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bless you and your love for Olivia Colman. not enough people worship her the way she should be!!!

Olivia is easily one of the best actresses alive today. The way she can go from doing hilariously funny sketch shows to leaving me crying and sobbing in a corner in more serious things like Broadchurch or Tyrannosaur - fuck’s sake, she had me crying in Locke, where you don’t even see her you just hear her voice for a bit but bruh I went down hard. And her face - she’s so expressive, like she can go from ‘eye bags for days, can straight up murder a bitch’ to the happiest and most beautiful and delightful human being. And don’t even get me started on that hair. I actually get depressed when her hair is straightened in shows. Leave those curls alone you savages they’re flawless. She is just an incredible woman and an incredible actress with incredible talent and I’m going to be saying ‘where is the oscar tho’ every time she so much as sneezes until she gets one


Hardy and Ellie - from Broadchurch Season Two
(including a couple of deleted scenes from the “Making Of” documentary on the DVD)

David Tennant & Olivia Colman on their characters:

DT: They’re sort of hollowed-out by the events of series 1
OC: …and only have each other, actually.  So although they aggravate each other, they only have each other to talk to