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“I really miss you” i say to him as my eyes start to water. “I miss you too baby, fuck, tour is being awful, i fucking need you.” He covered his face with his hands trying to recompose himself. I start crying and try to calm myself hoping he didnt notice. “Baby? No please dont cry princess, dont make this harder please stop crying.” He says as he he whippes his eyes with the back of his hand quickly, he was crying too, for my foult. “I love you.” I say now, more calmed “i love you too, so much, to the moon-” “and back” i smile as soon as i end his sentence, he smiles back.

Oli Sykes: Feels So Right


Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 438

Featuring: Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon

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A/N: This is adorable omfg. British [Yorkshire, mainly] slang guide at the bottom. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve typed this with more of a dialect, but it would be really hard to read so I kind of just used what I thought wouldn’t take away from the point. Also, sorry it’s short, I couldn’t figure out what else to stuff into this.

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Not your Cinderella

If her happiness means I have to give up mine, I wouldn’t mind my tears.

How does every girl imagine her wedding day to be?

Sunny weather with a clear blue sky, an old church decorated with roses and your family and friends waiting for you in excitement. A white dress, puffy and sparkling with a long veil. This was every girl’s dream, right? Then why were you so unhappy?

With dull eyes, you stared at yourself in the full-length mirror. Light make-up, slightly curled hair with crystal flowers in your bangs, a white veil and a dress that sparkled with tiny stones and glitter. You hated it. It was too attention seeking, expensive and overdone. Sure, it was your wedding day, but this just wasn’t you!

You whinced slightly at the knock on the door but your eyes didn’t leave your reflection.
“Dear? Come on, it’s time”, your father’s deep voice reached your ears, muffled by the door. With one last glance at the sad woman in the mirror, you opened the door and stepped into the long empty hallway where your father was waiting for you with a big smile.

“You look stunning”, he said quietly to which you gave him a faked smile. “Thanks, dad..”, you mumbled just as quietly. Didn’t he notice how unhappy you were or did he pretend not to see it? But what kind of father wouldn’t notice that? What kind of father would ignore that?

Linking your arm with his, you walked down the cold corridor before you eventually came to a halt in front of two big wooden doors. You gulped silently.

Behind those door were your friends, your family, waiting for you to walk down the aisle and stare at your fiancé in happiness with tears in your eyes and a smile on your lips.

You gaze wandered to your father who looked more excited than ever, like he was the one who was about to get married, not you. Oh how you wished it was like that!

“There’s no need to be nervous”, your father said, his voice cracked slightly. Why was he so excited? Oh, right. Money. After exchanging the rings, your family would be rich, thanks to your then - husband.

Without another word, the wooden doors opened and a soft melody started to play, ‘Wedding March’. You scoffed but quickly covered it with a tiny smile as you stared straight ahead. There he was. Black hair, golden eyes and a smile on his lips, Daniel. His eyes screamed that he was happy, that he loved you and you always told yourself you did too, but.. he wasn’t the one you wanted to see at the end of the aisle.
Was it too late to walk away?

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Can you do one where your dating oli sykes and he sits on a washingmachine or whatever its called and accidently gets turned on by the vibrations then you have sex

“I need to finish doing to laundry, stop it now.” I yell to Oli.  He continuously is throwing dirty clothes over the floor.  I pick up the last piece of clothing and make my way towards the laundry room.  I place the basket on top of the table and I soon seen Oli venture into the room.

He looks around as if he is lost, and then sits on top of the dryer.  "Open your legs Oli.  I need to put wet clothes in it.“ I say pointing to the machine.

"Oi babe, thats not the only wet thing you put there.” He smirks and I smack his leg hard.  I begin throwing articles of clothing into the dryer and then turn it on.  Vibrations start traveling around the room and throughout Oli’s body.  I see him pucker a little bit and I chuckle.

I begin to sort through the clothes behind me and hear a small grunt come about.  I ignore it and pretend to be preoccupied.  I begin to whistle a tune.  I drop a shirt and bend down to pick it up.  Staying in the position for a second extra.

“Fuck y/n. Stop.” I hear a breathless voice call.  I look over, seeing a breathless Oli stroking his rock hard member.

