2p England Romance Headcannons

·Super cute but clearly psycho

·Likes to bake with s/o

·Disney songs, all the time.

·He’s got a little chub so take care of it. Cuddle it, cherish it.

·Kisses his s/os cheek all the time. And their forehead. And their nose. He likes kisses.

·Ollie loves cuddles when its cold and rainy out, usually they’ll watch cartoons or Disney movies.

·Somehow managed to get Allen and Matt to call his s/o Mom/Dad

· If s/o is sick he goes full mama bear mode, even at the slightest sniffle.

·Did I mention he’s a psycho? He’s totally a yandere.

·Very protective

·Cupcake, dear, and muffin are his nicknames for his s/o

·Don’t go in the basement

·Tickle him, Oliver is super ticklish and he loves it.

·Will totally dress his s/o up like a little doll. Big hair bows, poofy dresses, and lace up shoes. Super uncomfortable but worth it.

·Olive bought his s/o and himself matching aprons. They have hearts all over them and cute little heart shaped pockets.

·Wears fancy under garments. Some are lacey.

·Bought his s/o some lacey undergarments as well.

·They are pink

·He has random spurts of activity out of no where he’s like “Lets go to the park!” or “Can we go to the beach?”

·Restless sleeper

2p USUK horror movie style 

I personally think Allen is stronger than Oliver but he is scared of him…And he is still the Seme, that’s my 2pUSUK


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2p! FACE and 2p!Germay's reactions to their s/o being really short and cant reach something they want (book, pancake mix whateves) but refuses help and gets so frustrated with their height the shout "CURSE MY INFERNAL SHORTNESS!"

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy- He won’t seem to react much but internally he is chuckling. It’s a strange but…funny thing to hear from a pipsqueak…also quietly brings you a stepladder. 

2p!America/Allen Jones- Loses. His. Shit. It is too funny that one, you can’t reach whatever it is. And two, what you just yelled.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- He just picks you up by your waist and helps. It’s cute when you get all frustrated. 

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- Not being the tallest himself he’ll understand the struggle and help you get the item. Although he does like how you phrased that. 

2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt- Has a good laugh out of this before helping, provided you don’t swat him away for having laughed at you in the first place. 

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So Ignatious, Oliver, and Arther are all together trapped in the same room, how would this play out? -Jim John Anon

England: What in the….

Oliver: Aah it’s so nice to meet new people!!

Iggy: (So there are more of us out there…?) Hey, who-… what exactly are y-

Oliver: Let’s go bake some cupcakes for breakfast!! I’m so hungry!! Hey, where’s the kitchen~?

England: Uh… I’m… uh… what???????

(adm: Thank you anon!! <333)


“I.. I… I have to go… I need to change my clothes right now”

“Allen! love! You can’t… we promise”

“I know… but Oliver!”

“Nope… sorry and don’t make that face!”


“you’re so cute…”

soooooo soooo soooo sorry guys… u.u  I can’t get used to my job and the schedule… but I’ll try… I promise… see you soon <3 


“Even I let my hair down to match with the style. I have to say thank you to @pastaunicorn55  but I want to try something else”

“Like what?”

“you would see… and, look, we have to swap clothes!! I’ll love to see you in my clothes haha”

“We have to?”

“Yes! finally, you’ll wear something isn’t black!”

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2p FACE with s/o who won't go to sleep unless they go to bed with them.

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy- Begrudgingly he will stay over at your place sometimes but it’s easier if you just come over. It means he doesn’t have to pack clothes, smoke outside and shit. Plus then he can do more of what he pleases. But you still get hat you want/need.  

2p!America/Allen Jones- No problem there! You can alternate whose place you stay at, that’s fine. It might even get him to clean his a little more often since it should be presentable when you come over. It’s nice having someone want so badly to curl up and sleep with you. 

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- Well…if that’s really, really what you want…he can do it sometimes, but not every night. After all he does like to have some breathing room sometimes. But most nights it’s fine to stay over and be close to one another.  

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- Yes! that would be great! It’s like having a long sleepover! And he can always make sure you get a great breakfast, have a decent start to the day! On top of all those bonuses he gets to sleep with you every night! How didn’t he think of doing this first…