olivetti studio 45

This is my most current addition, Olivia. I named her that because it’s similar to her brand, Olivetti (she is a Studio 45). This one is, by far, the most unique in my collection. It’s the newest, the only Olivetti I have, the only teal one I have, and… AND… she types in cursive. That’s right. Cursive. She's one of the few things I’m prepared to grab if my place ever catches fire or something like that happens. And I paid the most for this one- $75 (after adding shipping). Thank goodness I have a credit card haha. I don’t feel guilty though; something like this shouldn't be passed up. And if I understand right, Olivettis are quite collectible depending on the model (you never see an Olivetti Valentine for sale for less than $300…).

She is from the 1960’s.