I giggle a bit and bit my lip. “Are you having trouble there baby?”  He opens his eyes and nods.  Oli jumps down, now fully naked and begins to grope my butt.

Small kisses are left along my jaw line and I feel Oli yank down my panties.  A finger slips through my slits and I can feel my core grow wetter.

“Fuck baby, is this all for me?”  Oli questions.  I shake my head and I see Oli a bit taken back.

He begins to rub my clit and my head rolls back.  Pumping a finger in and out, I begin to become breathless.  My walls tighten around his fingers, about to cum.

Quickly, the moving hand is pulled out of me and I whimper at the loss of contact.

“What is that for?” I demand.  Oli shrugs and simply adds:

“You said I hadn’t gotten you wet.”  He walks away, but I grasp his wrist and yank him back.

I kneel down in front of him and take his hardened member in my mouth. Bobbing my head up and down, Oli takes grab of my hair.  Going deeper and deeper, Oli’s eyes roll back.

“Babe, oh god. I’m going to cum.”  He whispers out.  Soon he twitches in my mouth and white, sticky liquid is sprayed all over.  

“Swallow it, you little slut.”  He commands, and I do so.  He smirks in triumph.

I stand up and bend over the laundry table.  "Fuck my little pussy baby. It is all wet for you.“  I open up my folds, exposing my pink core.

He grunts, and walks over.  Positioning himself at my entrance, Oli slams into me.  He gives me no time to adjust, picking up the pace with every thrust.

I moan out, "Fuck Oli harder.” and his hand reaches down to my clit.  He begins to rub it furiously and I feel as my high is coming.

Grunts escape Oliver’s mouth and moans from mine.  Oli yells to hold it until he cums, but I can barely contain myself.

Shooting into me, I immediately come right after him. He leans over me and kisses my cheek.

He pulls out and I turn around.  Smirking,he nonchalantly says, “Guess we will be doing more laundry, oi?”

Shitfaced. (An Oli Sykes Imagine c:)

