olivia blackthorn

Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn children, from City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, ink and watercolor.  

I love this so much! Cristina Rosoles (the Believer) Mark Blackthorn (the Changeling) Tiberius Blackthorn ( the Genius) Emma Carstairs (the Warrior) Julian Blackthorn (the Artist) Octavian Blackthorn (the Innocent) Olivia Blackthorn (the Protector) Drusilla Blackthorn (the Dreamer)


Meet the Blackthorns

Imogen Poots as Helen Blackthorn

Toby Regbo as Mark Anthony Blackthorn

Ansel Elgort as Julian Blackthorn

Ian Nelson as Tiberius Blackthorn

Danielle Campbell as Olivia Blackthorn

Odeya Rush as Drusilla Blackthorn

(some random kid as Octavian Blackthorn woops)


The Shadowhunter Chronicles

The Infernal Devices
>> Jem Carstairs // Tessa Grey // Will Herondale

The Last Hours
>> Lucie Herondale // James Herondale

The Mortal Instruments
>> Clary Fray // Jace Herondale

The Dark Artifices
>> Julian Blackthorn // Emma Carstairs

The Wicked Powers
>> Olivia Blackthorn // Tiberius Blackthorn (???)

The Bane Chronicles
>> Magnus Bane

The Secret Treasons (Graphic Novel)
>> Valentine Morgenstern // Jocelyn Fairchild

Companion Novels
>> The Shadowhunter’s Codex
>> Shadowhunters and Downworlders

Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn kids (is that a band) via CoHF, WORK IN PROGRESS! Pen and ink, will be colored with watercolors. Not the full length picture shown, obviously! But who you DO see (R to L): Livvy, Drusilla, Emma, Julian, and lil bby Tavvy (Ty will be in there, too, I promise!).


Much love,