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June 24 1893: Roy Oliver Disney is born
In Chicago, Illinois, the third of five children is born to Elias and Flora Disney. Roy Oliver Disney, along with his younger brother Walt started what is today The Walt Disney Company. Roy was Walt’s right hand man in the creation of the beloved company. Roy handled the business side of the Disney company, which left Walt free to produce and create. Roy was the president of Walt Disney Productions from 1945 to 1968 and chairman of the board from 1964 until his death in 1971.
Roy was known to be a humble, honest man. He married Edna Francis in 1925, and was the father of the well-known Roy E Disney. Today there is a statue of Roy O. Disney seated beside Minnie Mouse on a park bench in Town Square on Main Street, U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom in Florida. It was Roy’s idea to change the name of Disney World to Walt Disney World. Roy also has a statue outside the Team Disney building at Disney’s corporate headquarters in Burbank, California.
Said Roy, “My job is to help Walt do the things he wants to do.”

Arrow Summer Rewatch: 1x22 Darkness on the Edge of Town

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I have mixed feelings about this episode. On the one hand, there’s the incredible “Original Team Arrow Infiltrates Merlyn Global” sequence. On the other…

This is the episode of L*uriver sex.

Thoughts and observations under the cut.

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Impressions of our roadtrip “BELLA ITALIA”

Manarola is truly be the most romantic town I’ve ever visited in my life #Manarola #Cinque Terre #La Spezia #northern italy #Italy.

We love Italy - fresh fish with potatoes and olives.



“I should be okay with it, but I feel like I’m losing my dad.”
-Oliver “Dodger” Avery, 17, Junior

One of the worst events in Oliver’s life was his parent’s divorce. After all, if anyone’s parents were going to be together forever, everyone figured they would be his. His parents met at Disney World, where they played a prince and a princess, always appearing together at parades, holding hands and sighing in each other’s direction. It was inevitable when they finally got together. After about twenty years of marriage, when he was fourteen, his parents divorced. Oliver took it hard. His grades slipped, he stopped communicating with his parents, he found himself having every single symptom of a divorce child in the book, down to having the counselor have him in his office weekly to ensure he wouldn’t go off the rails. After all, the divorce was strangely hostile on his mother’s part. She asked for almost everything: the house, the car and custody of him. She won all of it because his dad let her have it. The custody was the only thing his father fought for, but for reasons unknown to him, he went to stay with his mother. He thought he was supposed to have some sort of say since he was already fourteen at the time, but no one asked him. They just sealed a paper and stated his mother had full custody. That was that. He would now only see his father sparingly whenever his mother thought it was convenient. There were phone calls, but they were always hurried.

The rage in his mother passed after a few months and she let him see his dad more often. About a year later, when he was fifteen, he started noticing weird things in his father’s behavior. His hair started to grow longer. Something about his appearance changed each time he went to visit him, but Oliver could never put his finger on what. Each visit, he grew bored of throwing the ball around with him, or even taking him to concerts like he used to. His father did a complete 180 on him. The first time Oliver mentioned it to his mother during the periods he felt like avoiding his father, he almost wished he hadn’t. There was a strange flicker of a flame in her eyes, and the next time she took him to see his father, she yelled and yelled in vague terms until his father took Oliver into the house. That’s how he found out that his father had been transitioning into a woman, and had been undergoing the process a few months after the divorce. Oliver wasn’t a stranger to these things, he’d seen kids at school go through it, his mother had always taught him to be okay, but suddenly, having it slap him in the face felt different. His father was slowly fading behind surgeries and changes. All without him ever knowing. Most of all, he felt betrayed that his father had been suffering for so long without telling him. Still, he couldn’t shake the feeling that his father was gone and was going to be replaced with a total stranger.

Each time he sees him, a little thing changes. Last time he visited, his Adam’s apple was gone. Before that, his nose had been finer. Oliver felt each time hit him, like little pieces of his dad were all scattering on the floor before him. No matter how much people told him his father was still in there, still loving the same things, still willing to do the same things with him, it didn’t seem that way. Because all of a sudden, he wasn’t even sure what he was supposed to call his father when the transition period was over. There would not only be a name change, but a considerable personality change, and Oliver doesn’t feel ready for that. He knows one day he is going to walk in and see a woman where his father used to be. She’ll be wearing dresses and skirts and paint her nails, things his father never did before. The more he tried to put logic behind it, the less any of it made sense, the more freaked out he became. Where would his father, his actual father, be soon? And what was Oliver supposed to call him when he finally turned into a she?

Friends & Connections

Jaden, Elena, Evan, Buzz, Austin, Ivy, BeckJessica, Isaac, Khouri, Levi, Manny, Gigi

His faceclaim is Alexander Arnold and he is taken by Mitchie.



Maple wants to travel!

Trading: Maple the normal cub
Looking for: Dreamies or highest bell offer as I’m working on my new town! Dreamies: Marina*****, Marshal*****, Merengue****, Beau, Zell or Zucker

Move date: 06/21 CST! She is in boxes now.

Additional info: I believe she is pretty much original. 
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