olivia caroline pope


“When a woman screams, it doesn’t mean that she’s having a meltdown or she’s going through menopause.  It means she’s fucking pissed off.”  (Mary McDonnell - Galacticon 3, 2013)


Food-4-thought! - something that warrants serious consideration.

Now these 2 Gif sets came thru my dash back-to-back! And I thought hummm!
And this what came to mind!
In these 2 scenes here Olivia experience 2-Heart-felt Blows to hear heart and it traveled all the way to her brain which caused her thought process to be totally off, (darn lady can’t think straight when it comes to the Heart ❤ of the matter concerning Fitz ) from the beginning of them & what SEEMS like the Ending of them:(


Fitz U R a (Badd) somebody! U took a sista Breathe away in that elevator! & there-after! Lol…yupp! She was hooked! Heart fluttering! And from then on it was hard for olivia caroline pope to Breathe with or with-out this Mister:)
He still owns’ Her heart❤️