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Bates Motel fandom! 

With the show coming to that inevitable end tonight (i’m so depressed you have no idea) i’ve been thinking about doing a little something to keep the show alive, at least on tumblr.

Bates Motel appreciation posts (15 days). You can make gif sets, videos, graphics, art, etc. 

You can start whenever you want. Hope you all can take part of it. 
Please, don’t let the bates motel tag die :)


Scan - George Harrison and Bob Dylan playing tennis, Isle of Wight, 1969, from George’s camera.

Scanned from Living in the Material World

Photo © The Harrison Family

“I really like George.” - Bob Dylan to Chris O’Dell, 1975; Miss O’Dell: Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton
“George got stuck with being the Beatle that had to fight to get songs on records because of Lennon and McCartney. Well, who wouldn’t get stuck?”

“If George had had his own group and was writing his own songs back then, he’d have been probably just as big as anybody.” - Bob Dylan, NME, 2007

“[George] was also Bob Dylan’s biggest fan. He could quote the lyrics to practically any Dylan song you could come up with.” - Jim Keltner, Rolling Stone, 2002

“George quoted Bob like people quote Scripture. Bob really adored George, too. George used to hang over the balcony videoing Bob while Bob wasn’t aware of it. Bob would be sitting at the piano playing, and George would tape it and listen to it all night.”
Q: “So George had his own private Dylan bootlegs?”
TP: “Yeah. One day George was hiding in the hedge at the house where we were recording. As everybody flew off, George would rise up out of the bushes with his video going. And he did that with Bob.” - Tom Petty, Rolling Stone, 2002 [x]

“He’s fantastic, you know. There’s not a lot of people in the world who I see from a historical point of view. Five hundred years grom now, looking back in history, I think he will still be the man, Bob, he just takes the cake.” - George Harrison, 1987 [x]

“I’ve always liked the way George Harrison plays guitar - restrained and good.” - Bob Dylan

“They had a soul connection.” - Olivia Harrison on George and Bob, Rolling Stone, 2011

“He was a giant, a great, great soul, with all the humanity, all the wit and humor, all the wisdom, the spirituality, the commen sense of a man and compassion for people. He inspired love and had the strength of a hundred men.
He was like the sun, the flowers and the moon, and we will miss him enormously. The world is a profoundly emptier place without him.” - Bob Dylan on George Harrison, Rolling Stone, 2002 [x]

Hiatus is fast approaching once again so we’ve planned some days to spread love and appreciation for the wonderful females of the Walking Dead (and to give the fandom something to do over the long months of hiatus). 

Any kind of content is welcome; gifs, fan art, metas, whatever you feel like creating! We’ve set up a bit more days than last year but don’t be overwhelmed! You do not have to post something everyday to participate and posting late it totally okay too! 

The dates we have planned are as follows:

  • Sunday April 09: Michonne appreciation  
  • Sunday April 16: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 1  
  • Sunday April 23: Judith appreciation  
  • Wednesday April 26: wardrobe appreciation  
  • Sunday April 30: favorite minor character(s) season 1*
  • Sunday May 07: Lori appreciation  
  • Wednesday May 10: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 2
  • Sunday May 14: Deanna appreciation  
  • Sunday May 21: Maggie appreciation  
  • Wednesday May 24: favorite quote(s)
  • Sunday May 28: favorite minor character(s) season 2
  • Sunday June 04: Sasha appreciation  
  • Sunday June 11: Beth appreciation  
  • Sunday June 18: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 3  
  • Wednesday June 21: most heartbreaking moment(s)
  • Sunday June 25: favorite minor character(s) season 3
  • Sunday July 02: Olivia appreciation  
  • Wednesday July 05: cast appreciation  
  • Sunday July 09: Enid appreciation  
  • Sunday July 16: favorite minor character(s) season 4
  • Sunday July 23: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 4  
  • Sunday July 30: Andrea appreciation  
  • Wednesday August 02: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 5
  • Sunday August 06: Sophia appreciation  
  • Sunday August 13: Rosita appreciation  
  • Wednesday August 16: favorite minor character(s) season 5 
  • Sunday August 20: Jacqui appreciation
  • Sunday August 27: Tara appreciation  
  • Wednesday August 30: favorite relationship(s)  
  • Sunday September 03: Denise appreciation  
  • Sunday September 10: favorite minor character(s) season 6
  • Wednesday September 13: happiest moment(s)  
  • Sunday September 17: Jessie appreciation  
  • Sunday September 24: favorite female antagonist  
  • Wednesday September 27: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 6
  • Sunday October 01: favorite minor character(s) season 7
  • Sunday October 08: Carol appreciation  
  • Wednesday October 11: favorite lady centric episode(s) season 7
  • Sunday October 15: all lady appreciation/anything goes!

*minor characters can have appeared in more than one season, our classification of minor character in this instance is any character that does not already have their own day


  • do not repost other people’s work
  • positive content only
  • please use the tag #ladiesoftwddays17 in your first five tags so we can see your work and reblog it here 
  • you do not have to post something for everyday to participate
  • please send us a message if you have any questions!

