Dating Fred Weasley would include..

• Fred being a shy little dork trying to ask you out • George always third wheeling you two xD • Whenever you two are studying you always end up doing anything but that ;) • PDA mostly when he’s jealous about someone other than that it’s mostly just holding hands and short kisses • Molly loves you because you make Fred happy • You’re always the little spoon • Cuddles ALL THE TIME • You end up being let in on their pranks ( they never prank you though) • Obviously going to the Yule ball with him and being the cutest couple there like come on • Not knowing how to dance properly so you end up dancing like goofballs • Everyone being jealous of how adorable you guys are • YOU BOTH LOVING EACHOTHER TO THE MOON AND BACK!

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Hungarian Horntail (considered to be the most dangerous dragon)
It has black scales, and is lizard-like in appearance. It also has yellow eyes, bronze horns and similarly coloured spikes that protrude from its long tail.