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Olitzologist Musing #69: Let’s talk about Olitz-interrupted (101 vs. 501)

Olivia and Fitz have had their intimate moments interrupted several times since the start of the series. In addition to the ones pictured above, we can recall Olivia and Fitz’s coitus interruptus by Cyrus (221), and Mellie’s intrusion upon Olitz’s morning make-out in the Oval (311). It is not the disturbance of their privacy that I find most interesting. No. Meaningful to me is the relationship between the Olitz and disturber; the context in which the disturbance happens; as well as how Olivia and Fitz reaction tell a story about the state of their relationship. For those reasons Sweet Baby (101) and Heavy Is The Head (501) are worth discussing because of the parallels and progress they present.

Then: Sweet Baby (101)

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Since I’m paranoid as fuck, I will burst my own bubble and assume that Olitz really isn’t public but they found a loophole to go on a date. 

My theory is that it was some type of charity event where politicians auctioned themselves off as dates. Olivia won Fitz for a date and they are going out! I remember this as an episode of One Tree Hill so that’s my theory.

What say ye all? 


When Tony cries I cry.

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Stolen Moments

I said I wouldn’t write anything but i couldn’t resist, after watching the wedding moment.

There is a symmetry to 4.01 and 4.15.

It’s interesting that in both episodes Olivia and Fitz are in HORRIBLE places. Liv abandoned Fitz, and Olivia got kidnapped because the president loves her. In both episodes both of them have tried to move on, Olivia in particular but no matter how hard she tries, no matter how many vows she makes to stay away from him, she unconsciously looks for him and all the promises she made end up broken once she lays eyes on him.

As in 4.01 they have a subtle moment that if viewed by others it would appear there was no interaction but too them and them alone they are able to communicate in subtext in way that can only be described as beautiful. Olivia moves her hand and displays the ring for Fitz’s eyes only; though they have much to discuss and hopefully they will actually talk, but regardless this moment was a much needed boost to their morale and confidence. This gesture Olivia showed Fitz was as much for her as it was for him-to confirm that they are real, and to remind one another of what they continue to share regardless of circumstances. It was a moment but at times a moment is all we need.

I can't wait to see some interesting, insightful analysis of the "choose you" moment

Because 12 hours later, I still don’t get it. How is she choosing him if the White House has officially distanced themselves from her? She’s again sacrificed her happiness, her career to try to save his presidency, but how does that translate into her choosing them and their relationship? It seems like choosing him would mean being honest about their relationship not acting like she slept her way to the top. It was a great moment to see Fitz and Olivia affectionately together, but what Olivia was saying didn’t match up with what they were doing, so it just rang false to me. I mean if the next episode is her by herself struggling with the backlash, confiding in Jake, essentially not being with Fitz…did she really choose Fitz? I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen…but I’m just highly confused and skeptical of that moment.

Also, is the press unaware that Abby and Olivia are friends? They were seated next to each other at the state dinner and Abby worked for Olivia for years, yet no one is suspicious of Abby’s briefing discrediting Olivia?

If you read interesting POVs of that scene, if you have any insights please tag me because I’m just lost….