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George Harrison, photographed for Cloud Nine in 1987 by Gered Mankowitz; via Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

George’s nicknames appreciation post, prompted by a previous ask:

  • Hazza (In 1958, when John, Paul and George hung out together very frequently and had nicknames for each other: Lennie, Macca and Hazza, as Mark Lewisohn states in All These Years: here)
  • Hari
  • Georgie [x] (The other three Beatles can be heard calling him that in interviews [for instance, x], Astrid Kirchherr, Klaus Voormann and Jürgen Vollmer refer to it, and Paul as relatively recently as 2005 [x]. George also signed at least one letter to Astrid that way [x]; and it’s also what Ken Mansfield recalls as George’s telegram code name [the other three are Jock, Porgie and Richie, as he remembers, x!])
  • Carl Harrison (Well, not a nickname per se, but George’s chosen stage name for the May 1960 Johnny Gentle tour of Scotland)
  • Geo, a nickname used by his mother Louise (Recalled by Arthur Kelly, in The Beatles - All These Years: Tune In’s extended version… pronounced “Joe.”)
  • The Beautiful One (What the Hamburg exis nicknamed George in 1960, x)
  • George Gretsch, as fans took to calling him after he’d purchased his beloved second-hand Gretsch Duo Jet in 1961 [x]
  • According to the New York Post’s 20 September 1964 issue, he was “called ‘The Bloody Sphinx’ by John Lennon and 'The Great Stone Face’ by Ringo Starr.” [x]
  • When George, Pattie, John and Cyn went on their May 1964 vacation to Tahiti, etc., code names were created for them, as Brian Epstein recounted in A Cellarful of Noise; George’s was Mr. Hargreaves (as in, his father, Harold Hargreaves Harrison).
  • Jack Lumber (George’s clearly Monty Python fanatic pseudonym for “hotels, security (and guitar picks),” as Eric Idle recalls x; when traveling with Olivia in the 1970’s and 1980’s, it was often as “Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lumber”.)
  • “[My] ‘L’Angelo Mysterioso’ credit [for playing on the co-written ‘Badge’] must have been thought up by Eric [Clapton]. I just saw it on the back of the album when it came! In those days, of course, if you played on anybody else’s album or even one track, EMI used to get funny about it, thinking, ‘Oh, the fabulous Beatles publishing catalogue,’ and try claiming royalties on it. So if we did that we always had to make up names. Ravi Shankar used to put on ’Hari Georgeson’ or ’Jai Raj Harisein.’ John [Lennon] preferred ‘George Harrisong.’” - George, Musician, November 1987
  • “[M]y Indian name for him was ’Jáyaraj.’” - Ravi Shankar, Concert for George, 29 November 2002
  • Arthur Wax, George O’Hara, George O’Hara-Smith, Onothimagen, P. Roducer, Nelson Wilbury, Spike Wilbury…for album credits, and in the case of Ohnothimagen, album promo.
  • When George, Olivia and Dhani stayed one night at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, on 28 October 1982, they had reservations under the name ‘Mr and Mrs Tannerhill’ (according to The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001).
  • “[In Hawaii, George was known to locals] “simply as Keoki.” [x]… it’s also one of Dhani’s tattoos: xx.
  • On 14 December 1984, George appeared on stage as a surprise guest with Deep Purple in Sydney, introduced as ‘Arnold Grove from Liverpool’ (a pseudonym he also used for hotels; as well as Rick Veda).
  • Once more for guitar picks, Sir Edmund Wilbury and Nakihama Wilbury (the latter during the 1991 Japan tour) [x]
  • While undergoing cancer treatment Stateside, George apparently checked in under the alias Jorge Arias, a nickname he also used on other occasions (x).

Dear Evan Hansen Understudy Appreciation!

Scan - George, Olivia and Dhani, scanned from Harrison by the editors of Rolling Stone and copyright the Harrison family.

“‘It’s hard to think of leaving the privacy and quiet of the happy life I have here,” [George Harrison] admits, saying he wants to be in touch musically with the world but can’t imagine any real return to even the sparse touring and self-promotion of his 1970-90’s solo span. Yet the increasingly negative tilt of society, with its obsessive preoccupations with violence, bigotry, and nihilism, troubles Harrison. A fallen Catholic whose adult embrace of Indian spirituality has never wavered, Harrison feels the need to try 'to cut through the cynicism’ let the public know he still believes in the power of music 'to inspire, give comfort or another outlook’ on 'all the terrible things’ that 'we’re doing to ourselves and each other these days.’“ - Article and interview by Timothy White, Billboard, 19 June 1999 [x]

“Seeing how amazing, sweet and talented Dhani is, and how cool and amazing Olivia is - you can tell a lot about a person by who their friends are and who they love. […] They’re such incredible people, and they love him so much, and you can see how much he loved them. I love his art, his gardens and his home, and all the incredible things he’s written, but I think my favorite moment of George’s is Dhani and Olivia.” - Regina Spektor, Filter, Fall 2011

some cute tango/whiskey things to think about !!

tango asks bitty and the rest of smh for advice on How To Handle A Crush without letting on that the crush in question is whiskey, until bitty figures it out at a later point, and he offers to help in any way he can. tango fires off so many questions, one of them being about how bitty deals with any of his crushes and bits is just like “haha, texting helps!! 😅”, so they try many different drafts of what message tango could send to whiskey to get them to meet up so he can confess his feelings to him

bitty: this one?
tango: idk…is that too eager?
bitty: what about that?
tango: ??? is that okay ???
bitty: this one!! i’m sending it!!
tango: wait-
bitty: too late, it’s done, it’ll be fine!!
tango: 😰😰😰

(this got…long, like. Ridiculously Long, so the rest is under the cut!!)

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