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hello its me 1am anon reporting for the club meeting. hi. im oliver. bucky barnes is the shit.


ok so i dont have anything prepared for the meeting yet but i see u came with a gr8 ice breaker so lets go from there- BUCKY BARNES IS INDEED THE SHIT *high fives*

dickbattles sokovia capgal and @ everyone else up for the 1am club, feel free to jump in and introduce urself to our cool new member B) (or just say hi im tired idk what im doing)

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Alternatively, how would you like to see Felicity propose to Oliver?

You know, if Felicity were to propose I don’t really see her asking Oliver to marry her. I sort of see her just….telling him they’re getting married. In that way she has where she tells him to do something without him really realizing she’s doing it.

So while everyone else has been enjoying the epic wrestling…I’m “watching” my ABC family movie collection on a marathon in the background, working on my very first graduate school assignment. And NOT FIVE MINUTES into the VERY FIRST film, BAM:

Baby Amell.

Really?? I thought we were done with this nonsense, universe. I swear, I’m not even trying to find Arrow people in other films. It Just. Keeps. Happening. Is this some kind of reverse stalking Baader-Meinhof phenomenon? (SO APPARENTLY WHEN CALLS THE HEART WAS NOT THE FIRST MOVIE I EVER SAW STEPHEN AMELL IN. MIGHT BE HAVING AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS HERE PEOPLE.)

(The irony of this character–his name is Philip; such a good name, right? Like the prince from Sleeping Beauty–is that he’s this polished reporter interviewing the “muscular bad boy” type. Yep. Gosh, I can’t stop laughing. And now…am I really intrigued by this?? I’m slowly recalling how the story ends. Pretty sure his character doesn’t get the girl, which just…fees incredibly wrong. Also, look at how nice he looks in a blue pinstripe suit.)

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Olicity prompt: Party Felicity escapes to Olivers room

Felicity Smoak does not do parties, especially parties in her name. Well this party isn’t necessarily in her name, but she is the person everyone is talking to and touching and gushing over. There is only so much of it she can take. So she snuck away from the lavish party that is happening downstairs to Oliver’s room. Technically it’s Oliver’s old room, but the specifics aren’t too important right now.  

All that’s important is that she is hiding in Oliver’s room. She sits in the middle of the bed looking around at the nautical theme. Rubbing her swollen belly, Felicity starts mumbling about what she sees. Really one of these days she’s going to have to stop talking to herself.

“I don’t understand why they went for the nautical theme. After what happened with the Gambit I would have thought that they would get ride of all boat related things. Maybe the kept it because they didn’t want too many things to be different when Oliver got home. Then again, they thought he was dead,” Felicity muses as she rubs soothing circles on her belly. A tiny kick comes for inside that makes her smile. “Is that you agreeing with me? Do you not like the nautical theme? What do you like? Teddy bears? Unicorns? Bows and arrows?”

Felicity keeps musing to her baby, so she doesn’t notice Oliver leaning against the door frame. He stands there looking at his wife and their unborn son. It is a sight that he could never get enough of. He slowly makes his way to Felicity’s side.

When he sits down at her side, she yelps and jumps a little. She throws a glare at him for startling her. “What have we talked about? Make noise Oliver. I’m pregnant and weight more than I am comfortable saying. If you scare me, I’m going to look like a beached whale and it will be your fault. Oh and I will be forced to do something drastic.”

“I’ll try,” Oliver whispers as he leans over to give her a slow kiss. Felicity lets out a little whimper that causes Oliver to jerk away. “What? What happened? Is it the baby? Should we be going to the hospital? Let me go get the bag. Oh god, I didn’t bring the baby seat for the car!”

“Oliver!” Felicity yells in an effort to stop his worrying, “I am fine. Your little ninja decided that he doesn’t want to share my attention with you. You’ve got competition now, baby.”

He mocks a glare as he lowers to talk to their bump. His voice bounces as he murmurs to his son, “Listen here buddy. I don’t mind sharing Mommy with you, but we share. She’s going to be all yours for awhile after you get here. Can I have a few minutes with my wife until then?”

