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I am back with 1.2k and im doing blog rates and recommendations.

to enter:

  1. send me an ask
  2. tell me if you want a blog rate or rec
  3. rate- send me a url
  4. rec- either reccomend me one or tell me what kind of blog you are looking for. (you can even give me how many you want and letters or whatever)
  5. here is the blog rates outline
  6. tags- 1.2k blog rates and recs (I will also add your blog name/anon)

thank yall so much for getting me to another milestone. i definitely dont deserve all this love so let me give some of it back. idk what I would do without yall. I love you forever and always.

Niqo, 20

“I’m wearing a piece by my friend Olivia Mains. My style is all about versatility and creativity. I like to wear anything that I can throw together and make it look good. I’m all about color blocking and taking a risk. My current favorites are Ebonee Davis, Rihanna of course, and a friend of mine who is an amazing stylist Beoncia Dunn.”

Aug 25, 2018 ∙ Afropunk