olivia galati

April 1st marked another successful Pro Fastpitch Senior Draft. This years draft was yet again filled with some popular stars including 4 members of last years WCWS runner up  Oklahoma Sooners team. But this class also has its stars that do not receive much national attention even though they are well deserving.

Round 1
#1 Akron Racers: Rachele Fico - P, LSU
#2 NY/NY Comets: Olivia Galati - P, Hofstra
#3 Chicago Bandits: Jolene Henderson - P, Cal
#4 USSSA Pride: Keilani Ricketts - P, Oklahoma
Round 2
#5 USSSA Pride: Jessica Shults - C, Oklahoma
#6 NY/NJ Comets: Jessica Moore - P, Oregon
#7 Chicago Bandits: Michelle Gascoigne - P, Oklahoma
#8 Akron Racers: Ivy Renfroe - P, Tennessee
Round 3
#9 Akron Racers: Brianna Turang - OF, Oklahoma
#10 NY/NJ Comets: Cyndil Matthew - OF, UMass
#11 Chicago Bandits: Maggie Hull - OF, Kansas
#12 Akron Racers: Brianna Cherry - OF, ULL
Round 4
#13 Chicago Bandits:
Raven Chavanne - 3B, Tennessee
#14 NY/NJ Comets: Samie Garcia - SS, South Carolina
#15 Chicago Bandits: Mel Dumezich - P, Texas A&M
#16 Akron Racers: Tess Sito - 2B, Georgia
Round 5
#17 Akron Racers: Brigette Del Ponte, 3B, Arizona
#18 NY/NJ Comets: Courtney Liddle - 1B, Virginia tech
#19 Chicago Bandits: Jenna Marston, SS/C, Missouri
#20 USSSA Pride: Chelsea Thomas - P, Missouri

Keep in mind many girls have multiple positions so this list may only be a primary position.
Some girls may elect to play for Team USA this season or may have other obligations that keep them from joining their pro teams. Be sure to come out to the stadiums this season to come watch and support your favorite players.