Felicity watches the scene with little tears glistening in her eyes. She mumbles to herself about stupid hormones. Oliver refocuses his attention on her with a beautiful smile. He rubs her belly in a soothing manner.

“So what is my glorious wife doing up here in my old room, all alone?”

“You know, waiting for my secret lover,” she teases before kissing her husband.

With a faux glare, Oliver moves quickly to move her onto her back so he can lay next to her. He starts kissing her neck so that his scruff tickles her. Her musical giggles fill the room before Oliver whispers in her neck.

“I know you’re joking but I don’t like it. I’m still mad at Ray… and Barry.”

“Fine you caught me. I’m here because if another person gushes over me downstairs, I will lose my mind,” she answers solemnly. Her blunt nails run through his hair as she explains, “I just came up here to get away for awhile. Thea spent a lot of time organizing this baby shower and I don’t want to be ungrateful or anything. It’s just that… I’m eight months pregnant and I’m tired.”

“I understand,” Oliver mutters as he nuzzles her neck. “Why don’t we go home and I’ll bring the presents back to the house tomorrow? I’ll even stop and buy you mint chip on the way home.”

Felicity bites her lip as she nods her head. Her voice gets a little huskier as a wicked thought crosses her mind, “As long as I get to eat the ice cream off of you.”

Oliver quickly helps her up at her implication. Rushing downstairs, Oliver thanks all the guest for coming and encourages them to enjoy the food. Felicity smiles as his urgency, but she isn’t complaining. No, she isn’t complaining about this party at all.

Fantasy island

« On the hood of a car. »

« Really ?! »

Felicity took the pint of ice cream from Oliver’s hands.

« Yup. That’s always been a fantasy of mine. »

Oliver raised an incredulous brow. « Felicity. We’ve been on a road-trip for five months. »

Felicity licked her spoon and shrugged. « That was a rental car. We weren’t going to lose our deposit for damaging the car during some rough sex session. »

Oliver’s gaze wandered over the room. « Sounds like it’d have been worth it. »

Felicity shook her head, amused. «Your turn ! What kind of sexual fantasies does Oliver Queen have ? »

Oliver pinched his lips together.

« Sex up against a wall in a dark alley. » He said finally.

Felicity’s spoon frozed halfway to her mouth and she nodded appreciatively. «That’s a good one. »

« Thanks. »

« Oh, I have another one! »

Oliver took a sip of his beer and looked at her expectantly.

« The foundry. I’ve always wanted to do it in the foundry. »

Oliver coughed and casually set his beer on the coffee table.

Felicity squinted. « Oh my god ! You had sex in the foundry ! Was it with Sara ? With Helena ? »

Oliver looked a little sheepish. « Felicity… »

« Both ?! »

« Can we not talk about it ? »

Felicity laughed and smacked him lightly on the chest. « Oh, come on Oliver ! It’s okay, it’s not like I didn’t know you had a love life before me ! I mean, I’m actually well aware you had a love life before me. »

She started counting on her fingers « There were Laurel, Sara, Shado, Helena, McKenna, Laurel again and… »

« Fe-li-ci-ty. »

Felicity cleared her throat. « You’re right. Let’s talk about something else. »

Oliver breathed a sigh of relief. « Thank you. »

« On a deserted island. »

« What ? »

Felicity grinned. « I’d love to have sex on a deserted island. »

Oliver gave her a stern look.

« What ?… Too soon ? »

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hey! love your answers really!!!! i was wondering whta do you think are going to be the differences between Oliver and Felicity and Oliver with his other ex girlfirneds? i am talking mainly about Sara since she was the only one, till now, how was Oliver's girlfriend and partner in his night work

Anonymous Ask Blitzkrieg Response #41:

Hi! Interesting question.

I think that the major differences between Oliver’s relationship with Felicity and Oliver’s relationships with other ladies over the series so far will be in the foundation of the romance. For me, it comes down to three things: the slow burn, the longstanding honesty, and the lack of a preexisting physical relationship.

I’ll break it down.

