telling you this is the first episode where I liked Jake. He’s tolerable when he’s not whining and has a actual job.

When peus called Olivia to tell her that she was bothering him, and Olivia told him she doesn’t have authorization to unfree Mellie and real bitch since she isn’t the president and he responds ’aren’t you?’

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Real talk I giggled when Olivia told Peus “That the United States isn’t going to bend to the will of a terrorist. ”Just so you know that’s the same speech Fitz gave to Mellie and the group earlier. It is safe to say that Fitz has been a positive influence on Olivia the same way he has been to her. Which brings us to them in the oval talking about the casualties that has just increased in numbers.

Can we just relish at the fact that Olivia and Fitz are alone in the oval working together to fix this massive problem.  *dont cry* I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgic but as they talk Fitz is right about one thing Rowan has to talk, he has to know something but Olivia is quick to defend Rowan by saying that all he wants to do is run away because those people controlled and beat him.

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Olivia isn’t that what your father did to you? Controlled you? Beat you into submission? Matter of fact didn’t this man just refer to you as a stripper selling yourself to the highest bidder less than 24hrs ago and you still try to defend him! Girl I outta

This is still a problem. Olivia is still protecting Rowan as if he is some victim or innocent man when he has a body count that can circle the world three times.  Olivia, he’s been a prisoner for 6 months but you have been a prisoner all your life! Fix yo self, baby.

Like the good man he is; Fitz is able to get through to Olivia something not many have been able to accomplish and not for long. Abby, Quinn, Jake all of these people have at one time tried to influence Olivia to see their point of view but Olivia would turn around and do just what she wanted to do. This says something. 24 hrs ago Jake was crying about Olivia sleeping with Fitz and how he isn’t the answer for Olivia but Olivia told Jake about himself and kept it moving. The reason why Olivia is able to listen and take Fitz’s advice is because she trust Fitz completely. Olivia values Fitz’s opinion and knows that he is more than capable of setting feelings aside for the greater good. So when Fitz reminds Olivia about the Master Manipulator she calls ‘dad’ it hits home to her and she sees that Fitz is right and tells him “let’s go”.

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Olivia could have easily said she will handle her father or she will go down and talk to him, but the fact that she told Fitz ’let’s go’ is highly symbolic of her efforts to be a team once in for all. Rowan just shamed Olivia for sleeping with Fitz yet still Olivia is bringing Fitz down to the bunker as also a giant FU to Rowan and very much sending a clear and direct message to dad that’s she’s with him (for now). And they are in this together. Last time Fitz was at the bunker he came uninvited but this team Olivia wants him and more importantly needs him to be by her side. Olivia and Fitz are a team and they are United and Rowan thinking he stopped them by shaming them clearly underestimated just how powerful and how well they work together. Rowan is the one of greatest obstacles for Olivia, and he is still someone that has a hold on her, but  I will say that I saw progress as Rowan appeased to Olivia’s sense of fleeing. Rowan told Fitz that he wishes to run away with his daughter but Olivia said she isn’t going much to Rowan’s distress. It seems that Olivia is finally over running but ready to stay and deal with the outcome. Growth people. And Fitz jacking up Rowan.

After Fitz and Rowan going at it last episode you knew Fitz was going to come back for Rowan after that stunt he pulled off. Lawd the mutual animosity between these two. Rowan is the biggest hypocrite and coward around, he talks a good talk about being powerful and almighty but when they remove the fur all he is, is bone without the meat. Pathetic in every way and Olivia is so shocked by this revelation that she ask Rowan ’what did they do to him?’ To make him coward away with his tail between his legs.

When David uncovers a gift Rowan was receiving from Peus, Olivia is walking beside Fitz discussing everything she has uncovered and she isn’t scared or frightened but Olivia seems to be at ease though this is a unprecedented time for her. Olivia isn’t dying but thriving, it has brought a sense of purpose and meaning back to her life. When Olivia tells Fitz about the bricks, Fitz freezes and he is clearly bothered by what he has heard. I am curious about the symbolism of the brick. Perhaps it’s metaphorical that Rowan was creating a house that he would never reside in. A slave. Which is what Peus referred to him when he told Rowan he was 'emancipated’.