         Your throat hurt from screaming and cheering at the top of your lungs. For the past hour, you had been standing backstage, watching your boyfriend Oli’s band perform, Bring Me The Horizon. You grinned as they all waved to the crowd, heading backstage; then sprinted towards Oli, jumping in his arms and kissing him passionately. He smiled into the kiss and you pulled back, staring into his brown eyes.
“You did great.“ You breathed, still catching your breath from the kiss you two shared.
“I thought so.” He chuckled, and kissed you again. As the kiss began to grow more heated, you heard the band’s drummer, Matt Nicholls, shout from the other side of the stage,
“Oi! get a fuckin’ room!“ You blushed, and pulled away as the rest of the band began to approach you and Oli. Lee, the lead guitarist strode over and looped arms with both of you.
“Sooo,” He drawled. “I was thinking we could all head over to Y/N’s place tonight and get shitfaced,“ He said, grinning. “It’ll be fun!” He laughed.
Oli grinned too, looking in your direction. The rest of the band members all mimicking the action, waiting for approval. Sighing in defeat and rolling your eyes, you gave in. “Fiiiine.“ You muttered. They all cheered and pulled you into a sweaty group hug. Squealing and laughing, you tried to squirm out, but to no avail. Finally they pulled away, Oli kissing your cheek, and Matt N. ruffling your hair. Intertwining your hand with Oli’s, you all walked to the tour bus, and began to drive back home.
       After various stops at a number of liqour and party stores, you finally pulled into the familiar environment of your driveway. The bus was full of bags of who even knows what, so you helped them carry them in, before collapsing on your couch, exhausted. Oli walked in, followed by Matt N. and the rest of the band, all carrying bags and carefully setting them down on your living room floor. Oli chuckled at the sight of you and Matt N. uncorked a bottle of some sort of alcohol before chugging half of it down and screaming, “YEAH PARTYYY!” You rolled your eyes, sitting up, and threw a pillow at him before turning to the rest of the band, grinning. “So what did you guys buy?“ you said more enthusiastically. Oli came over and sat beside you, putting his arm over your shoulder and pulling you closer to him. “Well,” Jordan said, grinning, “We-“ he started,
“WE FUCKING BOUGHT TWISTER!” Matt N. Boomed, interrupting Jordan. He set his bottle of alcohol aside and pulled the game from one of the bags, shoving it in your face.
“Twister?“ You said, raising an eyebrow.
“Yep!” He said, grinning. You sighed and shook your head, standing up and rummaging through the various bags they had set out. Grinning as you found a bottle of whiskey, you pulled it out and began uncorking it. It was going to be a long night.
      It was almost 3 in the morning by now and all of you were either tipsy or completely wasted. Every single bottle of alcohol was in use or already downed. Twister had also become very competitive, you had divided it into teams, they were as followed:
You and Oli,
Lee and Matt N,
and Jordan and Matt K.
It went two teams at a time, and whichever team was sitting out at the time spun the wheel. So far, You, Oli, Lee and Matt  were tied for points, and in the lead.
“Oook.“ Jordan slurred, taking a swig of his beer, “Left hand, green.” He said with a grin. Awkwardly maneuvering around each other, you all managed to get your left hand on a green space.
“We’re gonna fuckin’ beat you two so bad.“ Matt N. slurred, drunk out of his mind.
“Oooooh really?” Oli drawled, also slightly drunk. “We’ll just fuckin’ see about that won’t we mate?“
“Oi!” Matt K. shouted from above you, “Shut the fuck up down there, the game’s called Twister not fucking talker.“ He laughed at his own joke for several minutes before finally spinning the wheel.
“Right hand, red.” He muttered through gulps of beer.
You giggled and obliged, struggling to find a way to get your hand to a red space. Finally, you twisted your body so that your stomach was facing up, silently cheering that you had figured out how to do it. It wasn’t until you looked up that you realized Oli was basically on top of you. His arms were on either side of you, and due to the way his legs were positioned, both of your entire lower bodies were pressed against each other. He eyed you up and down before licking his lips and smirking suggestively. You blushed and looked away, smiling shyly. Taking this as an oppurtunity, Oli leaned down and nipped your neck softly, and began whispering things and suggestions in your ear that made you blush even harder. As it grew more heated between you two, Oli eventually collapsed on top of you, and began to laugh. “YEAAAAH! WE WIN! I FUCKIN’ TOLD YOU!“ Matt’s voice boomed throughout your entire house. Chugging down the remains of his beer, he collapsed on the couch next to Jordan and Matt K.
“Yeah, yeah.” Oli muttered, laughing to himself.
“Well,“ You said softly, still swooning over what happened with Oli, “I’m gonna go take a shower.” And with that you walked upstairs, letting the bathroom door click shut behind you. You could hear the guys downstairs, shaking your head and laughing at them, you began to undress.

*Smut ahead*

   Unclipping your bra, you let it fall to the floor and studied your body in the mirror, before walking over to the shower and switching the water on. As you began to remove your underwear, you heard the door click open. Startled, you covered your body before realizing it was Oli. He walked in, grinning, and pulled your arms away from your body, exposing you. You stood on front of him, completely naked. He kissed you roughly, pulling your hips to his and grinding against you. He broke the kiss to pull off his shirt before instructing you.
“Get in the shower.“ He muttered huskily.
Giggling, you stepped into the shower and let the warm water soak into your skin. Eventually, Oli stepped in, now also completely naked. Taking a moment to appreciate each other’s bodies, Oli broke the tension by roughly grabbing your ass and pulling your body flush against his. He began to kiss along your jawline feverishly, then moved down to your neck. You moaned out when he bit down on your sweet spot and felt him smile against your skin. His left hand rested on your ass, squeezing it occasionally, as his right hand snaked up your body and grabbed your breast, massaging it. You moaned out again and he silenced it with a kiss, forcing his tongue into your mouth. You could feel him getting harder as he pressed against your thigh. He brought both his hands to your hips and lifted you, shoving you against the wall of the shower. Still kissing you, he entered you in one swift thrust, you both moaning into each other’s mouths. Getting a better grasp on your hips, you wrapped your legs around his waist and he began thrusting into you at an incredibly hard and fast pace that made you scream.

