Fox, I hate you. Remember. THEY CAN NOT TAKE IT.

My morning was ruined when I found out that FoxTV had decided not to pick up Delirium. It turned my world upside down. I was absolutely sure that they would say “yes” to the project. Well, now all I can do is to wait that someday someone will decide to make a film “Delirium” instead of the TV show.
I will always support Daren and Gregg. Remember. They can not take it.

@lauren-oliver lauren-oliver @oliverbooks guess what my english homework was about? WRITE YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE! My first thought was: Lauren Oliver. She’s great. Great quotes. Great author. Definition of perfection. So here you have, I hope you like it. I had to erase a part because it says something relative to Portland and the book, because I’m pretty sure my teacher will go like “What does Portland has to do with this”
Anyway… HAPPY REQUIEM RELEASE DAY!!! I can’t wait to get my copy; hopefully I’ll have it next week. :)

anddd here we have history related books

Nory Ryan’s Song (book based during the great hunger of ireland)

Anne Franks Diary

Elizabeth and Mary cousins, rivals, queens (queen elizabeth I and mary, queen of scots)