First 3 songs felt a bit stiff, but after The Pledge I felt something changed and they seemed more relaxed.

Kyo wore a black jacket, white shirt, thin bow tie and black skinny jeans. He took jacket off after Namamekashiki. His shirt was so soaked that his tattoos were visible through it ;)
For encore he wore a EVIL DEAD 2 tshirt.
He had his silver square ring and usual earring, not much make up, nothing during encore.

Kaoru wore loose black cropped pants and pink tights underneath with black fishnet tights (more than one pair, one ripped), he had a black bat painted on his neck, or something with wings. His hair was very ‘frizzy’.

Toshiya in the beginning really looked like a model with a super cool face expression and his posture. But later he warmed up and was all smiles.

Shinya had a white button up shirt. They all looked a bit formal with shirts and jackets, but Die had a t-shirt and sleeveless sporty jacket over it. But his hair game was first class as usual.

Namamekashiki was so heartbreaking. If you care about hitting tje right notes and stuff like that maybe you wouldn’t enjoy it in Okinawa, but for me it was so powerful and beautiful, his voice was so full of emotion.
He loudly dropped his mic with the end of the song (and had to pick it up before the next one).

Kyo’s mic stopping working during THE FATAL BELIEVER, so he threw it on the crate, signaled the staff and came to the front so we could sing instead of him ;) problem handling like a boss!
When the mic was back he still signaled for staff to change the settings, but it didn’t become a big issue.

I liked the huge green 'PSYCHO KILLER’ on the screen, we didn’t need it to shout it, but it looked great! Overall the crowd response was so amazing this night and the whole tour!

Kyo was planning to go to the right side during Hageshisa at one point, but he almost crashed into Die, to avoid it he did a little swirl and saved the situation xp he was grinning so much then, with our mad happy laugh as a reaction.

All members walked on the stage quite a lot. I was between Kyo and Shinya in the 3~2 row and could see everyone up close when they came to visit few times ;) Kaoru and Die had their moment when Kaoru came to the other side, they all interacted a lot in Okinawa.

After encore Kyo was sitting on the drum stand and listening to us shouting his name, he waited for other members throwing things and saying their goodbyes.

While sitting there he actually started spraying Shinya with water when the latter came to the front to throw drumsticks. When Shinya turned around to check what’s going on, Kyo just smiled beautifully :3

 When he finally grabbed water bottles, his face was just so. Near crying, but so so happy. It was a good tour, with awesome crowd and response.

After Kyo run out of things to throw, he got his tshirt off and also threw it to the fans.
Then he was still hesistant to leave, he grabbed the mic again and said:

“ I guess I said on the radio that we’re not coming to Okinawa again, but I really want to come again. Really. Then. Goodnight.”

After he dropped the mic the final time he waved bye to us the last time and went off the stage.