*Meanwhile Downstairs*

"HAH. Ok there mate.” Matt N. laughed.
“Oi I’m fuckin’ serious!“ Lee shouted.
“Suure.” He responded. “Anyway, I gotta take a piss.“ He said, finishing off yet another beer.
“Try and find Oli while you’re up there, nobody knows where the fuck he ran off to.” Jordan shouted as Matt
headed to the bathroom. Stumbling up the stairs, he leaned against the bathroom door for a second before walking inside and letting the door softly shut behind him. Undoing his pants he did his business, shook himself off and zipped his pants back up. It wasn’t until he was about to flush and leave that he realized the shower was running. Laughing to himself, he shook his head and was about to leave until he heard the sound of chorused moaning that only seemed to grow louder. Quietly, he walked over to the shower and peered behind the curtain, only to see Y/N and Oli having sex against the wall of the shower. Clamping his hand over his mouth to stop himself from yelling or laughing, he quickly ran out of the bathroom, but just in time to hear Y/N scream: “FUCK OLIII! HARDER!“ He snorted, trying to hold in his laughter, and sprinted downstairs. Jordan looked up at him and opened his mouth as if to say something, but before he could, Matt finally pulled his hand away from his mouth and shouted: “OLI’S SHAGGING Y/N AGAINST THE WALL OF THE SHOWER!” Every single guy in the room burst out into laughter and excitement, asking Matt the details and shooting sex jokes and puns around.

*Y/N’s POV*

Pulling on one of Oli’s shirts and a pair of pajama shorts, you turned to him and kissed him on the cheek sweetly, smiling. He pulled your face to his and kissed your lips passionately, then broke away to look at you, grinning. “That was amazing.“ he said softly. You grinned back and kissed him again.
“Indeed it was.” You giggled. Reaching out, he grabbed your hand and you both happily strode downstairs. As you entered the living room, you came face-to-face with a grinning and snickering group of guys who seemed to have gained a bit of composure despite all the alcohol.
“What’s so funny?“ You asked, smiling and shaking your head. They all looked at each other then back to you before all shouting in unison:
“FUCK OLI! HARDER!” Before bursting into fits of laughter. You saw Oli pale slightly and felt your face go beet red.
“Noooo" You whined, embarassed beyond words.
“You like it rough do ya Y/N?“ Matt called out, earning another round of laughter.
Jordan grinned at you and began making fake girly moaning sounds.
You hid your face in Oli’s chest and whimpered, too embarassed now to even look at anybody. You felt his arms wrap around you and rub your back soothingly, then kiss the top of your head.
“Fuck off mates.” He half-shouted. “At least I can get some.“
“Oooh burn.” You heard Matt yell then laugh.
You sighed.
It would be a while before they got over this.

Sorry I got a little carried away but this request was perfect :’) first time writing smut so noh8 ~Breanna

“Not just another merch girl” - Oliver Sykes imagine

As promised, a new Oli Sykes imagine for you lovely readers :)

I changed some details but I hope you’ll like it anyway! (Also Oli is 28 so it makes it a 10 years difference and not 13 ^^)

“Hey Y/N, need some help carrying all these boxes?” Oli asked from behind me.

“No thank you, it’s not that heavy anyway!” I thanked him as I put the box on the floor next to the ones I had already unloaded.

I was the merch girl for the band Bring Me The Horizon, and it seemed like my job actually meant carrying dozens of boxes from a truck to a venue, and then from the venue back into the truck. One night I even dreamed that I was lost in a labyrinth of cardboard boxes full of tee-shirts, posters and wristbands.

The boxes were quite heavy, but I was used to carrying them without complaining. That’s why I always rejected Oliver’s offers to help me. Well, no. To be honest, it wasn’t the only reason. Sure I wanted to prove the guys that I could do my job without help and that they had made a good choice when hiring me.

To be honest, I had started developing feelings for him as soon as the tour started: he was a nice guy, always offering to help me or making sure I was okay, not to mention that he was also very attractive. I tried to forget about these feelings and just do my job. But being teased about Oli by everybody in the BMTH crew – and even by the guys themselves sometimes – definitely wasn’t helping.