The slow burn has functioned for more than bringing shippers closer and closer to the edges of their seats as the plot progressed. Thanks to three seasons of relationship evolution that has been canonically verified as groundbreaking for Oliver, we’ve seen that Oliver truly does love Felicity. He spent a whole year celibate and without so much as glancing at another woman for love of Felicity. The series didn’t just tell us that former playboy Oliver Queen was in love; the series showed us. Oliver has been faithful to Felicity for longer than any other woman…since before they were even in a relationship. Conflicts will have higher stakes and alliances will feel more deeply earned because we witnessed most of the journey.

The honesty between Oliver and Felicity has always made theirs one of the healthiest relationships - platonic or romantic – of his life. The depth of honesty that he shares with her is only rivaled among his ex-girlfriends by Sara, and so the egalitarian nature that had been one of the biggest appeals of their romance will be applicable to Olicity as well. There’s no need to be uncomfortable because Oliver is keeping a huge secret from his love interest or annoyed at how unintelligent the love interest must be to not connect the dots about him.

That love came before sex really sets Olicity apart, for me. While there’s nothing wrong with casual dating and figuring matters of the heart out as they arise, Oliver has always been negatively defined by his…well, his lack of discernment with the ladies that he’s willing to bed. I came to think of him as “Quick-Draw Queen” in the romance department, and I think that the show did the character dirty with some of his love connections. It was a miracle of acting, mood, and slow burn that the Olicity sex scene turned out so meaningfully on screen.

Of all of his women on the show, Felicity is the only one to have ticked all three of these particular boxes, and I think that will set her apart as Oliver’s girlfriend and partner in his night work.

Pretty Young Things

Inspired by that time I horrified misscouchpotato with the idea of Thea hitting on Laurel because I’m mean like that. I mean, not judging the ship at all, but I just think Laurel would be…well, you’ll see. Rated PG-13 for some crude language, 1081 words. Thea/Laurel (one-sided), Sara & Laurel, Sara/Nyssa

When Sara comes in, shrugging out of her duster, she’s surprised to find the Foundry emptier than usual. Felicity must be in a meeting, and Oliver’s out…doing whatever Oliver does these days. Diggle’s out with her namesake—she’d heard mention of the zoo before she’d passed out next to Nyssa on the Foundry’s rotating bed—and Nyssa’s not really going to hang around if Sara’s not there, these days. It’s probably for the best. It keeps both Oliver and Nyssa alive.

So all she finds is Laurel, illegally parked in Felicity’s chair with six law books spread around her, and Thea.

On the salmon ladder, going to town.

“Control your hips more,” Sara says, dropping her duster on the back of Laurel’s chair. “They should be more in rhythm with the—yeah, that’s it.”

“Trust me.” Thea blows out a hard breath and goes up two, down one. “I know all about hips and rhythm.”

Sara laughs at the innuendo and takes a seat next to one of Laurel’s books to watch and offer tips. Nyssa calls the way the Foundry is laid out, with the salmon ladder directly in the center of everything like an open altar of worship, barbaric (but Sara still noticed that she hadn’t exactly been paying close attention to her own kata last time Sara had been working the ladder). And part of Sara agrees, but this is Felicity’s space. Oliver can claim it’s his home base all he likes, but everything is where Felicity needs it to be. Up to and including the ladder.

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5 times Felicity ruined Oliver's rep, and 1 time Oliver did something to regain it. 1) Felicity calls Oliver cutesy nicknames 2) Every time Felicity makes Oliver smile like an idiot when Felicity unknowingly says/does something hilarious 3) Oliver becoming a puppy dog when Felicity chastises him 4) When Oliver gets all lovey dovey and fluffy with Felicity 5) Oliver on the precipice of breaking down when Felicity almost dies. 1) What Oliver does to the guy responsible for almost killing Felicity

At the end of the day Arrow’s Oliver just does not deserve Laurel.

Its clear and simple. I love the couple from the comics and that will always be the true canon but on Arrow Laurel simply doesnt need Oliver.  Laurel deserves someone like Tommy, he was the only one who was ever truly in her corner. 

Just because Oliver and Laurel wont happen doesnt mean Olicity wins somehow, their fandom doesnt deserve the relationship. 

Answer: #BirdsOfPreySpinOff 

Free the Pretty Bird from Marc’s cage.