Requested by: Anon

Sorry I think I send my request but it wasn’t ready so I do it again. So you’re together with the weasley twins and you are celebrating Christmas with them and the whole family. And you are cuddling together. as imagine please


“Ow— Fred!” You sat up from your spot on the floor and gave Fred a glare. “What was that for?!”

“You were elbowing me in the stomach.” He grumbled as he rubbed a hand against his stomach.

“Wow, okay maybe we should all take a second to figure this out.” You stood up and crossed your arms as you squinted at the mattress. “Got it! Fred, stay where you are.”

You walked over to George and pulled him off of the floor. You then jumped back on to the bed, dragging George into the spot to your right, while Fred was to your left.

“One more second.” You said, holding up a hand as George opened his mouth to speak. “I’m not done.”

You grabbed the comforter from off of the end of the bed and pulled it over the three of you. You then leaned into Fred as you grabbed Georges arm and tossed it over your stomach.

“There.” You said with a smile. “You two comfortable?”

“Actually, yeah.” George nodded his head as he tightened his grip around your waist and resting his head lightly on the pillow. “Quite comfortable.”

“Good.” You grabbed your book again and opened it to your previous page as you snuggling even closer to Fred. “Now let me read in peace.”


Requested by: Anon

A imagine of where you are pregnant with Remus. And the two of you are trying to decide on a name for a little boy and surprisingly the twins give you a name that both of you enjoy


“Why don’t you just pick Oliver?” George let out a groan as he leaned his head against the table.

“Or maybe even Tristan.” Fred added. “Just pick a bloody name already.”

“I don’t think— hey.” You perked up, a small smile forming on your face. “That actually sounds really nice.”

“It does.” Remus nodded, crossing out a few more names on the list. “Oliver… we could call him Ollie.”

“And Tristan could be his middle name. I love it!” You squealed as you beamed at the twins. “Thank you!”

The twins yelped a bit in surprise as you wrapped an arm around both of there necks, pulling them into a big hug. “You guys are the best!”

Fred gave his twin brother a smug look as he shrugged. “We try.” George said as he let out a laugh.

“Oliver Tristan Lupin. Brilliant!”