I had just been asked to bring some chairs back from a closet to the merch table. I was walking through the corridor when I heard laughing coming from behind the door of the green room.

“So Oli, anything new between you and Y/N?” Jordan asked him, not knowing I was just walking by the room.

I stopped dead in my track and waited silently by the door, trying to hear more of this conversation.

“What?” Oli asked bluntly.

“Seriously man, you’re always by the merch table for any reason.” Matt started.

“What’s become so interesting about carrying boxes suddenly?” Lee added teasingly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about guys, she’s just another merch girl! And there are plenty of other girls out there anyway.” He snapped and left the room suddenly.

I turned around quickly and started walking toward the closed, not wanting to be caught eavesdropping. Tears welled up from my eyes as the words sank in. Shes just another merch girl. There are plenty of other girls out there. A hand on my shoulder stopped me from going any farther though.

“Y/N…” Oli started.

“What?!” I snapped without even turning around.

“You- you heard what we just said?” He asked, stuttering.

“Yes I did, thank you. No need to remind me of that.” I cut him off.

I couldn’t believe it! How could I have thought for one second that I had a chance with him? I was a 18-year-old merch girl, dreaming of a famous, successful singer who was 10 years older than me. How stupid of me.

“What do you want?” I turned around abruptly to look at him.

“Y/N let me explain-” He began but I cut him off.

“What, Oliver?!” I asked again.

“Please Y/N, give me 5 minutes to explain myself.” He pleaded. I nodded, letting him continue. “Let’s go somewhere quieter to talk then.”

He took my hand in his and led me to another room. I sat on the couch that was in the corner of the room while he closed the door and sat next to me. He took a deep breath before speaking up.

“What you heard me telling the guys, it’s not true. It’s actually the opposite of the truth.” He started.

“Really? You sounded quite convinced though.” I couldn’t help but sound bitter.

“Please, believe me. The guys tease me non-stop about you, and I think they do the same with you. I just wanted them to leave me alone! I know that you don’t feel the same and it already hurts enough.” He looked down at his feet.

“What- what do you mean, I don’t feel the same?” I asked curious.

“Well obviously you just see me as a friend.” He stated.

“And what about you?” I inquired.

He fidgeted with his hands without looking at me, not saying a word. I cleared my throat and he finally looked at me.

“I love you, Y/N.” He blurted out.

“You- you love me?” I was dumbfounded.

“Yes I do, and that’s why it pains me to see that you don’t care, that you reject me every time I try to talk to you or help you. And the guys don’t help by teasing me either.” He explained.

“And why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.

“It’d have been useless since you don’t love me anyway.” He turned away.

“And what if I really like you, too?” I smiled shyly.

“Really?!” He looked up quickly. “So it means that you feel the same?”

“Yes I do. And me rejecting your help was just a way to try and stop the guys from teasing me too.” I explained. “Also, I’m a bit scared to be honest.”

“About what? Do you think I’m lying? Because I can promise you that I’m not!”

“But what about the age difference then? You’re 28 while I’m only 18, that’s 10 years Oliver!” I explained. “What are people going to think about us? You’re famous, successful and adored by millions of fans, while I’m just nothing.”

“It doesn’t matter! I don’t care about what people think or say, I just care about us Y/N.” He took my hands in his and traced circles with his thumb over the back of my hand. “Do you believe me? It doesn’t matter.”

I nodded, trying hard to believe him.

“Will you give me a chance Y/N? Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked hopefully.

“Yes. Yes I will, Oliver.” I grinned from ear to ear.

His smile only grew wider when I answered. He took a strand of hair that has fallen over my eyes and placed it carefully behind my ear. We stayed in a comfortable silence, just looking into each other’s eyes and smiling.

“So I’m not just another merch girl then?” I asked playfully.

“You’re so much more than that Y/N.” He whispered as he placed his index finger under my chin.

Our faces get closer and our lips final met, the contact sending sparks in our bodies. Our lips kept on moving against the others, until the door opened abruptly and revealed Jordan carrying a pile of boxes.

“Y/N we need you to- wow!” He exclaimed as he caught the two of us kissing lovingly. “Lee, I won my bet, you owe me 10 bucks!” He shouted as he left the room laughing.