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anonymous asked:

Katrina, do you think that Olivia would have reached out to Fitz if he hadn't kicked out Mellie? Even after realizing that her true-self wanted Fitz?

It depends on what you mean by “reach out”. Physically? Maybe no. Emotionally? We already started to see that. Putting the ring back on is Olivia Speak for reaching out (lol). So, she first extended the Olive branch. We saw that Olivia had started to call him by 421, and they were capable of sharing sincere and warm moments with each other (that fissure in her coldness happened in 420).  

Olivia likely called the WH after Jake left.  The only reason she likely went to the WH is because of what Charlotte told her when she called. I don’t think she would have made that move if nothing had changed on Fitz’s part. Olivia’s true self has always wanted Fitz. That really hasn’t been at question since season 2 (though other obstacles have). Her wanting is not the problem; it’s the claiming. She’s an only child and she does not want to share. Fitz ‘s unadulterated audacity (pun intended) allowed Olivia to be brave and go get her Fitz doll man.  

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