Olivia found out what that box contains she immediately walks with Fitz around the corridor of the White House  not worried about what others may say about them being close again, or why she is back at the White House. Olivia and Fitz are walking around as if it’s the most normal thing and I can’t help but see how just connected they are to one another. They even walk in sync.

Fitz asked Olivia if he could see her father after the news he just heard. Olivia doesn’t appear to say anything but her reaching down to hold Fitz’s hand is all the answer we need.

Olivia really does love Fitz. It’s these little nuances that add the comfort familiarity that is their love. Olivia of the past would have never walked side by side with Fitz (208) nor would she have openly touched him in front of other people. Olivia is initiating contact with Fitz, she is making the first step with Fitz following her lead.

Fitz enter the bunker with scotch in hopes of talking to Rowan about what Olivia has uncovered. Rowan is not up for talking or creating a bond as Rowan and Fitz are two completely different people, from different parts of the world. Fitz is a white rich man born of privilege whereas Rowan is a self made African American man who had to work twice as hard for half  and still  it was never good enough. Fitz begins to tell Rowan that he admires him despite all of the pain he brought upon him. But Rowan brings up a true and still valued point about suppression. Rowan has been systematically suppressed for being black whereas Fitz has had everything in life given to him. And it is this about Fitz  that leaves Rowan flabbergasted as to how Olivia can love him. Actually love him

Here is the thing; Rowan doesn’t actually know why Olivia loves Fitz and that bothers him because all he sees when he looks at Fitz is Big Jerry’s spoiled son. Olivia loves Fits because she knows Fitz and know his love for her is real not some trivial fetish. Rowan was accepting of Jake dating Olivia because 1) he created him and 2) Pete was a normal kid with a abusive father. Nothing of privilege. While Fitz is certainly privilege it doesn’t define him and he doesn’t try to disown his privilege. Like Fitz told Mellie this season he never desired power because he was born with it. Rowan’s acknowledgment of Olivia’s love for Fitz is noteworthy because for the first time he is not trying to demean their love or mock Olivia but it’s as if he has finally accepted that Olivia loves Fitz in spite of everything that has happened and despite of what he thinks of Fitz; Olivia loves him. She is in love with him. Rowan has caused them so much pain and hardship. Time and time and time again Rowan has made it his mission to ruin Olivia and Fitz’s relationship but despite all of his efforts Olivia always finds her way back to Fitz. Rowan can’t stop fate from happening just like he can’t stop Olivia from loving Fitz.

Rowan made a clear point that Shonda wanted to address about being a minority and living in a white mans world. And for that much I agree.  Fitz and Rowan come from polar worlds but one thing they do have in common is Olivia. Fitz tells Rowan to fight if not for himself then for Olivia. For his ’republic’, his legacy is Olivia and it will be up to him as to how he wants history to remember her. Olivia is Rowan’s greatest accomplishment, such sentiment has been voiced before in previous episodes (5x03, 3x10, 5x07), Rowan has acknowledged that he made Olivia into what she is today, and Jake has also commented on Olivia being Rowan’s greatest achievement which is true. Like Big Jerry, Rowan has placed all of his hopes and dreams and aspiration onto Olivia like Jerry did to Fitz. It’s wasn’t Fitz’s life that he was living but Big Jerry’s the same way Olivia isn’t living her life but Rowan’s. But make no bones about it Olivia is still very much trying to find herself, the fact that Olivia went and sought Fitz tells everyone and most certainly confirms what we always knew to be true. Olivia loves Fitz. Fitz has always been Olivia’s choice. Olivia going off the map and getting back with Fitz is not something Rowan approved of and definitely did not condone but Olivia made that decision. Fitz gives Olivia the freedom to make her own decisions. Men have come and go in Olivia’s life but throughout all of this, Fitz has been the constant. Despite all of Rowan’s efforts to stop Olivia from loving Fitz, even he has fallen short.

