John Oliver says Trump could ‘drop out’ and be a hero. There are several problems with this.
It was a semi-serious proposal. But let's treat it seriously.
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“That would be one of the most powerful political speeches of all time,” Oliver said. “I’m telling you: If you drop out in order to teach America a lesson, you would not be a loser. You would be a legend. There’d be a federal holiday in your honor, and it would be called ‘Guy Who Decided Not to Be President’s Day.’ ”

As a political comedian, John Oliver does not tend to traffic in serious proposals. Which is a good thing, because this one’s got some flaws.

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted LWT rebuttals, but when it’s coming from WaPo, you might as well take heed.

Olicity fanfic: on the edge (of the devil’s backbone), Chapter 10

Word count: 3,608
Rating: Mature
Summary: It turns out, as a Bratva captain, Oliver’s pretty ruthless.

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Chapter 10

Throughout the next two days, Oliver spread the misinformation among his boevik. He met with each of them individually and told them where the next shipment of Vertigo would be on Thursday evening. Of course there were no new shipments of Vertigo on Thursday evening, but he instead would be watching by remote surveillance to see which location would get raided.

He hadn’t talked to Felicity or Digg about it since, but they both seemed resigned to the eventuality. They didn’t have a choice because Oliver didn’t either.

One of his Boevik would die.

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What type of music does Oliver like? Also, if I wrote a fanfiction about him, would you like do read it? Do you mind me writing a fanfiction about him? I feel like he deserves a fanfiction.

he’s based off me so, alternative music but also game soundtracks, piano music, etc. though i’m not really comfortable with other people writing stories with him in it, sorry D:

hey guys!

*I was wondering, would you guys want me to continue with the Character Aesthetics I’ve been doing for all the characters in MPHFPC?

Here are the ones I’ve done so far:

Fiona Frauenfeld   (I’m going to remake this one)

Hugh Apiston 

Millard Nullings 

Horace Somnusson (I’m also going to remake this one)

Jacob Portman 


Olive Elephanta

Leave a Request for any more you’d like to see

*I also want to know if you’d like me to continue The Children’s Modern Day Room headcanons! I’ve only done Fiona and Emma so far and you’re welcome to request for any of the other characters :)))

*I’m also going to start to do Moodboards for each of the characters as well bc i think they are very cute and simple so why not! :)))

thanks you guys! 

Don’t forget to leave a request!

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coliver 31?

Catching Someone Before They Fall

Connor isn’t sure how this happened.

At first, they were at the Keating House, wrapping up work with the others when Oliver came in. He had stayed for maybe fifteen minutes before Laurel decided that they all go out for drinks when they were finished. Connor tried to protest, but Oliver and his damn cheer won him over like it always does.

Oliver, we all insist that you come with us, it’s always fun when you’re around,” encouraged Laurel.

No guys, he’s probably exhausted, and he drove all the way here. Let’s just go home?” nudged Connor.

No, no I think it’ll be fun; I love hanging out with you all!” Oliver said, eyes brighter than the sun.

So here they were, in a booth near the back of the bar laughing and joking and nursing drinks. Huh, Connor thought, sometimes it felt right to act like adults with a life for once.

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Arguably the most exciting 10 seconds of the Summer games and it could barely keep Oliver awake. Oliver does NOT have Olympic fever.

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John Oliver buys $15 million of medical debt for $60,000 and forgives it all, because he could
Once again John Oliver proves that you can do anything with money and lawyers

In which Last Week Tonight host, Daily Show alumnus, and *gasp* immigrant John Oliver does more for sick and poor Americans in one fell swoop than most politicians will in their entire careers.

the third harry potter movie is one of the worst because they didn’t have oliver winning the cup like it would’ve just taken 5/10 minutes to show it yet they had time to completely redo the entire scenery and find a dumbledore replacement

wtf wtf wtf i’m so angry. 

anyways i just finished that chapter in prisoner of azkaban and i think i need a time out

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2p usuk: Oliver won't eat raw meat in front of Allen, though he does love to tear into a human arm. Allen doesn't like the smell of blood, so Oliver washes up always. Also: The neighbors see Oliver go into the house with blood on him and get worried so they go over and ask what happened. Allen tells them that Oliver likes to go hunting, and that he had killed a bear that had almost attacked him. Oliver does like hunting, but not for the animals in the forest ;3)

2p usuk is cute I love our little psychos