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[It’s been a long day. Viktor spent almost whole day at the office. He was leaving for Italy in two days and he had to leave everything taken care of everything before his departure. As soon as he came home, the young businessman collapsed on the sofa, tossing away his jacket. The sound of Olivia singing lullaby to Lily as entering the room, made him smile. He could fill the joy and warmth pour right into his soul.]

Hey, Liv… How was your day?

The Big Bang in Blakewater.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2014.

About seven days ago ash rained down from the sky just outside the docks in Blakewater. Launceston PD had yet to release any information on the cause of the vehicular fire, if there happened to be anyone within it and if so, were there any survivors.

A single body was just barely recovered from the sut. The dental records were recently analyzed and the Launceston PD has just released an official statement indicating that the victim trapped within the vehicle belonged to Olivia Callaghan, the mayor’s former wife.

There are no suspects released as of yet nor any further information as to the direct cause of the blow though foul play is definitely suspected.