Saxophonist Oliver Lake was one of the founders of the World Saxophone Quartet in the 1970s, and plays in the co-op Trio 3. Lake has led numerous bands of his own, including an occasional big band, and an organ quartet. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says that organ group is one to watch:

“Oliver Lake’s clean-slate organ group winds up reaching for the same ingredients the old-timers did—they just get to the blues feel, spiritual echoes and dancing rhythms by other means. Lake’s new music is grounded in the old truths.”

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Oliver Lake Quintet: Fire Waltz

An intriguing choice by saxophonist Oliver Lake and his quintet: taking on Eric Dolphy’s composition, Fire Waltz. Anyone who’s heard this piece can’t help but hear Eric Dolphy in the background, or maybe even the foreground, and even visualize the walls of the old Five Spot, where Dolphy recorded the piece. Oliver Lake has the voice to give Dolphy his due, yet make it recognizably his own – as does trumpeter Freddy Hendrix, who is no echo of Booker Little.

-Nick Moy

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Grounded #68 ~ 170515

{New York Downtown Music Scene - Part IV: Loft Jazz, 1972-79}

Billy Patterson, Olu Dara, Hamiet Bluiett, Famoudou Don Moye, Charles Bobo Shaw, Butch Campbell, Joony Booth – Tranquil Beauty
Jerry Griffin, Sam Rivers, Jerome Hunter – Rainbows
Azzedin Weston, Randy Weston, Alex Blake – Portrait of Frank Edward Weston
Oliver Lake, Michael Gregory Jackson, Phillip Wilson, Fred Hopkins – Clarity 2
Rashied Sinan, Ahmed Abdullah, Mahujaa, Leroy Seals, Charles Brackee, Richard Evans – Blue Phase
Ted Daniel – Illusions