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did you notice how felicity goes 'we don't talk like that anymore' to curtis? and then they're talking

It’s possibly more probable to see monkeys flying with fluffy wings on Arrow than not have Oliver heart-to-heart-ing Felicity.

I think it’s telling because while Oliver does talk to her, share things with her about what’s going on with him, but she’s more reserved. She hasn’t told him about her boyfriend yet (at least we haven’t seen any indication that he knows), she hasn’t told him that Havenrock and Rory issue had been bothering her, and for as much as she is there for him, I think having Oliver lie to her for so long made her question somewhere if he’s there for her, emotionally speaking. 

She does know that he will kill and die for her, no questions asked, within a heartbeat. And she knows she will do the same for him. 

That hasn’t changed at all. 

But she’s just reverted back to herself after the break up, no matter how much she teases him or chatters away or listens to him, and I think Oliver knows that. I believe it’s a part of their journey to have Felicity open up to him again, for Oliver to earn back her trust in a way he lost, to have Oliver step up to the plate and anchor her, to make him the first person she talks to when something bothers her, just like Oliver does with Felicity. 

And it’ll happen. Because

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“Felicity Smoak? Hi, I’m Oliver Queen.”

“When we shot that scene and she said my name and did her little things for the first time, and I laughed… That was legitimate, like I was not expecting it. It just made me crack up.”
           Stephen Amell

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Do you ever see

A gif

Of your favorite band member

And go hOLY FUCK

And take deep breathes 

Just to compose yourself

Only to die 

Because their song came on

And you’re crying because of their talents