Dear Arrow writers, I survived Raylicity, SaraxOliver, Oliver Queen’s “death”, Felicity’s ‘I don’t want to be a woman that you love’, 'You asked us to trust in you and we trusted in you’, Felicity being shoot, DO YOU REALLY THINK “BROKEN HEARTS” WILL SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME? BRING IT ON, I AM SO FUCKING READY
Imagine dating Dean Winchester and your brother, Oliver Queen gives Dean a little warning before going out on a date

I honestly had a dream about this guys and just had to make it an imagine after having this dream.

Dean showed up at your door ready to take you out on a first date. You answered the door.

Y/N: Hey Dean! 

You threw your arms around his neck and gave him a big hug. Dean chuckled.

Dean: Hey sweetheart! Ready?

Y/N: Just give me 5 minutes.

All of a sudden a voice could be heard. “Who is it sweetie?”

Y/N: It’s Dean!

All of a sudden a tall, built man came walking in.

Y/N: Dean I want you to meet my big brother, Oliver! Oliver this is Dean!

Oliver: Nice to meet you.

Oliver said reaching out to shake his hand.

Dean: You too. Nice to finally meet the famous Oliver Queen.

Y/N: I just got to run up to my room and get something. Be right back.

You ran up stairs and Dean and Oliver watched you. Oliver then turned back to look at Dean.

Oliver: Dean. My sister seems to like you a lot and that’s fine. You seem like a nice guy. But I am very protective of my sister and I love her so much. So all I want to say is that if you hurt her I’ll snap your neck.

Dean nodded his head.

Dean: Seems reasonable. But trust me I have no intentions on hurting Y/N what so ever. She’s a great girl and I would love to keep her around.

Oliver: Good. 

Oliver said smiling. You then came running down stairs.

Y/N: Alright! We can go now!

You went on your tippy toes and gave Oliver a kiss on the cheek.

Y/N: Bye Oliver! Love you! I’ll see you later tonight.

Oliver: Sounds good sweetie. Love you too and have fun!

You smiled at your brother and turned to Dean.

Dean: Alright sweetheart let’s go!

He then grabbed your hand and you both headed out.