Rowan seems flabbergasted as though he can’t understand as to how Olivia could love this man sitting in front of him. But the more Fitz talks and bridges a connection between them, you can see Rowan slowly thawing at Fitz’s encouraging words. This is a man. Rowan has made it his mission to ruin FItz’s life yet Fitz is able to set aside their differences for the sake of the country. Fitz gave Rowan the pep talk that he has been delivering throughout this season to multiple characters. Fitz is light in a hopeless place, and it is that will to live and be better that is inspiring to others, so much so that It appears that Rowan now understands why Olivia loves Fitz. Because he is truly a good man.

When all hope seems lost. Olivia and Fitz are alone in the oval sharing a glass of scotch. Once again reiterating their connection by their drink of choice. Rowan was disgusted by Fitz’s wine choices yet Olivia denied Rowan that drink he wanted. Alone in the oval, Fitz and Olivia go over the rising death count and Fitz begins to question aloud whether he will bend and give in to the terrorist once again as he did when they had taken Olivia.  Olivia turns to Fitz and they share a moment without a word. Both of them have come to peace with that moment in their lives, Fitz acknowledges that because they had Olivia he went to war and now he’s afraid he will have to do it again to save Mellie, but Olivia tells Fitz that they won’t give Mellie up and he won’t make the same mistake. Fitz drops his hand to the couch waiting for Olivia to place her hand in his and she does quickly. The world is burning but still as long as Olivia has Fitz, and Fitz has her then that’s really all they need.

After a second of silence, Fitz whispers to Olivia “this isn’t the way I envisioned  our last two weeks together.” and faintly with all the pain etched in her voice Olivia whispers “me either”. Olivia stares at Fitz and you can feel her yearning to be with Fitz, completely and fully. It is sad honestly that with his time running out, all they want is to spend their time with each other and they can’t even do that. I am looking forward to them talking about the meaning of their relationship and where it goes from here but their subliminal messages they are conveying without a word leaves me breathless at the possibility of what the future may bring to them. I have never seen two more deserving worthy of love. With all of the hardships and pain they have suffered and caused one another, it is fitting that they receive this momentary antidote.

But the moment is interrupted as Charlotte brings Rowan into the room, but interestingly enough Olivia and Fitz did not jump away from one another but rather very slowly moved their hands away. It seems with two weeks left in office what exactly does Fitz have to lose.

Rowan walks in and apologizes for intruding on their moment, but he request to speak to the president alone and Olivia’s face.

Olivia looks over at Fitz with a soft giggle like Rowan was playing a joke on them, but when she saw Fitz’s cute nod/ wink of assurance Olivia says ‘of course’ but you know she was high key curious/ worried about them being in the room. With Olivia gone, Rowan tells Fitz he came to apologize to him and to help. Wow. Fitz has earned Rowan’s respect, which many have been able to do considering the people Rowan associates with he controls,  but rest assure Rowan, Fitz and Olivia will not be one big happy family, but for the moment this will certainly suffice. This is a step in the right direction. The two most important men in Olivia’s life working together to take down a bigger threat was spectacular and I am sure Olivia for a second once it was all over felt a sense of relief at them putting aside their differences to find a solution. Team work is the dream work. But did anyone love that as Olivia and Rowan are walking into the bunker to confront Real Bitch, Olivia is telling Rowan that Fitz will protect her that we will protect you. Oh Olitz. Oh Olivia.

While I loved the monologue Olivia gave to Mellie about being a ‘nasty women’ clear homage to Hillary Clinton, that seen was beautiful and inspiring but it doesn’t convey Mellie to me. Because for starters Cyrus was wrongfully convicted of murdering Frankie, something Olivia chose to ignore. Secondly, Olivia is still claiming this White House which just so happens to be ninth circle of hell is telling that Olivia is still dealing with her command issues. And finally, Mellie is the most privileged person on this show, she didn’t have to work or sacrifice to get to where she is at, if we had seen Mellie working and struggling to fight then I would be empathic to her cause but this isn’t Mellie’s speech. This is Olivia’s speech.

This episode was amazing but the promo for next week!

Y’all pray for my soul and my spirit because with the war “supposedly” over, Olivia will be spending much of her time at the White House to make up for all the lost time away from Fitz. And to be honest, Olivia deserves to be happy and relish in that feeling of being with the one she loves.  Olivia has been doing for others, isn’t it time she does something for herself?

                           *treat yo self, gurl*