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I don’t think I’ve ever liked the main character as much as I like the villain and/or supporting characters and I’m not sure what that says about me.

Best-Looking Christines

Here are some Christines that I think are really pretty and gorgeous. For the record, every actress who played Christine is beautiful, but these gals are the ones who stood out, imo.

Anna O’Byrne

Choi Hyun Joo

Claire Doyle

Claire Lyon

Emilie Lynn

Gina Beck

Harriet Jones

Jennifer Hope Wills

Joke de Kruijf

Kim So Hyun

Maike Switzer

Maria Kesselman

Mary D’Arcy

Olivia Brereton

Rebecca Luker

Samantha Hill

Sierra Boggess

Sofia Escobar

Susan Owen

Tamara Kotova


(Part 1)

Ross & Rachel

Cancer (Capricorn rising) and Taurus (Libra rising)

Carrie & Big

Aquarius (Libra rising) and Gemini (Leo rising)

Meredith & Derek

Libra (Scorpio rising) and Leo (Taurus rising)

Mark & Lexie

Cancer (Sagittarius rising) and Virgo (Gemini rising)

Lucas & Peyton

Pisces (Leo rising) and Scorpio (Aquarius rising)

Chuck & Blair

Taurus (Aquarius rising, Scorpio moon) and Scorpio (Aries rising)

Fitz & Olivia

Cancer (Leo rising) and Scorpio (Capricorn rising)

Damon & Elena

Scorpio (Sagittarius moon) and Cancer (Leo moon)

My opinion as always, there’s gonna be others parts

George Harrison and embraces:

“George [Harrison] was the kind of guy who wasn’t going to leave until he hugged you for five minutes and told you how much he loved you.” - Tom Petty, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002 [x]