2 P ! E N G L A N D –

Mr. Oliver Kirkland

I’m nuts, baby, I’m mad,
The craziest friend that you’ve ever had
You think I’m psycho, you think I’m gone
Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong
Over the bend, entirely bonkers
You like me best when I’m off my rocker
Tell you a secret, I’m not alarmed
So what if I’m crazy? The best people are

2P England's Phone Contact Names
  • 1P!England: Explosive Cooking Chap
  • 2P!America: Luv Luv~ *insert ten heart emojis*
  • 2P!China: Jolly Good Tea Mate
  • 2P!France: He Who Must Turn That Frown Upside Down
  • 2P!Russia: Scary Faced Chum
  • 2P!Italy: The Sadistic Little Monster
  • 2P!Germany: Sir Laugh A Lot
  • 2P!Japan: Future Assassin
  • 2P!Canada: Mr. Moody Mood Swings
  • 2P!Romano: Grade A Gentleman
  • 2P!Austria: Death Metal Rocker
  • 2P!Prussia: Precious Celestial Angel